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Best torrent site

If you are an online seeker, then definitely you will like to download your desired contents through a torrent link. In just a few clicks online, you will find rare books, lost films, obscure music, and many more. And all these now possible due to torrent websites as there are many streaming sites, so it’s also essential to know which torrent sites are suitable for a movie download or your desired content. And in this article, we will provide the proper info of the best torrent sites that are popular and working correctly. And if you are new, then this list will be a great way to start downloading all your favorite content. Again through this article, you will come to know the best torrent site to download movies, eBooks, software, music, and many more and small business radar.

How do torrent sites work?              

When you download something over the internet, then you connect to the server and start the download with the help of the website. But Torrent works differently. It uses peer to peer technology instead of the server to the client system. Here you download from the person, not from a server. For that, you need a torrent client to download the file. Torrent networking doesn’t depend on a server. It filters corrupted and dummy files. The most important thing is that the torrent files are open-source and ad-free. Presently uTorrent and BitTorrent are widely used torrenting applications. Bittorent and U torrent file-sharing technology is different from conventional file transferring. These store files on the computers of all the people in a file-sharing network. This is known as peer to peer computing.

How to choose the best torrent sites?

If you are a new torrent user, a torrent client needs to use it as there are many options, so it’s challenging to decide the best site. But here are some factors that you should consider. Such as- 

Download speed: It’s a significant factor. Check the seeding and peering option to consider the download speed.

Proxy sites: If any torrent link is down or blocked, then you have to use a mirror or known alternative URL of each website. This will allow the user to access to the torrent site.

Use of VPN: As torrent activity is tracked by user internet service provider and Govt. through IP address, then it’s obvious to use a VPN. The use of a VPN will help you to download the content even the site is blocked or down.

Ranking: A torrent site is ranked based under the following criteria- Monthly visitors, Ad annoyance, User interface, Availability of content.

10 best torrent file:

There are many torrent sites. Here, we have mentioned 10 best torrent sites based on popularity, user interface, and Availability of content. These are as follows-

  1. The pirate bay-

The Pirate Bay is one maximum used BitTorrent sites online. It has thousands and thousands of torrents document available in numerous categories together with the aid for magnet links. If you’re a beginner, its straightforward interface will assist in discovering your desired content material. The homepage includes a obtain bar and several numerous content material. It’s noteworthy that the torrents on this platform are all safe to download. But you have to maintain one factor in thoughts that it domain modifications occur very often as occasionally its internet site goes offline. By the use of the proxy together with at.Org, you could still get the advantage of gaining access to this web page. Its consistent month visitor is 24.three million with the standard download velocity 56.2 Mbps. Its mirror or proxy websites are pirateprocxay. Id, proxyxyz, thepiratebay10.Peg,

  1. Katcr.Co

Katcr.Co is an alternative site of the famed Kickass torrents. Former Kickass Torrent personnel members have developed its web site having similar applications and torrent files. It’s most tremendous function stays in its interface. This affords all prepared content material in extraordinary classes, including notable genera and clears out gear. All these tools provide smooth access to this site and download your content easily.

  1. 1337x:

1337x is one leading internet site in addition to a massive collection of torrent documents. Its interface is too easy that will display your preferred option. Its categories offer different genera including movies, television series, games, music, and so on.  This internet site recently reviews an extensive network enhancing layout and doing away with a few extreme safety risks. It’s monthly visitors 71.2 million with the standard velocity 95.6mbps. Its alternative web sites are 1337x.To, 1337x.St, 1337x.Ws, x1337x.Eu, x1337x.Se, and 1337x.

  1. Zooqle:

Zooqle is used to be a popular torrent site that now gained a robust following. Its unique part is that it downloads the whole thing from books to movies. It is considered as best for tv content and films as a verified torrent file. It is regarded as best torrent games site. It’s best for obscure torrents. It has a high-quality interface with the quest bar. Through its seek bar, you may discover any content that you are searching for. It has over 3.5 million confirmed torrents with a great looking interface. Many dependable operators like the route Zooqle has taken in its development. It has a right balance of leisure and software. Over 37 0000 movies and 600 TV shows are available on this site. This torrent site is simple to use. Limetorrents:

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It has a neat, user-friendly interface consisting of bigger, higher trackers. LimeTorrents.Cc can be a decent alternative if your other favorite torrent web site is down. It has some advantages, such as its remarkable user experience provide a simple and organized layout. New and famous releases also experience masses of speedy downloads. Again, older torrents are frequently lost, but it is not a problem of the site. But you can use it as a backup plan as a substitute. It’s one disadvantage that sometimes the absence of seeding can be an issue. It’s per month visitor’s number is 17.1 million with the average download speed 41.9 Mbps. It mirrors, and proxy sites are, limetorrents: zone, and


YTS.Lt has owned its area with 9000+ torrents content material. It is a great preference for classic and rare films with excessive excellence and skilled interface. You’ll discover loads of unique and latest movies on this platform. The incredible format and massive form of titles make it an excellent torrent website online for film enthusiasts. Overall, YTS is a favorite alternative for movies. It doesn’t provide any other categories; you’ll have to pick a few other internet pages from the list for games, music, or TV shows. It’s best for users with restrained bandwidth and clean to browse content material. Its per month visitor number is 122.5 Million, with the average download velocity 3.2MB/s.

