How to Decorate an Empty Wall

How to Decorate an Empty Wall white rack

It’s been months, or maybe years, of staring at the blank wall in your home wondering how to dress it up. Depending on your budget, original art might be out of the picture, and buying more decor from Target might be overkill. So why not make your own wall art?

Making your own wall art is great because it gives you complete control over the final product, ensuring it matches your home perfectly. Plus, everyone who comes through your home can see your artistic prowess! No worries if you aren’t an artist, Shutterfly has plenty of wall art printables to choose from. These printables are totally free, but their cute watercolor and cacti designs look like something you could buy in a store.

Aside from printables, there are other easy projects you can do to fill up your wall. For example, paint a “vase” on canvas and cut a hole to place fake plants in it to create this DIY canvas art. A piece like this adds texture and a 3D element to a gallery wall.

How to Decorate an Empty Wall

Or, bypass the paint and hang your favorite photos from a wooden dowel. Just tie the pieces of yarn hanging down from the dowel, and attach your favorite photos with tape or glue. Now you have yourself an easy and modern hanging picture display.

How to Decorate an Empty Wall mint teal

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s nothing as daunting as a blank canvas. Just remember not to limit yourself to what can be bought in-store. A little creativity and elbow grease can go a long way in making your house a home.

5 Gadgets You Need for a Smarter Health and Fitness Regime

5 Gadgets You Need for a Smarter Health and Fitness Regime

Gone are those days when slogging in the gym or going for a run were the only fun options to stay healthy and fit. With gym-themed cafes opening up around almost every corner, fitness and health have emerged as one of the topmost priorities, especially for those with fast-paced, modern lifestyle.

As we enter a more and more fast-paced way of life with a thousand things to do in a day, retaining our fitness and health to the optimum level is the need of the hour. Worldwide studies show a sharp increase in the number of people taking fitness and health issues seriously, especially over the last five years. With the turn of this decade, the world saw some of the biggest technological innovations as well. Sectors such as education, trade and commerce and medicine along with health and fitness have thus benefitted a lot from the technological surge of the recent times.

5 awesome health and fitness gadgets you need right now!

Staying in shape and at the pink of one’s health are the new-age goals that the millennial generation is going gaga about. The digital age has thus created newer fitness goals for the generation of fitness freaks.

The advent of advanced tech for almost every aspect of our lives has made way for some of the best health and fitness gadgets. Merging tech with fitness goals, here are 5 gadgets with cutting-edge technology to take you towards a fitter and healthier future.

  1. Push Band

This one is for the hardcore fitness freaks. The Push Band is the new-age wearable fitness device that does a bit more than simply counting the calories that you have burnt. It aims to identify your activities and the outcome of the same. The Push Band comes with an Android and iOS app to sync the activities easily with your smart phone.

The Push band lets you set muscular endurance, core strength, speed, power, and flexibility goals as per your required fitness regimen. It also tracks the outcome of the exercises that you choose to do during a particular day. Using the Push Band, you can select from a list of activities and set weight loads on your smart phone before you start exercising. Easy-to-use and enabled with the smartest of features, Push Band is definitely the gadget for the new-age fitness freaks.

  1. Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit has long been a leader in bringing out smart fitness gadgets keeping pace with the changing times. Ionic is the latest one from the house of Fitbit, and promises futuristic fitness tracking for the ones who go for a fitness-first approach. It has taken the one-size-fits-all concept to a whole new level altogether by opting for the best size fit for all kinds of wrists, be it slender or broad.

Fitbit Ionic is a fabulous cross between a smart watch and a fitness activity tracker. It tracks your heart rate, monitors your sleep cycle, and also has inbuilt movement monitoring features. You also get your daily dose of motivation from the Fitbit Coach app which inspires you to get up and exercise. Additionally, you can pair it up with your iOS or Android-enabled smart phones to receive notifications, set fitness goals, and track your progress. With a battery life to die for, Fitbit Ionic is really the fitness gadget of the future.

  1. Nike Fuelband

One of the trendiest of fitness gadgets, the Nike Fuelband is a great way to keep your health and fitness in check. It lets you keep a tab on the calories that you burned during a specific period of time, and allows you to adjust your fitness regime accordingly. Additionally, this wearable device also lets you count the steps taken or weights lifted in a day to provide insights into the changes that you can bring about in your fitness regime.

Wear the Nike Fuelband while dancing, running or walking, and it will notify you of the amount of exercise that you clocked in. A superb watch is fun to use, comes in dashing designs. If you want to revamp your fitness goals and turn over a healthier leaf, you need Nike Fuelband in your life!

  1. Fitbit Aria

A weighing machine straight outta the future, the Fitbit Aria keeps track of much more than your weight. Fitbit Aria takes measuring weight to another level with advanced tech that lets it measure fat percentage and body mass index as well. You need this new-age weighing machine for yourself and your family. It can store weight and other vital data for up to eight users. It can also transfer the data collected to your PC or laptop directly.

Fitbit Aria is the perfect companion for your health and fitness regime because it lets you keep track of your progress at regular intervals. Along with the additional information about your body mass such as BMI, fat percentage and the usual weight measurements, Fitbit Aria is the perfect accompaniment to your health and fitness regime.

