Breeds of Cats: Most Popular Cat Breeds to Bring Home

Breeds of Cat

Cats are one of the most adorable pets and can be your best friend of all times. They are extremely cute and playful. Cats are a fluffy ball of fur that you’ll love cuddling all the time. You’ll find them to be very friendly and affectionate towards their owners. All breeds of cats have a cuteness of their own and some special traits that will always keep you happy.

Cats have the ability to sense what you may be feeling, and if you’re feeling low then you can be sure they’ll cheer you up. You can always have one or more cats at home and they’ll never let you feel lonely. They are companions that you’ll cherish and long to have if you have kept cats as pets even once.

If you’ve heard about the Cat Fanciers’ Association, then you must know they have shortlisted some of the best breeds of cats that can be the best flurry little companions for you. Below are some of the best cat breeds that you can choose from. Know about them to bring these beautiful fluffy beings home to make them your best friends.

Best Breeds of Cats

Now you must be eager to know which breed of cat you have to bring home. Don’t worry! Here you’ll know everything you need to know about them.

Read through the article and know about them to choose the one you want to bring home as pets.

Devon Rex Cats

During the 1960s the Devon Rex Cats were accidentally found in Devonshire, England. It’s quite a new cat breed and was called by many names. Some of the names are alien cat, pixie cat, elf looking cat, or bat-looking cat. The nature of this cat breed is more like a dog than that of a cat. You’ll find them to have a unique appearance and loved by all lovers of cats around the world. They have a personality that’ll make you love them. Devon Rex Cats are extremely adorable, quirky, and a little mischievous at times.

Abyssinian Cats

You will notice the Abyssinian Cats to look very regal and elegant. They have a quick and easy maintenance. They can be an ideal pet for you among many breeds of cats. You’ll find Abys to be extremely expressive and lively. They have a head that is wedge-shaped with a medium length body and half-cupped ears. Their muscles are quite developed with slender and long legs. Abyssinian cats have a short coat of hair that is very close to the body. You will find them to resemble a lot like the primitive Egyptian cats.

But Abyssinians will not want to stay on your lap for long. However, they are very loyal and affectionate towards their owners. If you have kids at home then you can be sure of gifting your child a loving companion, unlike many other pets. You will notice them to be curious about everything around them and try to explore whatever they have around them. Moreover, you can swear on Abyssinians to help and participate in every activity you do around them.

Sphynx Cats

The CFA says that the Sphynx cats were born in the year 1966 in a place in Canada. These breeds of cats are completely hairless and this genetic abnormality happens once in every 15 years. They tend to have distinctive cheekbones and large eyes and ears. The traditional Sphynx cats had short hair coat over their body but later they were bred back to be healthy and genetically sound. However, this unique-looking breed was a loved pet for many cat lovers. Even though, this breed of cat is rare they are still loved and in a lot of demand in the States. You can call the Sphynx cat ‘people’s cat’.

Sphynx are very playful and energetic. They love to be the center of attention and doesn’t like to go outdoor too much. Since they have bare skin it’s important to protect them from the sun and other elements. You can occasionally take them out for a stroll but you must keep them indoors most of the time.

 Scottish Fold Cats

The Scottish Fold breed are demure and possesses a sweet nature. You will find these breeds of cats to look much more like an owl as they have folded ears. They are quite friendly and loving. Also, they have an easy-going nature which allows the owner to let other pets to live along with them. Scottish Fold cats are quite attached to their owners and even other members of the family. They are quite playful and outgoing in nature. Their sweet and soft meows and purrs will be melody to your ears. You can even call this melodious sounds their sweet way of communicating with all the members of the house.

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American Shorthair Cats

‘America’s Breed’ is the reputation the American Shorthair cats holds. In the beginning, these were first brought from Europe by the early migrants. But now you will find the American Shorthair to be a favorite to most cat lover families in the States. They maintain their rankings in the ten most popular cat breeds always. If you’ve seen these cats then you must have seen these cats to have good intelligence and possess an excellent nature. You will also notice the American Shorthair cats to mingle along with the other pets of the house quite easily. They even get along well with children for their gentle and calm temperament. You can vouch on American Shorthair cats as the appropriate pet for any family that has kids and working parents.

Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon breed of cat is one of the most ancient breeds of cats found in North America. They are very intelligent and extremely playful. Moreover, it is one of the breeds of cats that are largely bred. You can even call them ‘gentle giants’ for their loving and sweet nature.

