Best SoCal Ocean-View Hiking Trails 2022


Southern California is famous for its beautiful beaches, which can be easily enjoyed with a picnic on the shore or a boat ride on the Yacht America. If you’re new to the area or heading there for vacation, you may not know about SoCal’s amazing ocean-view hiking scene. Here’s what you need to know before hitting SoCal’s trails in 2022.

Hiking in SoCal

Not all of SoCal’s trails provide glimpses of the ocean, so make sure to check your trail’s course carefully before beginning. If you’re in Orange County, try the San Clemente Beach Trail. The path, which is covered by a wooden boardwalk, is two miles long. Because the walk to San Clemente Pier is flat, it’s easy to follow this hike with another outing such as surfing or swimming.

Torrey Pines State Reserve is another great destination for ocean-view hiking. Follow Guy Fleming Trail if you want to get in some elevation, or take Broken Hill Trail to fit in time on the beach. Maximize your day near the San Diego Bay by pairing your hike with private whale watching San Diego.

Whether you’re a novice hiker or you explore the great outdoors every weekend, add Crystal Cove State Park to your list. The 10-mile loop through the park takes you to Moro Ridge Lookout, where you can take in the beauty of the ocean, but it also dips into rugged canyons. If you’re not ready for such a long walk, try the paths around Reef Point.

The Strand is a popular destination for bikers, but it’s also ideal for hiking. This 22-mile path follows the coast from Torrance State Beach to Will Rogers State Beach. You can hike the whole thing at once if you’re experienced, but you can also meander for a few miles to see the different beaches around Los Angeles.

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How To Spot Aquatic Life While Hiking

No matter which ocean-view trail you choose, make sure to check out SoCal’s unique aquatic life before you leave. Many of these trails end at piers and beaches, so take the time to walk along the water. Look out for many kinds of seals, otters, dolphins, and sea lions. If you wade or swim, you may find crabs, jellyfish, and anemones.

Of course, SoCal is most famous for its whales. Depending on the time of year, you could see gray, killer, humpback, or blue whales when you look over the ocean from Moro Ridge Lookout or the San Clemente pier. You’re most likely to see whales if you hike just before the sun rises or sets, especially on days when there aren’t many boats on the water. If you’re not able to see any whales on your hike, you can always work with a San Diego private yacht charter to go on a whale-watching tour later in the day.

There are many ways to enjoy SoCal’s beautiful outdoor scene. Add a hike to your next excursion there, and don’t forget to cool off at the beach when you’re done trekking.

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