How to Get Rid of Anxiety – A Healthy Diet and Some Quick Tips

How to Get Rid of Anxiety

Anxiety is a universal condition, and millions of people all over the world are suffering from the same. The symptoms of anxiety always vary from one person to another, and for maximum, it is a temporary problem. However, if you are suffering from anxiety for more than six months, then it is not a good sign at all. You should immediately seek medical help because the problem might be what we call GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In this article, we will find answers to the question of how to get rid of anxiety?

The unfortunate part of the anxiety story is that you might hear a lot of things about how to come out this. However, nothing answers the real question of how to get rid of anxiety until the time you decide to act upon it. The first change that you must make to your lifestyle is to get enough sleep. Also, you must avoid matters that bother you not in a positive way. Let’s start the analysis of anxiety by taking a look at the primary symptoms.

Symptoms of GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

In this context, the first and most primary fact that you must keep in mind is that GAD includes both physical as well as psychological symptoms. For example,

  • Fear
  • Chest tightness
  • Tension
  • Muscle tension
  • Worrying too much about what is happening around
  • Increased heart rate and palpitations
  • Irritability
  • Problems in personal and work-life
  • Concentration issues

There are several ways in which a doctor or specialist will deal with someone suffering from anxiety. For example, he might talk to you, which is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), prescribe your medications, and also suggest a healthy diet. So now that you are aware of the symptoms, let us find out how to get rid of anxiety.

How to get rid of anxiety with a healthy diet?

When you ask how to get rid of anxiety, we suggest you shift to a healthy diet first. In this section of the article, we will discuss some common foods that will help you to do anxiety treatment at home. So, are you ready to find out what food will make you feel better? Let’s check them out fast.

Brazil nuts

Have you ever thought about what makes you anxious and stressed out? Well, it is the hormonal functioning that takes place inside your body that leads to such issues. According to experts, you feel anxious and jittery because the problem is internal inflammation. In this case, you can try brazil nuts, which are perfect mood lifters.

Surprisingly, these nuts can elevate your mood and reduce the stress levels in your mind very fast. It is because Brazil nuts are rich sources of a component called Selenium. The segment known as Selenium is often considered an excellent antioxidant as well. Therefore, apart from just cheering you up, the nuts can prevent cancer due to its anti-carcinogenic properties.

Apart from Selenium, there is a considerable quantity of Vitamin E present in Brazil nuts that also act as excellent antioxidants. However, you must be aware of the dosage of such food items. Brazil nuts are indeed good for health, but having too much may lead to severe side-effects also. Make sure that you are not consuming more than 400 mg of Brazil nuts in a single day.

Fatty fish

You may already know that fishes such as mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring, and trout are not just tasty, but are rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Now, the fatty acid known as Omega-3 is strongly related to the cognitive functions that occur in your body. The component also has considerable effects on your mental health. However, you must understand the trick behind consuming fatty acids.

Well, it is a fact that Omega-3 fatty acids are highly beneficial to a person’s health in several ways. However, if you end up consuming excessive Omega-6 fatty acid food by mistake, the effect can go reverse. Omega-6 fatty acids can, in turn, increase the level of anxiety in your brain, and also create mood disorders.

According to an expert recommendation, if you are suffering from anxiety or similar problems, you should consume at least 2-3 fatty fish servings weekly. Out of all fatty fishes, a few such as sardines and salmons are rich sources of Vitamin D as well. So, these are healthy and tasty ways that tell you how to get rid of anxiety by including specific foods in our daily food routine.

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We all know that eggs are powerhouses of protein. However, according to several doctors and medical researchers, the yolk portion of an egg is not very healthy. Well, we beg to differ a bit in the case of anxiety and similar disorders. It is because egg yolks are fantastic sources of amino acids as well as Vitamin D. Well, both of the components are extremely important for the development and growth of the body.

Apart from the usual nutrients, there is also something called tryptophan present inside eggs. It is a form of amino acid that, in turn, creates Serotonin. The Serotonin now acts as a chemical neurotransmitter. It can result in the improvement of mood swings, behavior, memory, and sleep. The component known as Serotonin is also capable of relieving anxiety and improving brain functioning.

Pumpkin seeds

How to get rid of anxiety using pumpkin seeds? Do you find the combination of anxiety and pumpkin seeds a bit weird? However, the fact is that they are related because pumpkin seeds are useful if you are experiencing anxiety. Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of phosphorus. Therefore, it helps in the regulation of blood pressure and the electrolyte balance in our bodies

The best part is that readily available items such as bananas and pumpkin seeds are excellent anxiety relief techniques. Therefore, they can reduce the stress levels in your brain, leading to a relaxed body. Another nutrient that is jam-packed inside pumpkins is zinc.

