How to Turn Off Siri Reading Texts?

how to turn off siri reading texts

You might have decided on the virtual adjunct, Siri, If you enjoy iPhone or an iOS phone. Whether it’s the apple watch or its apple Air pods, you’ll get constant announcements of notifications and reminders. As said, the point is relatively cool and saves you a lot of time by reading your announcements and doing some of your tasks.

It’s really helpful while you’re busy at work or you’re driving as you can’t read or check your phone relatively frequently and it alarms you whenever you admit a new communication or a mail or perhaps a reminder that’s important for you.

It’s quite a useful point but occasionally it may feel protrusive and also you may want to turn off the point. If you feel it that way also this composition is just for you and stick around to know How to Turn Off Siri Reading Texts.

how to turn off siri reading texts

How to Turn Off Siri Reading Texts -Steps 

Whether it’s a cool and useful feature, but occasionally you may feel like you don’t want that feature to work presently or it’s a matter of privacy, you can fluently turn off this point.

It’s a feature that you need to turn on to use its benefits, so as you turn it on you can also turn it off. So in this composition, we’ll tell you on how to stop Siri from reading your messages from your apple watch, phone,

Steps to stop Siri from reading the information on iPhone or iPad

  • Click on your phone settings. This will turn on the settings tab.
  • Next, select the ‘announcements’ option.
  • Coming you’ll see an option that says ‘announce messages’ select Siri.
  • Switch or swipe this option to disable Siri from reading your text messages. If the switch is already on then it’ll have a white background. Notice before proceeding with the settings.
  • You can turn on this anytime if you change your mind.

 How to turn off Siri from publicizing calls?

Siri has the option to advertise a frequenter’s name when someone is calling. While you’re driving or you’re busy and can not check your phone, this is a helpful option to keep a check on important calls and the people who are calling. If you want you can keep this option on. But occasionally you may feel irritated and feel like someone’s overrunning your privacy. Also, you can disable this option.

 Steps to turn off Siri from publicizing calls

  • Again go to the settings.
  • after that elect the option ‘phone’.
  • After opting ‘phone’, elect ‘calls’.
  • Now you’ll see an option saying ‘ ‘announce calls ’.
  • change it to ‘never’.
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You can always change the settings, so don’t worry.

how to turn off siri reading texts

How to stop Siri announcements on Air pods?

It’s annoying when you’re listening to a song and suddenly Siri interrupts to notify you with some annoying announcements. It can destroy your mood. But don’t worry, you can always switch off these announcements as I mentioned before.

Steps to stop Siri announcements on Air pods

  • go to your settings bar.
  • Tap on the ‘notifications’ button there.
  • next, valve on ‘announce notifications’ and turn off the point.
  • You are each set to use your air pods without any annoying adverts.

Also, you can also turn off the ‘headphone’ option particularly, If you don’t want to turn off the feature fully. You just have to go to the settings option and also the notifications option. After that turn off the headphone option particularly.

How to Turn off Siri Reading Text Messages from your Apple watch

You can also turn off this point from your apple watch independently. occasionally it gets annoying when you get constant declarations, especially if you’re active on WhatsApp groups or Facebook Groups. But you can turn off these announcements by just following some easy way.

Steps to turn off Siri reading messages from your Apple watch

  • Swipe up to operate the control center from your apple watch.
  • Now scroll and search for the ‘announce messages ’ option.
  • Now just disable the point until and unless you enable it, it’ll remain impaired like that.

How to enable the point for Siri to read texts on iPhone or iPad?

  • First, navigate your phone’s settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Next, you need to tap on the ‘accessibility’ option.
  • now you need to tap on the ‘spoken content’ option there.
  • The coming thing you need to do is, turn on the ‘speak screen’ open.
  • Just swipe the button and you’re done.

There you go. Now you can question Siri or you can get help from Siri in brilliant ways. Use this point in different ways. Siri will alarm you as soon as you get an announcement or a call.

You can indeed customize it according to your want for a different device. You can customize Siri’s voice if you don’t want to disable the point fully. You can just command Siri ‘Hey Siri, just speak quieter’, or you can go to the menu settings and acclimate the volume consequently.

how to turn off siri reading texts

Frequent Asked Questions on  how to turn off Siri reading texts (F.A.Q.s)

1. Is the setting inbuilt?

The settings aren’t by default, you may have clicked or responded to a pop-up text and now the feature is on. When the point is on you’ll notice a white background there. You can turn it off anytime you want.

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2. The reason why Siri is reading my text messages?

Siri reads out the announcements that your cell receives. It reads out loud and announces the announcement and the source it’s coming from. However, Siri alarms you to check the incoming notifications, and calls, If your device is locked and you’re down from your phone.

3. How to stop Air pods from publicizing messages?

You can stop your air pods from publicizing messages if you’re uncomfortable or you feel disturbed by them. You can just simply go to your settings. Also, you need to tap on the announcements bar and just tap the advertise announcements button to turn off the point. You can repeat the same process to turn on the point back if you change your mind.

4. Does Siri hear from you all the time?

No! Siri doesn’t hear from you all the time. When you’ll command it, then only Siri will hear you. Siri doesn’t hear from you all the time.

5. How to dismiss Siri?

You can dismiss Siri by just bidding Siri a ‘farewell’. Yes, you can dismiss Siri just like this. However, Siri will go down, If you just say ‘goodbye Siri’ audibly. You can also press the home button or you can dismiss Siri like this.

6. Can you cancel Siri?

No you cannot ‘delete’ Siri but you can surely disable its functions.

Final Thoughts

 Now it’s time to wrap up conclusions about How to Turn Off Siri Reading Texts quickly. This feature is cool as you can turn it off or you can turn it on according to your want. Just follow this way if you want to turn on or turn off the point. We tried to explain lucidly so that it’s easy for you to follow.

I hope this composition was helpful and applied to your hunt. If you have any queries also drop a comment below and subscribe to our newsletter for further similar useful content. Till then take care and stay safe.

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