Country Dance Lessons Improve Style

Country Dance Lessons Improve Style


Country dance lessons in Houston offer a great way of learning the various styles of country dances. These days, the country/western two-step, which is often called the Texas two-step is a popular dance. It is danced to country music in the one-two, one-two, slide-shuffle steps. Country music with a fiddle and a guitar is most suitable for this style of dancing. It is danced to music with a 4/4-time signature.

The steps of two-step are quite the same as the international fox-trot and most of the dances in Texas are a deviation from it. One has to take two long steps and a step-close step to do this dance. If you move the steps faster, it is the Texas shuffle or a Texas double shuffle.

To start with the dance the male partner has to put his right hand under the left shoulder of the female partner.  To be exact, the hand is to be placed on the upper part of the shoulder blade. The lady then takes her left arm and puts it on the top of the right arm of her partner. It has to be precisely just below the shoulder and just above the bicep. Then his left hand will hold the right hand of his partner in a comfortable manner right at the shoulder level. This is the basic couple dance hold and there could be several variations to it as well. When the dance movement begins the man can start with his left while the lady with her right step. The dance is made up of a serious of slow and quick steps. The quick step is a step for one beat while the slow is a step for two beats.

The steps of the dance have to be timed with music beats. The timing is 2 quicks and 2 slows and then the walking pattern. When the man steps forward the lady goes backward with her steps. The two-step is a line of dance that moves counterclockwise. You cannot move clockwise when doing this dance. There is also some etiquette that dancers need to follow while on the dance floor. If people are already in line doing the two-step you can always two-step around the outside of the circle. Those who are dancing fast can stay around the outside of the circle. If you are dancing slow, it is okay to move towards the middle of the circle.

Try to observe people in bars and even in ballroom dancing so it is easy for you to learn by watching. There are many festivals held in Texas that have the blues bash every year. You can attend these festivals with family or friends to dance with other participants to gain the harmony in your two-step or shuffle dance movements besides socializing with others.

The two-step is also related to the polka, the Texas waltz, and the jitterbug. These partner dances have a leader played by the man and a follower which is always the female partner. All the movements and patterns of the dance are initiated by the leader and the lady follows through. When the dance is more like in a circle the leader is towards the inside of the circle. Other dance positions related to the two-step include Sweetheart, Shadow, Wrap, Skater, Promenade, and Reverse Promenade.

Texas Polka includes three steps: a quick step, a quick step, and then a slow step. It is s danced to music with a 2/4 or a 4/4-time signature. It is a very easy dance with smooth movements that are lively, joyous and a bit bouncy.  Dancers need to achieve a swift gliding motion that is well timed to music.  The dance is said to have its root in the European and Mexican dance history and was also seen in Germany and Hungary during the 1800s. Couples take two steps together and then walk. It is easy to dance to a wide range of tempos ranging from 130 bpm to over 200 bpm. The better dancers can dance to 185 bpm.

Two-steps can be started with either the two quick steps or the two slow steps. It all depends on the local customs. The leader always steps forward with the left foot while the follower moves back.  The quick step can be a full stride where one foot passes the other on each step. With a faster beat, the quick step can turn into a shuffle as well. This style has its root in the Foxtrot while other variations include the Shadow dance.

Types and Working of a Desiccator in Steps

Types and Working of a Desiccator in Steps

Desiccators or the vacuum storage, these both are the same things for a scientific term. Both these things work the same way, and actually, a Desiccators is a vacuum that is used to store many types of the chemical in order to keep them dry and long lasting: it can be part of a set of very handy storage solutions. The Desiccators are so good at their work, and one should always use them up whenever needed.

There are many uses of desiccator cabinet in the lab, and you will be fascinated to see such results from the uses of it. These things can help you a lot, and it is important to use these Desiccators to get the perfect result. We have mentioned all the types included in Desiccators according to the Desiccant that is being used. So let us get started –

1) Standard Desiccant

The name for this Desiccant for the Desiccator Box is Standard because it is used in the standard processes and it has a standard value to the labs. The Standard Desiccant has manual monitoring which lets the air to pass through and the moisture to be absorbed within the container. You have to know all such things, and it will surely help you to get a long way up to the top.

