Brain octane oil: Benefits of brain octane oil

brain octane oil

We are all now, health-conscious. To remain healthy and fit, we try to adapt to the things that are beneficial for us. It was a time when people would think putting butter in your coffee can be just a waste of money or just a crazy thing. But now this has been found in researches that the use of a small amount of butter extracted from coconut is not only beneficial but also helpful for brain-boosting. And this extracted fat from coconut is a form of MCT oil that’s known as brain octane oil.

Here, in this article, we have included the definition of brain octane oil, what’s its nutritional value and also has compared with other products. After reading this article, you will know the beneficial tips and tricks of brain octane.

What is brain octane oil?

It’s the most common query for all people. Though its answer is simple. Brain octane is a fatty form of MCT oil. Brain octane contains medium-chain fatty acid, which is a form of saturated fat. This fat is extracted from the potent part of the coconut and is converted as brain fuelling, fat-burning ketone energy that’s more efficient than MCT or coconut oils containing lauric acid.

It’s beneficial to use brain octane, and you can add it to your diet chart by adopting many recipes. The people who are on a diet and want to get a fit body without nutrient deficiency for them it’s the best option. Some people also consider it is as a boosting ingredient for the body. It keeps the brain functional by boosting up and also provide a flat and slim belly.

How to get brain octane oil?

There are two primary sources from where the medium-chain of TG or MCT comes from. From this form, by proper refining, we can get brain octane oil. 

Coconut oil- It’s the first option and most commonly used for extracting saturated fat as a brain octane form. Coconut oil is made of pressing the dried coconut kernel or copra containing 6% of C8 or caprylic acid. As octane oil is 100% c8 and is 18 times stronger than coconut oil, so it’s better to absorb octane oil extracted from coconut oil rather than just absorbing coconut oil. 

Palm seed oil- palm seed is made from processing kernel from the fruit of the palm tree. It’s not always adopted. But it’s also the best source for brain octane oil. Don’t consider palm oil and palm seed oil in a similar form. There is a vast difference between palm oil and palm seed oil. Palm oil is made from the reddish pulp of the fruit of a palm tree. And palm seed oil is made from the seed of palm.

Comparison between brain octane, coconut oil, MCT, and XCT form of fat:

Brain octane vs. coconut oil:

Its many people’s common query which one is better is MCT oil or brain octane oil? In this section, we have discussed it. At first, you have to know coconut oil is the by-product of coconut. By applying proper heat and a continuous process, you can get edible raw coconut oil.

Where Brain octane contains pure C8 caprylic acid-containing medium-chain fatty acids as saturated fat, its fat can be classified into SCFAs, medium chains MCTs, and long-chain fatty acids as LCFAs. Its quality is much better than other oil. Considering all this, it is undoubtedly understood that brain octane is much better for health. 

Brain octane vs. MCT oil:

Some unique features make the difference between regular MCT oil and brain octane oil. MCT oil is a refined version of coconut that includes capric and caprylic acid. This form we can get from a coconut. This need to break down into a food-grade way.

And Brain octane contains medium-chain fatty acid, which is a form of saturated fat. Saturated fat can be classified into four types of MCT form, and all these are beneficial for health. Brain octane and MCT oil contain a medium chain of TG or triglyceride oils. It is considered as a substantial anti-microbial component that can be used for candida and yeast infection.

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Brain octane vs. XCT oil:

Some people think brain octane oil is similar to XCT oil. Thing is not like that. Brain octane oil contains 100% pure caprylic acid, where XCT oil contains 100% capric and caprylic acid mix. Brain octane 18x more potent than coconut oil and helps to raise ketones.

Where XCT oil is 6x stronger than coconut oil, the similarity between brain octane and XCT oil lies in containing caprylic acid and helps to raise ketones. And its cooking temperature is the same, that’s 320-degree f.

But XCT requires 6 lbs. of coconut oil to produce by containing 128 calories where brain octane needs 18 lbs. of coconut to have 129 calories. In this matter, brain octane is rich in calories. But you can use both for bulletproof coffee and other food for a bulletproof diet.

Benefits of brain octane oil:

Octane oil containing Caprylic acid has so many beneficial facts. Many recipes are made using this bullet octane. It’s a common interest to know what does brain octane oil does? Now, after reading this section, you will surely get your answer without any doubt.

Improves metabolism and works as an instant energy booster: 

Octane oil is considered as a body-boosting form of MCT. It is absorbed and transported easily throughout the body for that it can be used as an energy source. Octane oil has an affordable MCT oil property that helps to improve your metabolism and beneficial for the brain as it instantly provides energy. After absorbing octane oil, the body rapidly metabolizes caprylic acid into ketones. If you don’t take glucose, then it’s not a matter of regret.

As after taking octane oil instead of glucose as a form of carbohydrate or sugar, it will rapidly boost up the need for glucose. That implies brain octane offers a higher level of brain performance than regular MCT oil. So, it’s better to take octane oil or MCT oil for maximum reasoning benefit. It is a fast rise in energy and the quickest digestion solution that easily converts ketones to your brain fuel.

