Bird of paradise plant: How to grow strelitzia

bird of paradise plant

Bird of paradise or Strelitzia Reginae is a beautiful indoor plant. However, its homeland in South Africa but has now spread throughout the world. In the 18th century, the Strelitzia came to Europe for the first time as an ornamental plant. For its thick and leathery leaves and colorful flowers that resemble with the bright color of Bird and the shape of the Bird’s head, it is named as the Bird of paradise plant.

Human beings are mostly attracted to their intense color that shines between the large, robust, and evergreen leaves. The multicolor Bird of paradise flower is more variant and beautiful than a white bird of paradise plant flower. It is a beautiful plant that doesn’t need so much maintenance.  Here in this article, we have covered how to grow and take care of the Bird of paradise plant.

How to grow a bird of paradise:

Few things have to maintain for easy growing as an indoor bird of paradise plant. It can be potted in a pot by providing adequate sunlight and moist soil.  These are as follows-

Place selection:

Place selection is an essential fact for the growing Bird of paradise in the right way. It grows perfectly if it is planted in a warm, sunny, and airy place.  From May to September, you can put them outside of the house on the terrace or the balcony.  Again, some types of bird paradise plants also grow in semi-shade, but in this case, flower growth is inhibited.

The too dark place is not also suitable for this plant. Considering all these we can conclude, too dark place or too hot place is not proper for this plant. Provide a warm and light location with ventilation, fresh air with sufficient humidity for maintaining the growth of the plant.


Nutrient-rich potting soil or regular flower soil containing an additive substrate is suitable for a bird of paradise. That implies loose and moist, air, and water permeable soil. Again you can also choose loamy consistency. It gets many benefits from a nutrient-poor substrate such as peat or cultivation soil.


light is a crucial fact for a bird of paradise growth. In general, Bird of paradise requires full sun, for that choose a suitable place where this Bird of paradise will get five hours of sunlight per day. Again the thing is that it can endure partial shade. But full sunlight helps to flourish the beauty of this plant.

For bird paradise plants indoors, please keep it in the brightest room in your room. When the temperatures go right, then you can put the plant in a sunny spot outdoors. But when the environment is so hot and cold, then bring it inside.


It needs a stable temperature between 50-72°. If the temperature falls, then it gets freezing, and if the environment is hot, then it will die also. Considering this, proper analysis has to do for maintaining a suitable environment, and the best result is shown as an indoor plant.

Collecting seeds or cuttings of a bird of paradise:

It takes up to a year to germinate from Bird of paradise seeds. And if you choose young plants, then you may able to see the flower after seven years. For that, you will remain stress-free if you purchase a bird of paradise plant or cutting rather than thinking of the germination from seed. Bird of paradise plant for sale is available in amazon and the nearest nursery. 

But the thing is that the availability of Bird of paradise depends on the locality. If your existing area is satisfactory for rising birds of paradise outside, then the seeds and cuttings for sale will be available in a local nursery. White collecting, keep in mind bird of heaven can’t survive for a long time in cold weather. You can choose a mature bird of paradise potted as a houseplant or fresh plant seed.

Preparation of seedbed:

It is an integral part of all types of plants. Good preparation has to take planting the Bird of paradise. In general, Bird of paradise plant grows well in rich, moist soil, consisting of plenty of compost. Keep on thing in mind; a proper drainage system has to include for bed preparation. If you want to plant a bird of paradise outside of the house, then make a depth of 12 inches with 4 inches of rich compost or organic material to enrich the soil and promote good drainage.

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And for planting in a pot, at first fill up the pot with clay, including proper drainage system, rich and loamy potting soil. To improvise the growth of the plant, you can mix a tbsp of the bone meal also.


Strelitzia is benefited by providing a warm location with a temperature of 25 degrees and humidity have to keep in a stable position. Before seeing the first shoot of the plant, a dark place is suitable until it is providing a warm environment. For germination through seeds, put the seeds under 2-3 centimeters into the moist soil and slightly press.

Cover the pot with a transparent poly bag. It will help to increase the temperature and reduce the evaporation. Remove the bag for proper ventilation regularly. When you can see the spout from the seed, then the cover has to remove. In this condition, the germinated plant requires a lot of light.

How to propagate Bird of paradise plant:

The Bird of paradise can be propagated from seed or by dividing. These processes are described below-

Dividing process:

For a large portion of the birds of paradise, engendering is finished by partitioning the procedure while repotting. Pick that kind of isolated plant that has at least three to four leaves. The sole plant is taken from the mother plant. On the off chance that the size of the mother plant is enormous in size, at that point, the blossom will sprout quickly.

Unique consideration needs to take for the harm of the delicate roots and twisting roots. If hearts are broken, at that point, the charcoal powder needs to put while preparing. Cutting of the curve roots has to treat with powder. This process is done by removing the plant from the pot and separating the plant from the mother plant. 


