Best relaxation technique: How to relax your mind

How to relax your mind

Have you ever think what the solution to our daily stressful life is? We feel stress in our every day like from both physically and psychologically. This sort of actress or anxiety increases tension and hurt us both physically and mentally. As it’s said, there is a problem in every solution, then why should we stress yourself instead of feeling relaxed, calm, and quiet. So, today basically, we will talk about this formula of how to relax your mind and remove stress, anger, anxiety forever from your life. Although it’s not that easy, it’s not more difficult also. Because if we follow some routine and the tips and tricks we are going to share here in detail, we sure you will knowing exactly how to relax your mind and body from anxiety?

Well, there are lots, and lots of relaxation ways are available. Suppose if you take a long deep breath and hold it for some moment and exhale, its called breathing exercise slowly or relax through breathing. Like in this way some can relax your body, some can relax your mind, and even some exercise can relax your body muscles also. Furthermore, as the mind and body connected, some exercise or formula even works for both relaxations.

Benefits of relaxation at a glance:

Although I will tell you how to relax and be happy in your life later on in this article but for primary attraction, let’s see some benefits of the relaxation method.

  • Relaxation can help to ease the stress.
  • It can quiet the mind and make you peaceful and calm.
  • Also make relieve anxiety and depression.
  • It solves the sleeping problem.
  • Make the person proactive, smart, and intelligent.
  • It can make to face any challenges.

Now you can easily understand what the necessity of relaxing in life is and learn how to relax your mind. The good news is when your mind feels not tension, it starts feeling relax, and this trigger to both body and muscles to become active. So, let’s know some master relaxing technique let’s say top 7 ways to relax our self and apply in our life to become stress relief.

How to find the best relaxation technique:

After a long day of pressure full work, many of us feel that relaxation means to seat on the couch or sofa and to zone out something in front of the TV for resting hours. Yes, it will relieve your body stress as you will do nothing, but this is not at all the correct way to relax. Instead of reducing a little just thinking about natural relaxation, which activates your body, breaks the stress, lowers your blood pressure, slows your heart rate and breathing, and overall brings your body and mind back into a balance. Although I already mentioned, there are lots of ways, and some ways are meditations, deep breathing, yoga tai chi, rhythmic exercise, etc.

Apart from this, there are also acupuncture, professional massage, free audio, and a video smartphone app that are also available nowadays to teach you how to relax your mind when stressed. But according to the lifestyle relaxation technique is different. If any technique works for one person, it may not work fully to another person. So, its better you came to know about different relaxation techniques from our guide and practice the best one in your daily life. Once you start regularly practicing, it will reduce your stress and improve your physical and mental health slowly. So boost your topmost mood and energy by following our mentioned formula and enjoy the relax time.

Progressive muscle relaxation

Muscle relaxation follows two basic steps in which systematically it relieves your tension and relaxes the muscle group in your body. With regular practice, it helps you understand the intimate familiarity of what is tension and how could you feel complete relaxation in a muscular point. Plus, the first sign is muscular tension relief and accompanies stress. Thus progressive muscular relaxation combines both body and mind and gives a positive result.

Practicing muscle relaxation:

Before doing muscular relaxation, consult with your doctor and discuss whether you have previous muscle spasm, any serious injury, and a serious back problem or not. Because this may affect the tensing muscles.

  • If everything is ok, then you can start with your feet and try to tense that muscle.
  • Lose everything wearing, including shoes, clothing, inners, etc. and get a comfortable position.
  • Take a deep breath for a few minutes and slow down.
  • Now you are ready to start the exercise. First, shift your right foot and focus on how it feels.
  • Then tense the muscle of the right foot and squeeze tightly as much as you can. Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • After that, relax your foot and focus on how you feel when the foot becomes loose.
  • In this position, relax for some time and do the same thing for left foot too.
  • While doing throughout your body, try to contract all the muscle groups while practicing.
  • Finally, do this every day and do regular practice.
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Meditation is also like muscle relaxation and can do in a different part of the body. Like muscle relaxation, you have to start with the feet, but instead of doing tensing and relaxing the muscles, you have to focus on each part of the body of how does it feel without labeling the sensations. It means you don’t need to feel good or bad, but they do the exercise to relax your body.

Practicing Meditations:

  • First, lie on your back and relax the arms, legs uncrossed and keep eyes open and close. At this time, focus on your breathing and start feeling relaxed.
  • Then focus on your right toes and notice the sensations and your breathing. Imagine you are passing each deep breather to your toes and hold this position for 3-5 seconds.
  • Then move these sensations to the sole and ankle of your right foot and imagine you are passing a deep breath to the sole of your foot. After that move, this focuses on your right ankle and repeat the process. In this time, move your hip, thigh, knee, calf, and repeat the process for the left leg.
  • After leg moves the same sensations to the abdomen, lower back, torso, chest, upper back, and shoulders, try to pay close attention to the pain area or discomfort area.
  • Finally, after a complete body scan, relax for some time by maintaining stillness and silence. Then slowly open your eyes and stretch the whole body if necessary.


