Best Fat burning exercises: Simple & Secrets

best fat burning exercises

I believe many people have this problem. Obviously, strictly adhere to the best fat burning exercises control and do a lot of exercises. But I don’t know why even if they lose 2-3 kilograms of weight, there is still as much fat on the stomach, and more terribly, body fat The number of rates has not decreased at all. What should we do to reduce fat effectively? The following article will introduce the most effective fat-reducing exercise on the Internet, hoping to help everyone easily achieve weight loss goals.

Best fat burning exercises

To lose weight, exercise is absolutely necessary. But how to lose weight is the most effective? The goal of most people to lose weight is to reduce body fat, so it is very important to choose the exercise that can help you lose fat most. To get rid of fat by exercise, there are three key points below.

  1. Exercise time is appropriate.

    When the body starts to exercise, it consumes sugar as an energy source, and then it starts to consume fat after a period of time. Therefore, if you want to burn fat, it is better to exercise for more than 30 minutes to see the effect.

    But it’s not that the longer you exercise, the more fat you can burn. Because if you exercise for too long, your body will begin to secrete stress hormones, which will increase the rate of fat synthesis, and the effect of reducing fat will be greatly reduced. So, all in all, 30-60 minutes of exercise time is the most effective weight loss exercise.

  2. Add proper anaerobic exercise.

    It is generally believed that aerobic exercise is the most helpful for reducing fat. However, if only aerobic exercise is used, it simply burns calories and will not cause any changes to the body’s muscle strength and basal metabolic rate. In other words, as long as you don’t exercise for a period of time, you will quickly gain weight.

    If you want to achieve long-term weight loss, you need to add an appropriate amount of anaerobic exercise, such as heavy training, sit-ups, etc., to increase the muscle endurance of the body and increase the basal metabolic rate, so that the effect of aerobic exercise is better. The results of weight loss can also be sustained.

  3. Set goals one at a time

    Many people also set muscle gain goals at the same time when losing fat. But the two cannot actually be achieved at the same time even if you do enough anaerobic exercise. Muscle growth requires sufficient nutrition. Diets adopted by people who are losing weight often cannot provide these nutrients. At the same time, if you want to achieve the effect of reducing fat and muscle. Most of them will end up empty. The best way is to lose some fat first. Then change your diet, increase muscle, and then continue to work towards reducing fat.

Seven effective fat loss exercise menus

  1. Bobby jump is the best fat burning exercises

    Bobby jumping is an exercise between aerobic and anaerobic. The action is very simple. You can also do it while watching TV at home. The effect of burning calories is very good. It is the best choice for reducing fat. A full Bobby jump starts with a ready posture for Volt up, then hands up, the abdomen pulls the hips up. Finally, the feet jump forward, arches the body, jumps up as far as possible, hands up straight.

    This exercise can effectively train the core muscle groups while consuming twice as many calories as running. The key to doing a bobby jump is to make sure that the abdomen is close to the ground when you lie down. When the body is arched, don’t rely only on the elbows, but use the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks to bring the body up to achieve training. Effect.

  2. Push up + jump rope

    Rope skipping looks basic, but it’s the best fat burning exercise. Do a 10-minute pushup before skipping, and then skip for 30 minutes. Repeat at least three times a week to achieve good fat loss.

  3. Squat + jog

    If you like outdoor sports, you can try this combination. Doing a 10-minute squat after warming up can effectively improve the core muscle strength and strengthen the thigh muscles. After jogging for 40 minutes after that, you can improve the effect of fat burning.

  4. Flat style + opening and closing jump

    This combination is perfect for sports novices. The flat style is the most basic movement for training core muscle groups. Although it doesn’t feel much exercise, it is very helpful for improving abdominal muscle strength. After doing 10 minutes of tablet-style and 30 minutes of opening and closing jumps, the whole set of exercises can consume more than 400 calories.

  5. hiker

    Climbers can be classified as anaerobic or aerobic based on their speed. The whole movement is very simple. First, make a posture to prepare for a pushup. The buttocks muscles are forced and raised, and then the two feet take turns to move forward to try to keep the knees close to the chest. In this way, you can train all core muscle groups, including the abdomen, buttocks, and legs, and can also effectively burn calories.

  6. Intermittent hypoxic pushup

    Intermittent hypoxic exercise is a relatively new concept. The principle is that when the cell is hypoxic, it will increase the fat metabolism rate and basal metabolic rate, so it can help break down fat. To do intermittent hypoxic exercise, you must hold your breath during exercise and not breathe until you stop breathing and then resume breathing. Therefore, intermittent anaerobic exercise usually adopts some anaerobic exercise, and pushup is one of the more basic options. It is generally recommended to do at least 10 minutes each time and twice a day to achieve the effect of fat consumption.