Strelitzia plants can also be grown through seeds. Seeds are gained from the pea-sized capsule fruits. From a mature bird of paradise, the seeds have to collect. In this process, gardeners have to keep much patience as it requires several months to germinate. You will be able to see the flower of this plant at the earliest after the growth of three years. 

In some cases, if seed is not used rapidly, then it may take up to 10 years for the first blooming. For seed germination, before sowing, soak them in water for three days. In this case, you have to change the water daily. After that, sow the seeds while they are fresh.

Sowing process:

Seed sowing process has to do by washing them within soapy water to remove the protective wax layer that envelopes the seeds. By gently using sandpaper and rubbing on the basis, this layer is also removed. After that, please place it in a container of warm water for twelve hours to two days to absorb them the nutrients.

How to care for bird paradise plant:

The caring procedure has to maintain according to the Bird of paradise plant varieties. For example, a white bird of paradise plant care is unique compared to other species. Bird of paradise care has to take for the proper growth of this plant. These all help to grow a plant with full blossom. Things those have to consider for caring birds of paradise plant are as follows- 


Its leaves release so much humidity that a bird of paradise plant needs a lot of water. Special watering has to do in the season spring and summer. The watering process is also depended on the size of leaves and spreading conditions. If leaves are more massive and occupied in a large place, then the requirement will be high too.

In general, regular basis water is required for this plant. Birds of paradise can’t tolerate waterlogging. If this plant is kept in water for so long, then roots tend to rot. It’s better to plant in a pot or bucket from which excess water can quickly drain off.

Some things have to maintain while watering this plant-

  • Soil conditions have to slightly damp but not so wet.
  • If you notice soil surface is dry then you have to water it again.
  • Thumb test is a good practice to know the water requirement of the plant.
  • Lukewarm and soft water is best for this plant watering.
  • In winter keep it in a cool place where it will require less watering.
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Fertilizer is another essential thing to grow this plant. In the spring and summer season, once in a week, fertilizer has to apply for the Bird of paradise plant. Liquid fertilizer are good for this plant. Mix a small amount of liquid fertilizer into the water that will be used for watering the plant. Don’t use so much fertilizer.

Regarding the plant growing form seeds, fertilizer is not required. That is because seeds already contain all the important nutrients. After two months, you will be able to see the first shoot of the new plant. Mostly the fertilization process is depended on the season and the growth condition of the plant.

Special care for leaf:

As the leafy parts are the most beautiful and attractive part of this plant, so special care has to take. For that old dry leaves and flowers have to remove to stimulate the proper growth. Also, avoid the cutting of this plant, rather than adopt a repotting process by separating it into several plants.

Wintering care:

Wintering care has to do as Strelitzia likes to grow in the summer season. In winter too much freezing conditions can cause damage to this plant. For the Bird of paradise indoor plant care, it has to keep under a protected area inside the apartment. When the temperature will fall below under 10 ° F then the plant can be moved outside in winter condition. This caring process has to maintain at least from October to April. In winter season no fertilizer is required for this plant. 

Pest control:

Pest control has to do as too much hot environment makes it susceptible to pests. Changing temperature also harms the plant. The most common pest of the Bird of paradise plant is scale insects that are mostly found on the bottom of the leaves. With a brush, you can easily remove this pest. Another pest is Botrytis Cinerea that is a fungal disease. At an early stage, this can be removed and regular airing is also done to prevent this fungal infection. 


It has to do when the pot becomes too small and plants spread widely. While repotting, Bird of paradise leaves curling have to remove, it can cause root rot. 


  • Don’t plant this plant in too much hot or too much cold environment.
  • Put a small amount of water so that the soil remains moist but not so dry.
  • While propagation from seed if you keep the seeds unused for a long period then it will take more time to form flowers.
  • The white Bird of paradise care is especial, so you have to know this properly.
  • If you rapidly transit the Bird of paradise plant from a cool location to a warm outdoor spot then it can cause damage. You have to control the temperature slowly for pest control.



  • How to grow the Bird of paradise plants in a proper way?


By choosing the right place, proper watering process, controlling light, providing fertilization, moist soil with drainage system selection, Bird of paradise plant can be grown properly. Again, special care has to take for the winter season. 


  • How much sunlight is required for the Bird of paradise plant?


For the outdoor Bird of paradise plant, six and eight hours of sunlight or partial shade is required. But too much hot and too much cold environment is not suitable for this plant. 


  • Is it possible to grow birds of paradise in pots?


Pot or container with a proper drainage system is suitable for growing this plant.


  • How often I have to prune the Bird of paradise plant?


Depending on the growth level you have to prune the plant leaves. Trim the flowers in the middle of the summer season and for the red Bird of paradise plant, trimming has to do two times per year for healthy growth.

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