Visualization is another way of how to relax your mind from anxiety. It’s a traditional meditation that involves guided imagery. It means you have to imagine a scenario suppose you are roaming in a tropical beach or favorite childhood spot and even staying in a quiet wooded glen. This feeling you have to pass through the body to feel peace and get remove from any sort of anxiety and tension.

Another way of practice visualization is by using different audio and video Apps in smartphones. You will get all the guidance to feel the imaginary like it may involve using listening aids, soothing music, or even recording to match with silent visualization. Sometimes, low volume local sound and ocean sounds also used in the App to make you calm and peace.

Practicing visualization

  • To start with, first, you have to make strong imaginary power. Just close your eyes and picture a vivid atmosphere of which you feel relax a peace. You can also feel a different sensation like the taste, see, smell, hear in your minds by closing your eyes, and imagine a photograph. It works best if you involve your mind in sensory feelings rather than imagine the scenery.
  • As an example, you can smell the pine trees or see the beautiful sun over the water or feel the cool water in barefoot, etc. while feeling enjoys your time and keep away all the depression and anxiety. Maintain this feeling for a couple of minutes. Then you can slow down your breathe and relax in place. Then gently open your eyes and back to the real world. You, if you lost the track, don’t worry. You can get on the track by practicing a couple of times a visualization session. Finally, you will also feel heaviness in your thigh, muscles, limbs, legs, muscle twitches, and yawning and give a normal response.
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It is very effective, and many people spend lots of money by doing a spa or professional massage in a different health club to reduce stress, pain, and muscular tension. But you can do it at your home and get the benefits for free. Although it may not have a professional touch, you will experience a lovely self-massage by sitting at home.

Practicing self-message:

  • For doing this, first, take a few minutes to prepare yourself. Then sit on the couch or sofa and do the message yourself. If you want to know how to relax your mind to sleep, then we say this is the best way to get sleep quickly. You can do hair massage, face massage, and leg message even by using different aromatic oil, lotion, cream, and apply deep breathing techniques.
  • Now you can start doing. First, try gently chops the edges with your hands and tapping out fingers and cupped palms. Put pressure in the fingertip on muscle knots and apply in muscles by doing light gliding strokes. You can apply this sort of stroke in every part of the body, including knees. Head and shoulders. So start with doing in the neck and drum ups and downs and back of the neck swiftly. Use your thumbs to do the circle message in the skull. And slowly massage the whole scalp.
  • After neck, message the face by doing a tiny circle with thumbs and fingertips. Pay attention to the forehead, temples, jaw, lip, and nose area and massage gently. Use your middle two fingers to do the message and do circle wise and anti-circle wise message for a couple of times.
  • Finally, close the eyes and cup the hands loosely over to your face and take a deep breath to exhale and inhale slowly for relax.

 Rhythmic movement:

Sometimes the idea of doing exercise or yoga may not work perfectly to peace your mind. In this case, the rhythmic movement can get you the best output and produce relaxation. This movement includes swimming, running, walking, dancing, climbing, etc. engaging this type of rhythmic exercise will help you to release pain, stress, depression, and anxiety. But simply doing the movement may not feasible. You have to do it routine basics and feel the energy in your body. Simply zoning out is not the solution. You can use different sensation exercises to get the best benefit out of this.

Tips for starting a relaxation practice

  • Before applying different effective techniques, try to grow a habit of basic learning. Although it’s not easy and it needs hard practice. Still, if you truly practice the following technique along with your scheduled relaxation formula, we expect you will soon get the harness stress-relieving power. So, every day tries at least 10 to 15 minutes and see the magical result.
  • Fix a daily schedule: if possible, fix a time for practice maybe once or twice in a week at home. But if you already packed then try to do meditation at bus, train, even in walking time. Try to do yoga during lunch break or during snack time.
  • Grow a habit of using App: it’s very helpful to get the track of your workout, and this will also encourage you to do more exercise in any condition (suppose working, sleeping, or relaxing). You can download your necessary App to your smartphone and use it in your comfortable time.
  • Build a momentum: its easy to do the practice rather than to maintain. But the plus point id if you maintain regularity, you will get the result soon. So, unfortunately, if you stopped practicing some days. Don’t worry. Just try to get the momentum again by starting from the beginning. You will achieve it for sure.



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