The Standard Desiccant is the best so far as you can use in any type of Desiccators as even if it is silica gel, activated charcoal or anything. It is convenient for everything, and that is why it is best to use economically. These are really easy to use, and these Desiccants are easily regenerated with time and periodically.

2) Automatic Desiccant Regeneration

Once they are all done with the Desiccant, now it is the time to get to the next point that is involved in the usage of the Desiccant. So, in this process, the electric fans and heaters start to regenerate the Desiccant automatically.

It did so because it has to maintain a low humidity environment and that can help the Desiccant to be working just nice. However, when it comes to monitoring, the Automatic Desiccant Regeneration requires really low or minimal monitoring and it is really convenient to use up. So, the main function of using it up is to maintain the humidity level into the Desiccator Box.

3) Gas Purge

The next thing is the gas purge which takes away all the gases that are being there with the inert gases. Inert gases always make the space, and they are just perfect for the vacuum. The most common inert gas that is used for the drying of the desiccators is the dry nitrogen which is provided with a steady flow.

4) Vacuum

The last thing is the vacuum, and it is the ultimate goal of using the Desiccator. When it is about to achieve the vacuum, then the moisture and the extra air is being exited from the chamber with the use of a pump. This will end up making the vacuum inside the Desiccant of the Desiccator.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen

A wallpaper in your kitchen makes it look stylish than ever, especially when you personalize it with your favorite patterns or textures. You can put wallpapers in different places in your kitchen to make a statement by adding mimic materials and pairing it with some accessories.

Here are surprisingly amazing places where you can plan to put some wallpapers in your kitchen to give it a modern look.

Behind your Bar:

The wallpapers in your kitchen do not have to match with the design of your kitchen always. You can mix the wet or dry bar with the interior walls and backsplash the kitchen with a unique wall covering. You can make the bar at your home all the more luxurious with a bold colored wallpaper or a palm print that makes you feel like you are on a tropical vacation.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen white

At the entrance:

Adding a wallpaper at the entrance of your kitchen requires great planning as the wallpaper you are considering must be in harmony with both- the wallpapers on the kitchen wall and that with the outside space of the kitchen area. One must place the wallpaper a step or two outside of your kitchen. This makes the stunning wallpaper on the entrance of your kitchen get you in the precinct to whip the next epicure creation.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen gray

Black and White Wallpapers:

You can consider hanging artworks, especially in white on a wall covered in a wallpaper. The kitchen with black cabinetry and white countertops is the most preferred when considering a cool kitchen environment, which in turn overwhelms the room. You can also warm up your kitchen space with black and white wallpapers, the cabinets in an inviting colour or you can add wallpapers that play with a pattern, which is used in common with the kitchen, and the bath borders design. If you are scared of being exposed to too many colours, considering the black and white wallpapers can one of the best interior designing decisions you have ever made.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen stripes


Everyone idealises the fruit wallpaper for kitchen, especially when it comes to choosing for the pantry. For a neutral space like a pantry, a wallpaper with a whimsical food theme tends to add charming details into your kitchen. For a chore like fetching your food from the kitchen, it should not be a monotonous task. You can choose from many variations available in teapots, Grapevine Trail, Savannah green peppers or many others, that help in modernizing your space giving it a cool and a rich look ignoring the fact as to whether the design you choose is contemporary or traditional, a wallpaper always adds a fun and soothing element to your pantry.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen raspberries

The Entire Backsplash:

 The wallpaper for the backsplash can be perfect for those who are not very fond of tiles and natural stones in their kitchen area, thus a graphic backsplash serves the very purpose. The most recommended wallpapers for the backsplash are those in the bold floral pattern in pastel shades for attaining the traditional yet elegant kitchen design. The other pros of having a wallpaper on the backsplash are its cost-effectiveness, water- resistance factor and durability.

Five Insanely Fun Ways to Wallpaper Your Kitchen dull

Your kitchen is the most active place in your house as it is where everyone cooks, eats, entertains and socialises. Renovating your kitchen helps to increase your home’s value so that you can turn the beautiful kitchen island into a great investment for the future. The wallpapers at the ceiling, peninsular area, at the range hood or even behind the open shelves give a long- lasting impression of your fine taste of interiors to others. Still confused over your choice of wallpapers for the kitchen, choose the wallpapers for your kitchen wallpaper from the exquisite and elaborate collection available at Indoor Wallpaper.