  7. High-intensity intermittent exercise

    Some newer studies have also found that although high-intensity exercise consumes limited fat during exercise, due to the “post-combustion effect” of high-intensity exercise, the body can maintain a high energy consumption state for several hours after exercise. Consumption of calories and the fat reduction effect achieved in the end is better than aerobic exercise for a long time. High-intensity intermittent exercise usually lasts for 30 minutes and is distributed in a 1: 2-time distribution. For example, you can run for 30 seconds, then jog for 1 minute, then run for 30 seconds, jog for 1 minute, and so on.

1. Eat more fiber

Most people know that eating more vegetables can increase satiety and help lose weight, but many recent studies have found that taking more water-soluble fiber can also help you reduce abdominal fat, and it is more effective for people with exercise habits.

A study published in the journal Obesity found that for every 10 grams of water-soluble fiber intake, abdominal fat is reduced by 3.7%. If you exercise 2 to 4 half-hours a week, the reduced abdominal fat is doubled.

How to do it:

. Toast for oatmeal and multigrain bread

. Change the rice for lunch to brown rice.

. When you are hungry in the dining room, replace the cookies with apples and citrus fruits.

. The side dishes include carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and seaweed, mushrooms, okra, and aloe, which taste “slimy and sticky”.

2. Choose nuts and dark chocolate for dessert

The United States “Prevention” magazine refers to monounsaturated fatty acids as “slimming food “because it not only provides a good source of fat for the body but also lowers cholesterol and reduces fat accumulated in the abdomen.

For this benefit, when hungry in the afternoon, please replace the high-calorie biscuits with nuts or dark chocolate rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, and also order black olives when you eat Submarine Fort.

However, the calories of nuts and chocolate are not low. Eat about one nut a day. Try to choose pure black or cocoa ingredients above 70%, and do not eat more than 200 calories.

3. 3 cups of green tea a day has oil cutting force

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition in 2009 found that green tea extract can reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat in the body. For subjects who were overweight and also exercised 180 minutes per week, those who added green tea to their daily diet had a greater decrease in fat percentage.

In addition, epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) in green tea polyphenols can also promote the central nervous system to accelerate the rate of fat burning. A study found that people who took green tea extract could consume 10% more fat than the average person.

However, nutritionist Zhao Qiang reminded me that the “oil-cutting force” of green tea to accelerate fat burning must be matched with exercise. If you sit on the sofa all day without moving, the fat cannot be excreted from the body, and you will return to the original place.

4. Walk faster than the person next to you at any time

If you are betting with a friend who’s belly is going fast, take advantage of this method that will allow you to easily win the game: when you are on the road, try to speed up your pace; it is best to keep surpassing the people around you.

Because if you change the usual walking speed to brisk walking, you can consume 27% more calories.

More and more studies have found that short-term, high-intensity exercise consumes more calories than people who use medium- and low-intensity exercise for a long time. It can also consume more belly fat for you. Arkansas State University School of Medicine’s exercise test for elderly and obese people found that people who also consume 1,000 calories per week, who exercise for short periods of time but have higher intensity, lose one-fifth of their abdominal fat rate after three months.

People who are used to exercising in the gym, it is better to change the habit of watching magazines or TV while cycling, but increase the resistance, slope or speed, step on the pedal vigorously, and concentrate on enjoying the feeling of sweating.

5. Brush your teeth and wait for the bus to play on one leg

If you have the opportunity to watch the ballet performances up close, you can find that when the dancer kicks his toes to perform continuous circular movements, the most powerful place is not on the feet, but on the abdomen.

One of the secrets to flattening your abdomen quickly is to make yourself unbalanced. Do some exercises that need to maintain balance, such as tiptoes, laps, and squats. They can also train the core muscles, making the muscles around the abdomen elastic, looking firm and flat.

Because when the body is in an unstable state, if your feet cannot provide sufficient support, you must use the core muscles to avoid falling.

May wish to use morning and evening to brush your teeth or wait for the car, line up time to practice standing on one foot, to enhance the subtle core muscle groups that are usually difficult to use. Remember to train your two feet interactively. Stand with your left foot during the day and switch to your right foot at night. When standing on one foot, the other foot is bent at 90 degrees (thighs parallel to the ground) and slowly raised, and the abdomen is forced to inhale as far as possible above the waist.

6. Sit your feet together during a meeting

Changing your posture can also help you lose weight. Now look at your sitting position, do you bend over your hump and spread your knees outward?

7. Quit bent over hump

Senior aerobics instructor Pan Jiayu (Didi) suggested that you can usually put your hand on the top of your head about 2 cm high, and then let the top of your head extend upward to touch the palm of your hand, as if a rope was pulled up in the center of the body and the shaft The heart stays in the middle. This posture allows the abdomen to maintain adduction, supporting the upper body weight with core muscle groups.

Have you tried these fat loss exercises? How is the effect? No matter what weight-loss method you use, remember that weight loss is a long-term task. The biggest key is to be consistent. Even if the frequency of exercise decreases after losing weight. Don’t forget to exercise regularly to reduce the risk of weight gain.

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