Most Expensive Gemstone: One Of Your Kind To Try Out In 2024

The exquisite and opulent gemstones that you can spot in movies or in pictures of historic relevance, is the same gemstones that are naturally sourced and have high price tag on it. It looks beautiful as well. People all over the world have been appreciating these natural stones because of its beauty and also for the benefits it offers. There are different types of gemstones in the world and each comes with its own healing properties and its own different price. Some other factors that determine their price and benefits are it’s size, grade and it’s color. Now when the question arises “What is the most expensive gemstone in the world”, some imagine a perfect cut diamond and some imagine sapphire, Ruby, or emerald! But the reality is far from what you actually know. To know everything about gemstones, stick through till the end cause you’ll enjoy this article throughout.

What is a gemstone, exactly?

Well, precisely it is a mineral that is valued for its extreme beauty and also for its value in the market. There are two divisions, like precious stones and semi-precious stones. Semi-precious stones are generally crystals which are quite less than precious stones which are gemstones. These are minerals which are considered as rare and exceptional. Gemstones have been chosen for years for their beauty, durability, and of course for how rare they are! Some gemstones are kept for display in museums cause they are not fit for jewelry making as they are way too fragile.

Most expensive gemstone

Blue Diamond

The most expensive gemstone and of course, the singular most expensive gemstone is the blue diamond. It is sold for $3.93 million for every carat. This stone and the color are of course natural and hence which determines its high value and price. Blue diamonds were originally sourced first from India and then it was displayed at an auction in London collection in 1839. Some of the blue diamond mines are in South Africa, Australia, and India. The blue color or the blue hue, comes from boron that is highly present in the gemstone.

blue diamond

Pink Diamond

After knowing about the first beautiful expensive gemstone let’s take a peak at the second most expensive gemstone. This looks so pretty and sophisticated. Pink diamonds were also first sourced from the lands of India. The color varies from pale pink to saturated pink hue. The most perfect pink diamond set is the pink star known for its exquisite flawless finish and its clarity. Pink diamonds cost $1.2 million per carat.

pink diamond
Image Credit: Pink Kimberley Diamonds

Red Diamond

Red diamond is again a rare species. Red diamond is one of the most expensive gemstone, well to be precise third expensive gemstone. To this day only 20-30 red diamonds exist. The beautiful hue comes from defects in lattice structure, which is commonly believed. The price of red diamonds is $1 million per carat.

Most Expensive Gemstone
Image Credit: Geology Page


The soothing beautiful green color of emeralds is something that some people choose over diamonds. The beautiful light green to deep green color not only radiates a chic vibe but also looks extremely attractive. In terms of value and beauty, a lot of people choose emeralds over diamonds. Shocking but it’s true. Emeralds were one of the most revered and prioritized possessions of kings that they valued over everything in the world. Most valuable emeralds are sourced from Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia. Emeralds are sold for $200000 per carat.

Most Expensive Gemstone


This gemstone is known after the name of the great king Alexander 2, who is known as czar of Russia. Alexandrite is also a part of the big 4 gemstones in the world. This gemstone is not an ordinary gemstone but a gemstone with extravagant quality. Now you may wonder what is that extravagant quality! Well, this particular gemstone can change its color like its gemstone chameleon! Studies show that due to the presence of titanium, chromium, and iron, this gemstone can easily absorb light. The stone costs from $10000 which is synthetic to $50000 which is of high quality.

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Image Credit: Quora

White Diamond

Every girl’s dream is to own a diamond ring whether as an engagement ring, wedding ring, or in general. Diamond rings look classy and chic but also white diamonds which an original versions are not only beautiful for expensive as well. White diamond has its own distinction but the most rare and priceless white diamond to ever exist is the Kohinoor. The Kohinoor doesn’t come with a price tag as it belongs to the British government as of now, being legally sourced away from India. But white diamond pieces which are sold as rings and in jewelry, are sold at a price of $15000 per carat.

White diamond


Rubies are definitely the most attractive and beautiful gemstones to ever exist in the world. The deep red cherry color or the beautiful red hue of Ruby is what makes it perfect. Ruby is definitely so beautiful that anyone would fall in love with this stone. Rubies are quite rare because of how it is sourced. Rubies are originally sourced from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Kashmir. The most valuable Ruby is the “pigeon blood red” which ranges from light pink color to dark red color. Ruby costs $10000 a carat to $100000.



