What are some cool birthday gifts for 1 year old boy

cool birthday gifts

The birthday boy is always got priorities to get special gifts. They are very special and concern for special treatment demanding when the birthday boy is one year only. A one-year early boy is very special and cool person in any family and it has no doubt. Cool birthday gifts are a must for them because it will be there very first birthday gift in their life. It creates their lifetime memory if you are able to give them a very cool birthday gift. If your gift is cool enough then not only birthday boy’s parents got happy and keep the gift as a souvenir for the boy to show him in his future time.

It is a very important segment. And your birthday gift idea gives him glimpses of your care, concern, and love. Obviously he is an important person who has the right to a got a cool birthday gift from you.
In our life, we all have to face the situation where we are abiding to give a one-year birthday boy. Sometimes that one-year birthday boy is your son, niece or much-loved one. It is a very practical problem undoubtedly when we all are very busy with our work life and short of time to spent time on it. At that time we need some help from others to get rid of this problem.

So, if you have to give a birthday gift to any boy who is one year only, you need to think and give some extra effort for choosing the very cool birthday gift items. It is very sure that choosing a cool birthday gift item for a year boy is not an easy job. Rather it is very tough and sometimes seems impossible. In this article via we will give you some cool birthday gift items idea that will be very cool considered and very effective, meaningful also.no need to worry so much, just read the whole article and choose your appropriate one for your beloved one-year birthday boy.

Some concerns matter before choosing Cool birthday gifts and especially for children:
You cannot choose any gift as random for birthday gifts. You have to look out some facts and matters before choose any birthday gift for a one year birthday boy.

As like:
Safe and tidy
Go for a cool one.
Brand value

Best and cool birthday gifts idea:

A brief of these terms, we can say that:

Necessity: you have to think and give priority to the necessary terms. It should be the first and foremost priority before you are going to choose any Cool birthday gifts. Not all the things are equally important and demandable for the one year boy. Their necessity in this age and grown-up period is very limited. Must be concern about that. You have to know their necessary. You need to know which items would help those most to grow up. Which items would help them to increase their mental growth issue and intellectual improvement?

Safe and tidy:

Your gift item should be very clean and tidy. You cannot avoid the hygiene issue at all and especially for children. Your gift should not be harmful and unsafe for children. So before choosing the gift items please ensure that your gift would not do any harm to the children’s health. You also have to make sure that it has no indirect bad impact on them. It will be a very wise decision if you do research about the product before you give them. Sometimes the effects and characteristics of the gift items are written on the product manufacturing packet’s body. You also got help from Google.

Go for cool one:

There are so many Cool birthday gifts options are available in the market. Try to choose the correct one that is cool enough. You can take help from an experienced person or from an expert. There are so many websites are available on the net from where you can get ideas. There are so many body shops or customized gift shops that will provide you the customized gift options also for you. Not go with the flow and use your brain and taste to choose a cool one. Your gifts will ask about your personality and it will convey your taste. So be concern about this.

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Brand value:

It is highly recommended to check the brand value before you chose Cool birthday gifts. An adult can use random things but the children need special care and treatment. Branded products will ensure you the quality more than any random products. Good quality’s product is always preferable for children. So, check the brand value before you are going to choose any birthday gift. Why you will not check that product’s brand value when you are spending money on them?


Try to choose the unique gift to give them. Your gift is the reflection of your image of a sense of fashion and taste. So, it is badly important to choose a unique one like Cool birthday gifts. If you choose anything that is a casual product like a dress or toys try to choose a very unique one. You can purchase the customized one from any online or offline shop in spite of taking any as usual one.

Some cool birthday items idea:

There are so many birthday gift items are available in the market. It is a very common decision to choose from them. When you go to any shop and ask the shopkeepers to choose for you then they will suggest you some common and as usual gift items. For your own sake if you want to gift some cool birthday gifts then you need to think and brainstorm on that. For your help, I am going to give you some cool ideas that may help you.
Cool birthday gift ideas for the one-year birthday boy:
Some very important description and information about those ideas are given below:

Theme based birthday party:

If the birthday boy is very close to you, you can go for this idea undoubtedly. This idea is very cool to celebrate his birthday as his birthday gift. Nowadays, it is a very popular trend to do the party that’s decoration and formula is based on any theme. Like, some parties are occurred according to the jungle theme. At that party, the decoration is organized as the place as a jungle.