Burning body fat:

Bulletproof brain Octane oil not only beneficial for health but also burns body fat as it has a slower and smaller reasoning effect. It slowly raises the energy level by boosting up your brain. For that, its name has an excellent value. It increases the release of two body fat that’s peptide and leptin. Take two tablespoons of this in the morning breakfast helps to consume less food. So, it’s beneficial to use brain octane, and you can add it to the diet book.

Boost workout:

Recent studies have shown that taking a tablespoon of brain octane oil in the morning will boost up your body and also your work out. The athletes who practice for a long time like to keep brain oil as MTC form in their daily diet. It lasts for a more extended period and built up less blood lactate during high-intensity interval training. 

Maintaining Balance of yeast digestion:

Brain octane keeps the Balance of yeast in the digestive tract as it has so much value on capric acid and its yeast balancing benefits. Due to absorbing a large quantity of yeast, you can face health issues such as abdominal bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression.

Some skin problems and infections are also caused due to an excessive amount of yeast taking, as it is believed that caprylic acid helps to dissolve candida’s cell membrane. It causes the cell to die off and correcting any problems caused by yeast in the first place.

It has many other benefits, such as it is considered as the treatment of migraine headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, metabolic syndrome management, stroke prevention, improving cholesterol levels and inflammation management, and reduce the risk factor for heart disease. That provides neuroprotective benefits for numerous disorders that can cause a seizure.

For an autistic child, it’s a good option. By proper taking off this improved behavior you can observe.

It is also beneficial for mood stabilization in a bipolar disorder known as type 2. 

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Some nutritional facts of brain octane:

As now, we all know that brain octane is beneficial for health. But putting its right amount is also essential. Some people think as much we will consume; we will get many benefits. This is wrong. But you have to know the nutritional facts of brain octane. If you know the dietary facts properly then you will be able to add a proper amount by maintaining a proper diet with this.

The form of brain octane is used extensively in a ketogenic diet. There is a reason behind this. This type of ketosis oil is a fantastic form of raising blood ketone levels. It put you in a state of nutritional ketosis. It contains 22% of the total 14 g fat and 70% saturated fat. Statistics have shown that one tablespoon of this contains 130 calories, 14 grams fat, 0g carbs, and 0-gram protein. 

Taste of brain octane:

The original brain octane oil has no smell or taste at al. This unique feature makes it perfect for adding in a variety of foods. For this, it is often used to make flavors cream, such as including butter, milk chocolate caramel, whiskey, and many more. Brain octanes’ all impressive benefits will provide a great test if you find original high-quality. The capric acid flavor is milder, and its structure is like heavy cream. But MCT oil is slightly creamier than brain octane oil. However, if you consume low-quality oil, then you will get bad taste and smell as some people get an unpleasant taste and consider it as goat-like.

But some companies such as “Bulletproof” have provided a much better form of brain octane oil that’s more than your imagination. That is a butter form that is processed through a unique mechanism. It has no bad smell and tastes good. It is processed in such a way that can be used for a various tasty dish. You can use it as a versatile form. You can make butter proof coffee with it. It’s simple. It also helps to reduce free fatty acids. In dairy food products, you can’t get enough medium fatty acids. Dairy food has a small number of fatty acids and has more short-chain fatty acids.

Precautions before consuming brain octane oil:

Some good things have to maintain during consuming MCT oil or as a form of brain octane oil. These are as follows-

  • If you are pregnant, then it’s better to avoid it.
  • Also, If you take other types of medicine, then consult your doctor before taking MCT oil.
  • If your baby is a breastfeeder, then you need to talk with your doctor regarding consuming this.
  • Consume a small amount of brain octene oil as its large quantity can be harmful.

Bulletproof brain octane oil side effects: 

It also has some side effects. As we have mentioned above, that its large quantity can be harmful to the body. These symptoms are not always seen, but it’s essential to know them. It shows some signs-

  • You can feel stomach discomfort that causes diarrhea.
  • Sometimes it causes nausea or vomiting.
  • It also creates intestinal gas.
  • These are all considered rare symptoms. But it’s better to remain careful about the signs.

Now, after reading this article, you have come to know that it is. As now we know, it is more refined than plain MCT or coconut oil. So for a healthy bulletproof diet, you can easily include it.  


How is brain octane oil beneficial for health?

It helps in Weight loss management, Blood sugar balancing, Improve appetite and energy level, and also blood circulation.

How to add brain octane oil in a regular diet?

You can make a bulletproof coffee by adding as an MCT form every day in the morning.  

Can I consume brain octane instead of MCT oil?

Yes definitely. As it’s 18x more potent than coconut oil and contains 100% caprylic acid. So it’s a major reason to choose it.

From where to buy bulletproof brain octane oil?

You can buy a bulletproof brain from amazon or any other online super shop.

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