According to expert suggestions, a deficiency of zinc in the body can give you high anxiety and stress levels. Therefore, you must be aware of the fact that zinc is essential for the proper development of your nerve and brain. Did you know that the largest reserve of zinc in your body is in that part of the brain which deals with human emotions?

Dark chocolate

Chocolate makes you happy, don’t they? So, you usually end up binging on a big chocolate bar all by yourself when you are not feeling alright. Well, it is true that chocolate indeed helps to reduce stress levels in the body. However, only dark chocolate is what you should consume in this context.

According to several medical researchers, the cocoa present in dark chocolates is more in comparison with its counterparts. It is the reason why consuming dark chocolate can elevate your mood, lessening the symptoms of anxiety temporarily. However, there is hardly any proof of such medical studies. All that we can do is to believe in such assumptions and follow our hearts.

Amidst all the controversies about the pros and cons of having dark chocolate, you must know one thing. Well, dark chocolate is an excellent source of flavonoids, which are ace polyphenols. The component known as flavonoids is clinically proven to regulate better blood flow in your brain. Besides, they are capable of reducing neuro-inflammation too. Just like eggs, there is a considerable amount of tryptophan present in dark chocolates too. Also, these are excellent techniques for enhancing your mood.

Lastly, we must tell you that dark chocolate contains magnesium, and this makes it an entire package of health benefits. Try having at least 3gms of dark chocolate daily. While choosing what chocolate you should have, try to select the ones that are more than 70% dark. So, that is how to get rid of anxiety by consuming your favorite chocolates.


Turmeric is a common spice that is widely used in South East-Asian and uniquely Indian cuisine. It is one of the herbal remedies for anxiety apart from being extremely healthy for other reasons as well. Now, the primary ingredient present in turmeric is curcumin, which is also the hero in this context. It is because turmeric is highly beneficial for reducing oxidative stress as well as inflammation.

People who suffer from anxiety and stress issues usually suffer from problems due to such symptoms. Therefore, you should try out consuming turmeric is various forms. The best part is that such a simple ingredient can bring down levels of anxiety and stress in obese people too.

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Several other studies suggest an alternative way in which turmeric helps in reducing symptoms of anxiety. In this case, the symptoms go down due to DHA that is present in abundant quantities in turmeric. Well, whatever is the case, since we are anyway in a win-win situation here, why not add turmeric to our food?


A lot of people globally believe in the health benefits of chamomile tea. According to many, it is also one of the best herbal remedies for anxiety. It is because chamomile is an edible flower that contains high-quality components that can reduce symptoms of anxiety. For example, chamomile includes properties that are anti-inflammatory, relaxant, antioxidant, as well as antibacterial. We must re-brush the term flavonoids again because they are present in chamomile flowers in significant quantities. You can make chamomile tea at home from scratch or just buy ready to heat once that is readily available in the markets.

how to get rid of anxiety


Yogurt contains two of the most beneficial bacteria- bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus. According to the latest studies on anxiety issues, yogurt, and other similarly fermented food items have a positive impact on a person’s psychological health. Medical research also suggest that consuming a certain quantity of curd or yogurt as a part of your daily diet can reduce inflammatory symptoms in the body.

Did you know that chronic inflammation is often the result of stress, anxiety, and depression? Well, yes, that is a fact, and on the other hand, fermented food items such as yogurt can make people happy too. So, a simple bowl of yogurt mixed with your berries can also be your ultimate happiness mantra in life. So, why not follow such measures that are easy and hassle-free in every way? Other fermented foods good for reducing anxiety symptoms include cheese, soy products, kimchi, sauerkraut, and more.

Green Tea

It is a common fact that green tea is an excellent source of antioxidant, and so it also helps to keep your stress levels down. It contains a particular type of amino acid, which is known as theanine in the clinical books. The properties of the theanine present in a cup of green tea can completely calm you down for some time. Drinking green tea regularly may also increase the levels of dopamine and Serotonin in your body. Both of these are anti-anxiety and help a great deal to fight stress and other psychological issues.

How to get rid of anxiety by accepting changes?

We are done with the significant part of this article, and to end it on a relieving note, you check out some of the quickest tips below. These are a few changes that you can adopt in daily life to stay away from stress and anxiety.

  • Do some deep breathing when you feel stressed-out
  • Meditation works wonders for anxiety cases
  • Self-care is essential. You are always your priority, so take care!
  • Remove soda in the form of anything from your daily diet.
  • Start taking charge of your finances to stay away from debt. It will give you immense peace in life.
  • Go for trips alone or with close people with whom you like spending time
  • Sleep early and wake up at the same time every day. Also, do not rush right from the time you wake up.
  • Try to stay away from sugar, caffeine, and processed foods.
  • Try to think positive all the time
  • Visit a therapist for proper treatment and counseling.

Final thoughts

After this article, you know that keeping away anxiety is not a very big deal. You must take care of yourself and consider issues like this seriously. Remember that the earlier you get professional help, the better it is ultimately.

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