Best High-Waisted Jeans for Women 2019

high waisted jeans

There are two sorts of jeans that get people really riled up: low-rise jeans and high-waist jeans. There are many other styles to settle on from, but these are the important conversation starters—the ones that everybody has an opinion on (in the case of the low-rise and its potential comeback), and everybody definitely features a preference.

Over the past few years, shoppers have rediscovered the simplest high waisted jeans, which have shed their "mom" and "dad" reputation and are embraced for his or her comfort and flexibility . Like low-rise jeans, they’re nostalgic, but unlike them, they feel timeless, worn by everyone from Fran Lebowitz to Gigi Hadid.

And a bit like with any good tried-and-true wardrobe staple, everyone swears by one brand that creates the simplest . Even a fast poll round the Glamour office revealed the sheer sort of options available on the market. Ahead, we've rounded up their recommendations for absolutely the best high waisted jeans.

In an ideal world, we might all wear made-to-measure jeans, something cult denim designer Judi Rosen has done out necessarily since she was a preteen. “I was curvy at age 10, so either I had to form my very own clothing or i might need to go naked,” says Rosen.

Types of High Waisted Jeans and therefore the Best Ones to urge-

High waisted jeans are practically magic. Not only are they super flattering to all or any figures, since they flatten the stomach and cinch within the waist, but also they're very convenient – they don’t slump or pull to point out an underwear waistband or a crack.

High-rise jeans are defined by where they sit on the body; simply put, they sit high on the waist, usually just above the naval though sometimes a couple of inches above it.

This is in contrast to most average pairs of jeans, which seat right the middle or upper a part of the hips, also as low-rise jeans. which were very fashionable within the 2000s which sit very low on the hips. Read on to find out about all the various sorts of high-rise jeans.

Straight Jeans-

Straight-legged women’s jeans are the only , most wearable and commonest options you'll find lately they need a straight-legged silhouette which will fit a touch tightly round the thighs, but tends to be roomie along the calves. It’s a flattering silhouette that elongates the leg nicely, especially when paired with a pointed-toe flat or pump.

Agolde Riley Straight  Jeans

We love this easy , light-washed pair from Forward, which you'll definitely take from day to nighttime pairing with classy pointy-toe pumps. the colour is ideal for wearing in summer. while the fit is professional and stylish , so you'll easily wear this pair to figure too.

Best High Waisted Jeans:


Agolde Riley Straight  Jeans

Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit Straight Jeans

This distressed, cropped Levi’s pair from Revolve is best for a glance with a touch of a foothold . It features faded areas for that youthful look, while the colour is so versatile for pairing this piece with every item you already own in your wardrobe.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit  Jeans

Paige Sarah Straight High-Rise Jeans

This pair from Shopbop features a vintage vibe, with a lighter wash and raw hem. the marginally distressed look, the ankle length and therefore the whiskering make these straight high waisted jeans a favourite among millennials.

Skinny High Waisted Jeans

Once skinny jeans took over the jean market within the mid-2000s there was no turning back, and this category certainly includes high waisted skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are tight-fitting denim pants that are especially tighter and slimmer fitting along the calf, during a look that mimics leggings.

Skinny high waisted jeans are often made from all types of materials, but they're frequently made from a mix of cotton and spandex in order that they are often very stretchy. they're super flattering for almost anyone, although an athletic woman with well-built calves might find it difficult to seek out a fit, and might choose straight jeans instead.

They are sometimes confused with straight-leg high waisted jeans. but the most difference is that skinny jeans taper to be even slimmer round the calf and ankle, while straight jeans don't .

Skinny high waisted jeans are fun to wear with boots, since they will slide right in, but truthfully they also look great with any pair of shoes that elongates the leg, including pumps, pointed flats, or slim trainers . Overly wide shoes, however, can look jarring against the tapered end of the jeans.

