How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

bed bugs infestation

Bed bugs are nasty creatures that do not cause harm to your health but feed on your blood. Having bed bugs in your mattress is a sign of filthy surroundings. Since they multiply quickly, you might not notice them until they are huge in number.

Depending on the level of infestation, you can get rid of these bugs using natural means. However, if you wake up with bites in numerous areas, you must contact rove pest control services.

These small and flat creatures are well adapted to hiding in tiny areas. This makes it difficult for us to find out about their presence until they start causing trouble. If you have noticed signs of bed bugs like spotting them crawling on your bed or tiny blood patches on your bed sheet, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Stripping the bed

The first step is to isolate the bed by removing the bedding. To do this –

· Strip the wedding directly into a plastic bad, to prevent the chance of spreading of bugs.

· Wash the bedding for at least 30 minutes in hot water and then dry for 30 minutes at high temperature.

· Vacuum to take out the remaining bed bugs and their eggs. In case of severe infestation, this will not work.

· Dispose the vacuum cleaner contents into a sealable plastic bag.

· Spray the bed frame with pesticide to ensure it is free of bugs.

2. Encasement

To isolate the bed from bugs, the encasement is necessary. You encase the mattress and box spring in a fabric that traps bed bugs inside and avoids introduction from outside. Special zippered bags are utilized for this. The encasement should be left the mattress for one year. Encasement removes hiding areas, which makes it easier to spot them.

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3. Traps

Moat-style traps can be used to isolate the bed and block bed bugs between their journey to bite the host and their hiding place. Sticky pads can also be placed under the legs of the bed to catch bugs.

4. Heat and Cold

An effective way of killing bed bugs is laundering the fabrics in hot water. Bed bugs cannot survive if their body temperature is above 45C or 113F. Exposing then for an hour to a temperature above 45C can kill all stages. All bed bugs get killed rapidly if the temperature is above 60C.

Heating a room would not work as you will need to maintain high temperatures throughout the room. Bed bugs will escape into cooler areas quickly to save themselves.

Bed bugs can also be killed if the temperature is below 0F or -18C for a minimum four days for the cold to reach an object and kill the bugs and their eggs.

5. Use Chemicals

For effective and fast results, consider calling for professional help in case of severe infestation or use chemicals like –

· Pyrethroids and pyrethrins, derived from chrysanthemum flowers

· Desiccants, such as diatomaceous earth and boric acid, which damage the protective coating on bugs

· Biochemicals like cold pressed neem oil

· Neocotinoids, a synthetic form of nicotine, which affects their nervous system

· Insect-growth regulators that tamper the growth process of bugs

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