Travel guide through the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv


Kyiv is the biggest tourist destinations in the country. Everyone comes here for the amazing architecture, delicious food and friendly atmosphere! No visit to the country would be complete without a visit to this city.

The top 3 attractions in Kyiv

Pechersk Lavra

It’s hard to believe, but this complex is more than a thousand years old. Outside you’ll be amazed by the monasteries with golden domes, and inside — by mysterious caves. When walking around the Pechersk Lavra you have a feeling why it’s a special place for Ukraine.

Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Khreshchatyk street

Khreshchatyk street is the heart of Kyiv and the location where the main events happen. Maidan is surrounded by the massive constructions – good examples of the USSR architecture. And the best view of the Square is from the view platform nearby the Hotel Ukraine.

The Motherland Monument

This monument is hard to miss, since it is visible from almost every corner of the capital. That’s because its height reaches one hundred metres. The sculpture of a woman holds a shield in one hand, and sword in the other. You can enjoy the monumental grandeur nearby and than can take a lift and visit the viewing platform in the head of the sculpture.

Famous pubs/restaurants


Kanapa is a combination of authentic recipes, modern technology and local products. And you will enjoy having a great dinner in wooden building of the 19 century. Furthermore, the menu include a variety of local wines and cheeses, giving visitors to Kyiv an introduction to this nation’s culinary identity.

Tsarke Selo

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This is the first Ukrainian cuisine restaurant, which follows the best traditions of national hospitality. Right in the middle of Kyiv, nearby the great sights of the town, you can enjoy the delicious dinner. Tsarke Selo will impress you with old recipes and traditional beverages.

Best accommodation

Premier Hotel Lybid

Premier Hotel Lybid — is the perfect place for those, who value quality and comfort above all else. Furthermore, Premier Hotel Lybid is located right in the culture and business center of the city with an amazing views of Shevchenko Boulevard and Peremohy Square.

Premier Hotel Rus

Premier Rus Hotel is located on a hill right in the heart of the business and tourist areas of the capital. Majestic and comfortable but at the same time reasonably priced hotel in offers sophisticated rooms and perfect service.

Premier Palace Hotel

Premier Palace Hotel is the best place to stay at Kyiv and relax or even meet friends, hold a conferencе and have a romantic evening. And it’s the only hotel in city that has more than a century of history. If you want to have an unforgettable time in the capital, Premier Palace Hotel is the best choice.

Shopping places

Notably, the stores with the same items are cheaper than in Milan, for example. Also, the variety of local and international brands is impressive. We recommend visiting the following malls: Ocean Plaza, Gulliver, Globus and Dream Town.

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