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Levi’s Mile High Skinny Jeans

These dark Levi’s from Revolve are the simplest high waisted skinny jeans for somebody wanting a slimming effect, since they're slightly lighter just above the knees. The cropped silhouette makes this piece ideal for matching with classy pumps for a chic look.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Levi’s Mile Skinny

IRO Experience Skinny High-Rise Jeans

If you wish a lighter wash, these high-rise jeans from Shopbop are worth a try, especially if you’re over zippers and would really like to undertake a button closure. they're also cropped at the ankle length and have subtle distressed touches at the hems and therefore the pockets.

Best High Waisted Jeans: IRO Experience Skinny High Waisted Jeans

L’Agence Marguerite Skinny Jeans

Also from Shopbop are these classic high-rise skinnies, with smaller pockets that flatter the behind, and a dark vintage wash that's perfect for everyday wear. the design is pretty minimalist and go-with-everything, so getting a pair are going to be a timeless denim investment.

Best High Waisted Jeans: L’Agence Marguerite Skinny High Waisted Jeans

High Waisted Cropped Jeans

Once spring comes around, women’s high waisted jeans can become quite heavy – unless, of course, you decide for a cropped pair! Cropped jeans have a cuff right between the ankle and calf. in order that they boast a touch more skin at rock bottom of the leg.

They might even be referred to as flood pants, since just in case of a (minor) flood the hemline of your jeans won’t get wet – it’ll sit just above the water! Cropped high-rise jeans can accompany both a decent fit and a loose fit.

While cropped high-rise skinny jeans could be a really cooling option, we gotta admit they're not the foremost flattering option for petite women, since their cuff breaks up the leg. Those with long legs or an overall tall frame will find they will wear cropped jeans with ease,

while anyone shorter might want to wear them only with heels to counter their minimizing effect. they're generally not work-appropriate, but are often a superb choice for an evening out or for each day of activities!

Miu Miu High Waisted Cropped Jeans

The best high waisted jeans for those eager to try a daring looser. fit are these gorgeous Miu Miu ones at Farfetch. they need a sequence dangling from below the pocket, and are simply badass.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Miu Miu High Waisted Cropped Jeans

Topshop Editor High-Rise Cropped Jeans

This pair from Nordstrom has more of a straight, vintage fit, in distressed black that's perfect for adding to a grunge-inspired spring season look. Fashion editors will appreciate this pair!

Best High Waisted Jeans: Topshop Editor Cropped Jeans

J Brand Ruby High-Rise Slim Cropped Jeans

Lastly, we love these frayed-hem cropped skinny jeans from Net-a-Porter! they need a stretchy fit that's quite flattering, and a faded blue wash that's ideal for an off-the-cuff wardrobe.

Best High  Jeans: J Brand Ruby Jeans

High Waisted Mom Jeans

SNL may have poked fun in 2013, but today mom jeans are alive and well, only worn by the foremost fashion savvy of young women. Mom jeans are tons like straight-leg high waisted jeans, but they have a tendency to be a touch roomier near the highest , which tends to stress the behind.

Mom jeans aren't inherently flattering, but they're daring. Anyone can wear them as long as they're paired with other items that exude coolness. Wear them with a pair of combat boots and a dark T-shirt tucked certain an intimidating style.

The key thing is to only wear them with youthful items so as to seem cool instead of dated – it’s a really fine line. Since they have a tendency to form the butt and hips look wider and longer. high waisted mom jeans are generally most favored. by those that have a slim and straight silhouette, as they are doing help fake those curves.

Levi’s High Waisted Mom Jeans

For true vintage flare, these Levi’s mom jeans at Shopbop are an excellent choice. they need a distressed hem and slightly cropped. cut which will make them cool and cozy during the hotter months.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Levi’s

GRLFRND High-Rise Mom Jeans

This pair of high-rise jeans from Revolve is extra slim round the waist, for a good greater curve-emphasizing effect. The denim is extremely light, and therefore the leg itself is straight until it suddenly tapers at the ankle, which provides ‘80s vibes.

Best High Waisted Jeans: GRLFRND High Waisted Mom Jeans

Tommy Jeans Cropped High Waisted Mom Jeans

If you lead a lively day-to-day life, these cropped Hilfiger mom jeans from Farfetch should suit you well, as they're made up of very soft cotton during a looser style.

