How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home: Tips and Tricks to Reduce Hair Fall

How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home

Hair fall is often referred to as crowning glory. Therefore, if you’re a victim of hair fall, you need to understand how to reduce hair fall at home. Several factors lead to hair loss in men and women. The most common causes of hair fall include medical conditions. 

If you want to learn how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally, you need to understand the tips. Apart from making certain lifestyle changes, it would help if you also considered adopting a healthy diet. 

Many people consider making hair fall control oil at home. Hair loss has become one of the most common problems affecting men and women. Genetic conditions can also lead to hair fall issues. Other conditions leading to hair fall include air pollution, medicine, and insufficient nutritional deficiency. 

How to reduce hair fall at home? 

Losing your hair can be extremely painful. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt measures for how to reduce hair fall at home. 

The measure you adopt for reducing hair fall at home will also depend on several factors. Some of the common ways to understand how to stop hair loss and regrow hair naturally include the following:


Massaging the scalp can be one great way to restore the hair. It would help if you considered making hair fall control oil at home and masks. Furthermore, massaging your scalp hair can also help enhance hair thickness. 

How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home
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You should take some time out of your day and massage the scalp. It will help improve hair growth, but it will also help to relieve tension and stress. Furthermore, stretching and massaging can also be beneficial for maintaining hair thickness and growth. 

The dermal papilla cells can be beneficial for hair growth. Therefore, it is necessary to consider massaging with oil. 

Choose your shampoo carefully

The shampoo is also one of the main reasons why you may suffer from hair loss. To choose the correct shampoo, it is necessary to understand what your scalp type is. Moreover, the frequency of washing your hair will also depend on how your scalp is. 

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Overwashing the dry scalp can increase the chances of hair loss. At the same time, not washing your hair for too long can also lead to hair loss. Using chemical-free shampoo can, however, be of great help for preventing hair loss. It would help if you avoided a shampoo containing silicone, paraben, and sulfate. 

You can consider opting for organic shampoo. This will help to make the tresses less brittle. Furthermore, it will also help to prevent the risk of breakage. 

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is a great source of minerals, proteins, and essential fats. It can eventually play an important role in improving the hair texture, thereby preventing breakage. 

How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home
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Coconut oil is also rich in potassium which is one great model for promoting hair growth. Similar to coconut oil, coconut milk can also help to hydrate and moisturize the hair. Furthermore, it will also make your hair shiny and healthy. This will help to protect the hair from any damage. 


Amla or Indian gooseberry is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It has exfoliating properties and is considered to be one of the best ways to prevent hair fall. Vitamin C deficiency is the leading cause of hair fall. 

Therefore topical application or consumption of amla can help strengthen hair follicles. Furthermore, it will also allow you to control hair fall. Amla is also known to enhance hair growth and maintain healthy scalp maintenance. Amla also plays a vital role in preventing premature hair graying. 

You can either make an amla hair oil at home or purchase one from the market. Furthermore, you can also consume amla for better hair growth. 

Chemical treatment

Opting for chemical treatments such as perming, straightening, and coloring can harm your tresses. At the same time, you should avoid using curling rods and blow dryers. While initially, these can seem to be helpful. In the long run, it can have a negative impact. 

How To Reduce Hair Fall At Home
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It would help if you weren’t using any of these elements on wet hair. This will harm your hair shaft. Moreover, even when you’re using a blow-dry, you need to keep the heat settings at the lowest. Furthermore, if you’re using heat on your hair, be very careful about the conditioner you use. Always make sure to apply a protective spray after heating your hair.

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Onion juice

Many people abandon the use of onion for hair, stating the strong smell. Well, believe it or not, but onion juice is like magic for your hair. Onion juice is rich in antibacterial properties. 

Not only will the antibacterial properties help to strengthen your hair tresses, but they also treat the scalp. Onion juice helps to enhance circulation around the scalp. This plays a vital role in strengthening the hair follicles. Furthermore, onion juice helps to control hair loss and promotes hair growth. 

Fenugreek seed

If you’re looking for a home remedy to prevent hair loss, then nothing can be a better solution than Fenugreek seed. Methi can help to nourish your hair, thereby promoting regrowth. 

Source: Healthline

Fenugreek seed is rich in proteins that play an important role in strengthening the hair shaft. Furthermore, if you want long, shiny, strong hair, Fenugreek seeds can do wonders for you. 

Vitamins are helpful for hair loss

People suffering from hair loss problems should use vitamins. Whether you’re consuming it in supplement form or applying it, vitamins can be helpful for your hair. 

Vitamin A helps to produce sebum. Similarly, vitamin E helps to promote better blood circulation around the scalp. This helps to maintain the hair follicles. Vitamin B also helps to maintain the natural color of hair. 

Have a healthy diet

A diet rich in proteins is the key to maintaining the overall health of your hair. Therefore, you should consume enough soy, fish, and lean meats. This will help to prevent hair loss, thereby promoting the health of your hair. 

Source: News Medical

Final Thoughts

If you want to understand how to reduce hair fall at home, you must adopt the measures properly. There are several ways to prevent hair loss. However, before adopting any of these measures, it is necessary to know your hair type. 

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