Acidic Foods Chart To Follow For Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Acidic Foods Chart

Our body needs to maintain a healthy pH level. The neutral pH is usually 7.0. If the pH level is high, it can be a sign that your body’s basic or alkaline. Otherwise, it can be a sign that your body is acidic. It is advisable to follow the acidic foods chart to prevent any damage. 

What are the acidic foods and drinks? 

The acidic foods and drinks can be helpful in the long run. The foods are usually less than 4 pH, and some of the common acidic foods are sugar, alcohol, grains, meat and dairy products. 

There are numerous acidic foods to avoid that can be helpful in the long run. Following a basic or alkaline diet can help you achieve all the benefits. 

What determines if the food is alkaline or acidic? 

Our saliva is the main point from which digestion begins. When the food makes its way through the digestive tract, you must address the problem. If the food is too acidic, it can feel as if your stomach is burning when it breaks down. 

Acidic Foods Chart
Source: Healthline

The food’s pH will eventually change after burning. Moreover, acidic food can also lead to alkalization within the body. Scientists use different methods to determine the pH of the food within the body. 

These professionals manage the mineral content of the ash. The mineral content is pretty high in alkaline. If the food is alkaline, it is likely to have an alkalizing impact on the body. 

Acidic Foods Chart

When you follow the acidic foods chart, you will learn about acidic foods and their pH rating. Being familiar with the PRALs can be of great help. 

Some of the common acidic foods to avoid include the following:

Soft drink

If you sip on the soda, you will be adding phosphoric acid to the body, which will eventually lead to a sudden increase in acidic levels. The phosphoric acid content is usually high for people following a Western Diet. Nonetheless, the only good thing is that it is absorbable. 

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Processed grains

When you follow the acidic foods list, you will find processed grains on the top. Foods such as fast food, white bread, and baked goods can signify processed grains. 

Consuming these can lead to a sudden spike in the body’s acidity level. If you want to combat this negative impact, you should consider consuming vegetables and fruits. Not only does it help to reduce dietary acid, but also plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy pH level of the body. 

Red and processed meat

Processed and red meat is a great source of phosphorus that can spike up the acidic level, and it has which quantity of dietary acid you may want to avoid. 

Moreover, animal protein like poultry and eggs are great sources for increasing acidic load. 

Dairy products

If you are consuming dairy products such as ice cream, milk, and cheese, you need to be careful with the acidic level. 

Several types of research suggest a connection between acid-forming compounds and dairy products. It can lead to the expansion of chloride and sulfur-containing amino acids. 

Are fruits acidic in nature? 

There is a lot of debate surrounding the contents of acid in food. Certain fruits are rich in pH levels. Citrus fruits are usually basic, therefore, they might not create acid within the body. Some fruits that can prevent the acid formation in your body include grapefruit, limes, lemons, or oranges. 

Acidic Foods Chart
Source: MedicineNet

These foods may also worsen the reflux of the body, and they may be held to be reflexogenic food. People suffering from GERD or acid reflux need to reduce the consumption of citrus fruits. 

Tomatoes also have a high level of pH. Therefore, the consumption of tomatoes can also lead to a sudden increase in acid reflux. In many cases, it can worsen the symptoms of GERD. Rather than eating tomato products, it would help if you considered consuming raw ones. 

Raw tomatoes are less acidic than canned products. Therefore, if you have GERD, you need to avoid the consumption of tomato sauce, paste, and ketchup. 

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Vegetables are also acidic

When you check the acidic foods list, you will be surprised to find some vegetables in the list. Many vegetables may also be acidic. However, this will ultimately depend on how you are preparing the food. 

Cabbage and pickled cucumbers are a few acidic vegetables. However, in their natural state, they are actually alkaline. 

Should you avoid acidic foods? 

When you follow the acidic foods chart, you must avoid certain foods. However, what you avoid completely depends on what your doctor suggests. 

Various acidic foods can lead to kidney stones and an increased risk of bone fracture. Soda can be the worst food to consume, especially for people with prediabetes. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you will need to cut down on soda consumption. 

Acidic Foods Chart
Source: Brammer Dental

People consuming diets rich in PRAL may be at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular and nephrological disorders. Nonetheless, you may or may not avoid it altogether. It is advisable to have a healthy diet with the proper balance of fruits and vegetables to get the impact. 

Although tomatoes may be high in acid, they are also a good lycopene source. This can play an important role in reducing various risks. Some of the common conditions that the consumption of tomatoes can reduce are cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases

Consume non-acidic foods

Rather than eating acidic foods, you may consider consuming non-acidic foods. You should consume seeds, soy foods, nuts, and fruits and vegetables to get the benefits, and these foods can have a lot of health benefits. 

The acidic foods chart can play an important role in helping you bring change to your diet. It is advisable to follow them properly to increase your body metabolism. You may as well get in touch with your doctor to understand the exact impact. Furthermore, you can also do some research to determine what is healthy for you and what isn’t. 

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