Most of the time, the birthday is dressed up according to the theme of the part. For one year boys’ jungle, harry potter, Mickey Mouse or doormen theme is chosen by their parents. Though it has enough demand so much money. You can do this all by yours or you can take help from the event company.

Kids car toys for the birthday boy

There is no boy kid who doesn’t love the toy car. They are very fond of it. You can choose this birthday gift without any hesitation. It has many options to choose from. You can manage your budget for this birthday gift item. In the market, there are so many options are available. If you want to give one random then you can choose that from any toy shop.

If you want to give as a unique one then you can talk with the shop keeper or any high faced brand give you the option to customize anything as your own demand. There are so many companies are available that make several unique items like toy cars. One year birthday boy is going to like this birthday item for sure. Try to choose a colorful one.


There is no better and wise option which is better than the book. There are so many books are available which are appropriate for the one-year birthday boy. It is better to buy books which have an oral option too. Otherwise, parents of the children read that for the boy thus it helps him to grow up.
A big fluffy bed: children are loved to sleep. Who does not want to have a bed which is fluffy and very comfortable? You can gift a fluffy and fancy bed for the birthday boy. He will choose that very much.

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His room decorating stuff:

You can gift his own room or space decorated stuff. Sometimes parents are not able to decorate their birthday boy’s room with fancy and well-branded stuff. So, you can gift them those fancy and branded room decorated items to decorate their room. Try to choose colorful stuff with synchronization. It helps to develop their point of view and mentality.

Dress with matching shoe:

You can gift them some fancy dress and shoes. There are so many boutique house and wardrobe companies who make very well demanded and fancy, nice baby dress. Though this idea is not so unique and different, you can make this gift item unique and different by your own choice.

Baby food:

It is very true that a one-year baby boy has no need for another food to expect his mother’s milk. But, there is some baby who has to take external food if there is some issue to drink mother’s milk. In that case, baby food is needed and it costs enough money. On his birthday you can give him baby food which is necessary for him.

Colorful Wing charm :

Baby boys are very fond of colorful things. They are very fond of wing charms also. So, you can choose this option. You can gift him colorful wing charms from the toy shop or the customized fancy one. It is a very unique idea indeed as a birthday gift.

Make a song for him :

Maybe this birthday gift item sounds so funny and not physical appearance. But, when the birthday boy grew up and one day he found his special treatment, he will overwhelm for sure. It is a kind of platonic gift. It cost you so much love, affection, care and emotion for him to blast out your feelings for him via song. It’s such a great and priceless gift.

Write a lovely message on the birthday card with casual gift items:

With some extra care, a normal gift item gets a chance to become unique and cool. If you have will power to give some unique and special gift but you are not able to manage something like that, do some extra effort like write a very message to him on the birthday card. Maybe he does not understand that at present but when he learns to understand and read, he will be very happy to see your effort and exposition of love. He will love to know how adorable and special he is to you. It gives him extra and effective emotional bonding with you.

Birthday costume:

Every single birthday has some demand. Everyone demand birthday costume on their birthday. Children are not so far different from this rule. They need to look beautiful on their birthday. If you are a very close person to the birthday boy then you are permitted to give him a birthday costume. Try to make sure that the birthday costume you gift that is from a well-reviewed branded and fancy one.

Birthday food:

Birthday food is very important at the birthday party. At the birthday party you can gift the cost of birthday food if the birthday boy is very close or relative of yours. It is a kind of unique and cool birthday gift item for a one-year birthday boy. He is so tiny to enjoy any gift item so loudly. If you gift his birthday party food it becomes unique and in the future, he will feel good to know that. You can share the cost or you can manage the food from any restaurant or any catering service.

One year birthday boy is very special to us because everyone loves children. Hope these ideas and information help you to make a wise decision about giving them cool birthday gifts.

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