The Maine Coon cats have rugged look and shaggy skin coat. You will find a male Maine Coon to be around 30lbs but the females weigh a lesser than the male cats. The gentle giants reach their appropriate weight within 3 to 5 years after their birth. They even have a behavior similar to that of dogs. The Maine Coon possess high intelligence, vigorous energy and is very people-oriented. You can have these cats as your pet and expect them to follow you wherever you go. You’ll even love playing ball fetching with these lovely cats.

Persian Cats

The Persian cats have also been around for quite a long time. Hieroglyphics state that the Persian cats have been since 1684 BC. There are chances that Persian cats have their origin from Persia which is now called Iran. The cats were named after the place they belonged to. Even though the Persian cats evolved gradually in the structure of their body and skin color but you’ll notice the full, thick and beautiful fur to remain the same. You need to groom your Persian cat regularly to prevent any matting or knots in the fur. Moreover, giving them a shower at alternate days is important to keep your loving pet healthy and clean.

Persian cats are a cute ball of fur with big round eyes and sweet faces. They have quite a lazy yet gentle nature. But you can be sure of them being very affectionate towards their owners. Moreover, they are very quiet but their habits are something you will always admire. They are also one of the most popular breeds of cats.

British Shorthair

There is a belief that during the first century the British Shorthair cats were brought by the Romans to England. Some of them bred with some wild cats that were a native in England. However, after many years went by, the British Shorthair crossbred with the Persian cats. This resulted in a slight change in them where they had an improved dense fur coat.

The British Shorthair was also one of the most popular breeds of cats that appear quite often in movies, TV shows and even in some books. You may recall about the cat in multiple Whiskas brand advertisements was a British Shorthair. Even in Garfield, the cat Arlene was this special breed. Moreover, the movie Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland had a cat called ‘Cheshire Cat’ which was a British Shorthair. Furthermore, the cat that rose from the dead in Pet Sematary by Stephen King was this breed too.

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Ragdoll Cats

Ragdolls are called such after their nature to limp into one’s lap and also their tendency to ease out and relax. They are also loving and very easy going. You can also call them ‘puppy cats’ for their dog-like nature. Moreover, they are one of the most affectionate cats you can find. Furthermore, they are also one of the largest breeds of cats.

You will find ragdolls to always look for human companionship. They are very mild-mannered and extremely friendly. If you have kids at home be sure they are going to be your child’s best companion. Even more they are very fast learners but you need to train them well and start the training early. You can even play fetch, begging and roll over, all with your ragdoll pet.

Exotic Shorthair Cats

The exotic Shorthair cats are the most popular breed and gained the name in America for three years at a stretch. They even moved another popular cat breed the Persian after thirty-one years that reigned No. 1 all those years. The Exotic Shorthair cats are basically a cross-breed of American Shorthair cats and the Persians. Some of the cat associations also call the Exotic cat, Exotic Shorthair cat.

The Exotic cats were bred in order to match up to the Persian cat standards and they were successful in doing so. But there is one difference that is, their coats are different. The Exotic Shorthair cats have thick, short, dense coat of hair which makes them extremely popular. People enjoy this breed because of their Persian personality and even love that they need very little maintenance. Since they have short hair a daily grooming can be skipped by their owners. However, the traits of the Exotic Shorthair are just like the Persian-playful, sweet and affectionate. You will find the Exotic to be more loyal and affectionate than many other breeds of cats. They’ll always follow wherever you go and never leave you with a heavy heart.


You call the Siamese, Siam too. They were popular from the 19th century and belonged to Thailand. The Siam cats lend a hand in producing many other breeds of cats like the Sphynx, Himalayan and the Oriental Shorthair.

You must have seen the Siamese to have prominent marks known as points. These points are areas in the face of the Siamese. They even have them on their tails, feet and ears. However, you may notice a few Siam cats to have no points at all. You must now know that the Siamese are of two kinds. One which has a big head and a sleek body and another which has an ‘apple’ shape head with quite a chubby body.

In the animation series ‘Lady and the Tramp’ some Siamese cats were seen singing songs. This reflects a part of their intelligence and also the way they can voice out their opinions with their purrs and meows.

Originally, the Siamese cats that came from Thailand had a little kink in the tail. However, later the feature was not seen in them but you can see it in a few cats in the streets of Thailand.


The Birmans are a breed of cat that has points in them, just like the Ragdoll and Siamese. You will notice them to have a medium-long coat of hair and big round blue eyes. But they do not have an undercoat like the Himalayans and Persian cats.

The Birman cats were in use to breed and develop Ragdolls. So, you will notice Birmans and Ragdolls to look quite similar. But there are distinctive differences in their personalities and even markings.

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