A lot of people may not know its origin in Australia in 1967. The name Musgravite comes from the Musgrave region. This was originally also sourced from that region. Studies show that in 2008 only eight gem-quality musgravite were sourced. This stone comes in an exclusive olive green to a greyish purple color. This stone is sold at $35000 per carat.


Black Opal

Opals come in lots of variants, and colors and with their individual healing properties. Black opals are also one of the most desired opals in the world. The stone comes in a dark body which represents Beauty and opulence both. The beautiful black color looks stunning when paired in jewelry. Black opal looks superb and of course rare of its kind. Black opal costs $9500 per carat.

black opal

Birthstone According To Months!

Astrologically gemstones are suggested by the need of your manifestations and life. The idea is to wear a gemstone that supports your dreams and your current circumstances to take you to a better place. From January to February different types of birth stones are suggested for the people specifically born in that month. Apart from the astrologer’s suggestion, you can also wear a birthstone that corresponds with your birth month.


most expensive gemstone

January is the month of beginnings, which congratulates new beginnings in life. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January. Garnets are a blend of different minerals which is commonly believed and also it is beautiful as they come in this reddish/purplish hue. Garnet can be also sourced in green and blue colors and these two colors are an extremely rare kind. Garnets signify friendship and trust which also protects one from evil spirits. This is great for daily wear. Garnets are generally not that expensive also they can’t be considered affordable in between.


February is the month of love and growth. Love comes in all forms and so is the beautiful birthstone that represents the month of February. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. It comes in a beautiful lavender hint which makes it so beautiful. Amethyst helps in providing peace, and courage and also strengthens bonds and relationships. Again a beautiful stone that is easily viable and affordable. Great for daily wear.


March people are born intellectual and I must say they are quite lucky cause their birthstone is pure beauty. The birthstone for the month of March is Aquamarine. The color of this stone represents a Beautiful sky, and one word for it is serenity. These make beautiful jewelry pieces.

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April is an expensive month as it seems like. People born in April, are quite lucky to flaunt their diamond. Diamonds are precious and besides being beautiful it also restores luck and prosperity in your life.


The beautiful stone can steal someone’s glance again and again. Emerald is the lucky stone for the month of May. Besides being beautiful, it also helps a person focus on their career and well-being. Green is scientifically proven to increase concentration and focus and it works in that way too.


The birthstones for the month of June are Alexandrite and Pearl. Pearl is the symbol of purity. Ancient Greeks believe that pearls come from the tears of Aphrodite the goddess of love. It helps you attract love and wisdom. Alexandrite helps in cleansing and taking good care of your body and helps you gain confidence and manifest your dreams.


The birthstone for the month of July is Ruby. Ruby is known for evoking Vitality and love. This particular gemstone is not only great but looks amazing.


Peridot is chosen to be the birthstone for the month of August. August individuals are known for their courage, strength, and beauty. Peridot is also known as guardian stone which shines tremendously making it stand out the most.


most expensive gemstone

September individuals are filled with humor, loyalty, and faithfulness. The birthstone for the month of September is Sapphire. One of a kind, rare, and expensive as well. This stone is known as the guardian stone which can easily help you detect people with bad intentions. This stone looks classy as well. The deep blue hue makes this stone the prettiest stone on this planet.


People who are born in October are known to be romantic, emotional, and also courageous. Opal is the guardian gemstone for this month of the year. Opal is great for its healing properties which can attract love in life and also make you fall in love with yourself.


To describe November individuals the only thing to say is they can light up someone’s world in an instant. Citrine is your birthstone. It is known for its medicinal healing properties and also for its inner healing properties. It can easily cure stomach aches and relieve stress. Citrine feels like a handful of Sunray.


The last month of the year is December. People who give birth in this month are often considered good friends and they are gifted with luck and abundance. Turquoise is your lucky color which is also linked with friendship, trust, and good fortune. Turquoise is also known for gifting a person with ultimate inner peace and happiness.

Final Thoughts

Gemstones are the prettiest and rare gift of nature that not only serve as an antique and priceless piece but also help in healing your inner complications. Gemstones are expensive but it is also serve as a lifelong keepsake. They serve as a great gifting option as well. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts below. For more such informative content subscribe to our newsletter.


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