  1. Tellspec Food Scanner

It’s cheat day, and you walk into your favourite steakhouse to get your fill of meat, veggies, cheese and beer. But did you ever wonder how much calories you are consuming on a daily basis – with a snack here and a meal there? Well, Tellspec Food Scanner lets you in on the secrets of what your food contains – for all meals.

Eating right is one of the greatest factors if you want to stay fit and healthy. Tellspec Food Scanner comes with a spectrometer and app. It can track calories, carbs, fats, proteins, fibre and the glycemic load of food that you eat in a day. Use the information to prepare a diet suited to your requirements and keep a watch on what you eat. Tellspec Food Scanner is thus the way to go if you want to keep track of your eating habits for a healthier and fitter future.

From gadgets that monitor your heart rate and sleep patterns to the ones that keep count of the calories burnt, the smart age offers a plethora of options to stay fit and healthy. Most gadgets bring a fun twist to exercising and eating right so that you are motivated enough to push through the rest of the day. Fitness trackers and the devices that we have mentioned in this post can thus do you a world of good if you are in a mind to introduce a healthier way of living. Happy workouts!

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7 Best Health-Boosting Vitamins & Supplements for Women in Their 30s

7 Best Health-Boosting Vitamins & Supplements for Women in Their 30s

Women in their 30s have diverse biological needs and health goals. And as you focus more on being active, staying healthy and aging well, taking vitamins and health supplements becomes essential.

But with so many choices available, choosing the right vitamins and supplements can be quite an overwhelming decision. To help you get started, here’s your guide in picking out which supplements are the most appropriate for your age.

1. Vitamin A

A deficiency in vitamin A can cause anemia, birth defects and your immune system to poorly function. Taking vitamin A supplements helps promote healthy skin, good vision and strong teeth. Natural food sources include carrots, kale, sweet potatoes and liver.

The recommended daily dosage for vitamin A is 2,333 IU. Make sure to avoid consuming this supplement excessively as it can affect bone health and lead to other health problems.

2. Folate, Folic Acid or Vitamin B9

If you are of childbearing age, it’s vital to increase your intake of the B vitamin folate which is also known as “folic acid” in synthetic form. Folate promotes healthy cell and tissue growth. It’s also good for the heart, and helps you maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

If you’re planning to get pregnant, folic acid is a key ingredient in your prenatal vitamins. It reduces the risk of neural-tube defects in the fetus as well as low birth weight in babies.

 In fact, it’s more beneficial to start supplementing with them up to six months before the prenatal period, and throughout the pregnancy to reduce the risk of any birth defects.

3. Omega-3

Omega-3 can come from both plant and animal sources such as chia seeds, Brussels sprouts, walnut, salmon, egg yolks and liver, which means you definitely have options even if you are vegan. Omega-3 is known to prevent heart disease, arthritis, stroke, cancer and memory loss. And all fatty acids that it contains are essential for the normal functioning of bodily tissues.

Women with a deficiency in omega-3 can consider taking supplements to compensate for inadequate omega-3 in their diet.

4. Iron

Women who are in their 30s are at greater risk for having iron deficiency. This is quite true for women who are pregnant or experiencing heavy menstrual flow. Iron deficiency may cause you to feel fatigued and increase your risk for infection.

To avoid iron deficiency issues, you should strive for at least 18 milligrams of iron each day and, if you’re pregnant, 27 milligrams. Taking iron supplements can greatly help but you also have to be careful not to consume it in excess. Iron overdose can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and other symptoms.

5. Vitamin C and E

At the age of 30, fine lines, thinning skin and other signs of aging start to emerge. Good thing there are vitamins that can help slow down the skin’s aging process. Vitamins C and E are antioxidants that can fight free radicals which contribute to aging and diseases.

Aim for at least 15 milligrams of vitamin E per day to boost immunity and decrease the signs of aging. Also, take vitamin C to ease the absorption of vitamin E. Get at least 75 milligrams of vitamin C per day.

6. Vitamin D

Women who have infrequent exposure to the sun may have vitamin D deficiency. When you have inadequate levels of vitamin D, it will be difficult for your body to absorb calcium. This may lead to a poor immune system, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Besides sunlight, a good source of vitamin D are supplements and vitamin D-fortified milk. A 30-year-old woman’s recommended dosage for vitamin D is 5 mcg per day.

7. Calcium

Once you reach 30, you should start thinking about preventing debilitating health conditions such as osteoporosis. You can keep your bones strong by making sure you get an adequate amount of calcium. The National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends that women below 50 get at least 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day.

If you are pregnant, your calcium dosage will increase to 1,200 or 1,500 milligrams each day. Take note that your body also needs vitamin D to absorb calcium, so make sure you get 400 IU per day. Consuming vitamin D and calcium together will prevent bone loss related to menopause.

You don’t have to be at the age of 30 to start considering supplementation to ensure you get your daily dose of vitamins and other nutrients. In fact, people of all ages have to ensure that they’re getting all the nutrients they need every day. And though you may think that old age is still far away, you have to begin taking precautions now to ensure you stay healthy as you age.


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