  1. Torrents.Io:

Torrents.Io is an enormous all-in-one website that makes use of different web sites to scrape for files. It acts as a Metasearch engine that links torrent files and magnet links from other torrent sites. This website features an enormous database of torrents. Users can easily download via this site’s simple interface. Its interface shows prominent download trends and classes to pick out content material for download. You can found details about specific torrent links, including uploader name, size of the file, upload date, distributor number, and the quality of the association. This info allows determining the overall authority of a torrent link. The above 3.4 million users visit this site.  

  1. Rarbg:

RARBG is known as one of the best torrent web sites since 2008. More than 57.1 million users visit this site per month. It’s a mutual torrent website that gathers a lot of torrents file to discover and gained a reputation for its remarkable torrents and user-friendly interface. It has ten best lists featuring the most downloaded content at the time. Also, It is a middle media between public and private torrent sites. It offers the best way to download all of these torrents. Its specialty is adding new files as new additions. But it can be blocked in several countries. In that case, by using the proxy or mirror sites, you can get access to this site. Some proxy sites are,,,, etc.

  1. Torlock:

TorLock combines a massive list of torrents with excellent user experience. It has a clean and intuitive interface, including a wide array of active anime, eBook, and music torrent files. Its claim to have more than five million verified torrents featuring a top 100 list that shows all popular torrent downloads. And, if you’re searching an exquisite anime episodes or analyzing material, then the site will probably help you. Some of the stuff on TorLock is hard to find on other trackers. But the thing is that you will like to find the most popular torrents right here. Again, it pays its users for finding any fake torrent link. There are over 4.8 million users who are continuously using this site. I

  1. TorrentDownload:

TorrentDownloads is another very famous website. If all other trackers fail, this one is will probably your first-rate chance to discover the old and rarely-used software program. Just keep one thing in mind that TorrentDownloads is a high profile web page that may be blocked to your country. In that case, you have to use proxy sites with a VPN.

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Except for these sites, there are also some other sites, such as Torrentz2 is the best site for music, EZTV is considered as best for TV shows, ToreentGalaxy- It includes plenty of options from music to ebooks to game, many more.

Some safe VPN for torrent download:

A safe VPN will provide privacy, unblocking, and no throttling. There are some VPNs those work perfectly for safe downloading. These are as follows-

NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost.

Some tips for downloading torrent files:

Now, Some quick tips will provide a safe and quick download. Here are these-   

  • Download and use a secure VPN
  • Check the VPN settings- It includes the encryption, leak protection, network lock features.
  • Check the history of an uploader to see the quality and highly seeded torrents.
  • Read comments on the file to avoid anonymous downloads.
  • Know the limits of your web connection
  • Install a good antivirus
  • Use the latest stable version of the torrent client.
  • Prioritize the torrent client via task manager

Now, after reading this whole article, it’s easy to find a suitable torrent site to download. Again you can visit to see the currently running site. If you can’t access some torrent site, then don’t be worry, as Govt. has prevented thousands of users from accessing the site for safety issues. In that case, use alternative sites. And if you want to see the blocked sites in your country, then you can add the chrome Adblock extension.  


  1. How to download torrent files?

It includes three easy steps. Choose a VPN with P2P optimized servers. Then install the VPN and connect to a server. After that, choose one suitable torrent site and then download. 

  1. Best torrent sites for movies and shows?

As there are many torrent sites, it’s difficult to choose one as the best. But there are some site those you can consider as best, such as Pirate Bay, YTS, Rarbg, katcr.Co, 1337x and Limetorrents.

  1. Which parameter makes Torrent file better?

A torrent site is ranked based under Monthly visitors, Ad annoyance, User interface, and Availability of content.

  1. Is it legal to download movies through torrents?

If you use it to download copyrighted movies or licensed content then it’s illegal. But if you download copyright-free content or files then it’s completely legal.

  1. Is it essential to use a VPN for torrenting?

Generally, a VPN is not required for all sites. But it is recommended to hide your browsing and download activities and to avoid anonymous download.

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