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Best High Waisted Jeans: Tommy Jeans Cropped

High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

The idea behind the high waisted boyfriend jeans is that they appear as if you borrow a guy’s jeans during a rush or on a whim. As a result, they exude cool carelessness.

These days boyfriend jeans are tailored to a woman’s body but just made to possess a menswear effect. they're tons like straight-leg jeans, but just a touch slouchier, and far like mom jeans they even have a vintage effect.

Because boyfriend jeans are a touch careless and slouchy, it are often prudent to style them with extra clean pieces – a crisp button-up shirt tucked in, a pair of oxford shoes or slim flats, and perhaps even a pearl necklace. they will suit almost anyone, so don’t be afraid to offer them a try!

AMO Layla High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

This cropped pair from Revolve gives a fun, worn-in vibes with rips just over the knee and a really distressed wash, but it also features a very tight fit round the waist to stay the silhouette feminine.

Best High Jeans: AMO Layla

Ksubi Crossover

For true casual vibes, these could be the simplest high waisted boyfriend jeans. they're available at Shopbop, and that they have an excellent slouchy menswear fit, with plenty of rips distributed asymmetrically in order that they look natural. The fit is bulky and cozy with a straight leg.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Ksubi Crossover

Eileen Fisher High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

The last pair of high-rise boyfriend jeans we recommend trying is that this ultra-light organic cotton pair from Nordstrom. they need a touch of a stretch in order that they are an excellent comfortable choice for active days.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Eileen Fisher

Flared High Waisted Jeans

Here and there we are seeing flared jeans shooting up as a trendy albeit non-mainstream option. Flared jeans are the other of thin jeans – they begin to urge a touch wider at the calf, and still flare until the ankle.

Flared high waisted jeans tend to get on the longer side of things, in order that they are perfect for tall women, although they also work for petite women, since the added length perfectly elongates the leg, assuming the jeans fall below your ankles but don’t drag on the ground .

High-rise flared jeans are often styled to seem sleek and modern or their vintage origins are often embraced instead. In darker washes they will be a wonderful office wear choice, assuming your company allows denim.

Current/Elliott The Jarvis Flared

If you’re a touch nervous yet intrigued about adopting this style, we expect this pair from Net-a-Porter could be the simplest high waisted jeans with a flared cuff for you. The flare itself is subtle, with a rather distressed light wash that's as unpretentious because it gets.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Current/Elliott The Jarvis Flared

R13 Distressed Flared

These high-rise R13 jeans from Farfetch are similarly wearable, with a rather more worn-in search for those that actually need to embrace the vintage vibe.

Best High Waisted Jeans: R13 Distressed Flared

Ganni Flared High-Rise Jeans

Lastly we've these extra wide, dark-washed Ganni high-rise jeans from Net-a-Porter. with an A-line silhouette that provides some playful skater vibes. The dark black cotton looks so cool with the contrasting seams that completely balance the wide silhouette.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Ganni Flared High Waisted Jeans

Bell-Bottom High-Rise Jeans

If you’re truly inspired by history, then you ought to have a minimum of one pair of bell-bottomed high-rise jeans sitting in your closet. very similar to flared jeans. these pants also become wider at the calf, but to the acute the massive flare is like the form of a bell, which explains their name.

To fully embrace the ‘70s vibes, wear them with blocky heels and a slim leather belt – a tucked-in flowy blouse isn't optional!  A more moderate combat vintage fashions is to wear them with a turtleneck shirt.

However, you'll also treat them because the centerpiece of a contemporary outfit. wear them with more conservative separates sort of a white button-up shirt or soft sweater. and a pair of black flats or pumps.

Best High Waisted Jeans: Levi’s Wedgie Icon Fit Straight

Paige Sarah Straight High-Rise Jeans

This pair from Shopbop features a vintage vibe, with a lighter wash and raw hem. the marginally distressed look. the ankle length and therefore the whiskering. make these straight high waisted jeans a favourite among millennials.

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