Walker Hayes Net Worth: What Is The Singer’s Worth?

Walker Hayes Net Worth

You might be knowing about this famous country pop singer, Walker Hayes who is also a songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. But do you know about Walker Hayes net worth? If you are interested to know then this is the correct article for you!

Known for his many famous albums like “Reason to Rhyme” in 2011, “Boom” in 2017and “Country Stuff the Album” in 2022, and singles such as “Fancy Like” which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts at number 1 position helped his steal the hearts of many fans out there! So, if you are looking what his net and learning a little more about him, I think it’s probably time already!

Walker Hayes Net Worth

Who is Walker Hayes?

Charles Edgar Walker Hayes was born on the 27th of December in the year 1979. He is currently 43 years old. His origin is from Mobile, Alabama, United States of America. As you might guess from his origin, he is an American country pop singer and songwriter. He can play guitar and piano as well and was active from 2010 till the present day. Moreover, he was under the labels Capitol Records Nashville and Monument Records. And his wife’s name is Laney Beville. They got married in the year 2004. He has 6 kids in total but his 7th child died on June 6th, 2018. Walker is a Christian by religion.

Walker Hayes Net Worth

By calculating all his income, assets, expenditures, career, and salary, you can conclude that currently, Walker Hayes net worth is $4-5 million. Moreover, he owns expensive cars like the 2021 Yukon Denali XL. And it’s needless to mention that he has multiple income sources which adds to this.

How Much Money Does Walker Hayes Have?

This American singer earns around $30K per month according to his musical career review. By that, you can say that his yearly income is around $360K. This amount can justify Walker Hayes Net Worth mentioned above.

How Did Walker Hayes Make His Money?

Hayes’ primary source of income is singing and songwriting but that doesn’t stop him from earning through YouTube. Walker has earned nearly $3-4 million as a singer and songwriter, which is a big part of his income. Record sales, gifts from fans, brand promotion, shows, brand ambassadorship, and other businesses he has everything that adds up to Walker Hayes net worth.

YouTube content creators can make up to $2-12 per 1000 monetized views excluding the app’s cut. The ads in the top 5% of most popular content add to the income. The premium membership program allows creators to earn more money.

He earns $5K a month through brand endorsements and sponsorships.

Early Life & Education

He was born to Charles Hayes and his mother. Charles Hayes was a realtor. He passed away in the year 2021. He has 8 older siblings in which half of them are from his moerther’s previous marriage and the other half was from his father’s previous marriage.

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Walker graduated in the year 2002 from BSC (Birmingham Southern College). BSC is a private liberal arts college situated in Alabama. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in music and an emphasis on piano.

Walker Hayes Net Worth

Walker Hayes Career

Walker moved to Nashville in 2005 along with his wife hoping to get into country music. He used to write songs for a Nashville publishing company and then signed a contract with Mercury Records. But soon he dropped and signed a contract with Capitol Records. This added to an increase in Walker Hayes net worth.

Walker Hayes net worth could be estimated from the number of records he sold and how popular he was. His first single “Pants” was released in the year 2010 and debuted at no.60 on Hot Country Songs. It was rated 3.5 stars out of 5 by Kyle Ward of Roughstock. The video for this song debuted on December 2010. “Pants” and “Why Wait for Summer” both titled “Reason to Rhyme” were under Capitol records.

“Dirty Side” was co-written and co-sung by Walker in 2014 in the album “Thanks for Listening”. “Eat Sleep Love You Repeat”, a single by Rodney Atkin also co-written by Hayes.

Awards & Accolades

But during these times he lost the contract with Capitol Records. After that, he worked at Costco to support himself.

Walker signed a publishing and production deal with Shane McAnally and SMACK/RareSpark in the year 2016, where 8Tracks Vol.1 & 2 were released. “You Broke Up with Me” was his first single under Monument Records from the album “Boom”.

TikTok made another one of his song hits, namely, “Fancy Like” which reached no.3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and no.1 on the Hot Country Songs chart. When this was released to country radio it debuted at no.53 on Billboard Country Airplay chart. This song also made an appearance under “Country Stuff the Album” which was his third studio album in 2022. Songs like “U Gurl” and “AA” are also featured on this album.

He was nominated for CMT Music Awards in 2018, American Music Awards in 2021, Grammy Awards, Kid’s Choice Award, and Billboard Music Awards in 2022. He won Top Country Song for “Fancy Like” in Billboards Music Awards (2022). By reading all the above-mentioned information you could start guessing Walker Hayes Net Worth. Now that you know about him a little, it’s time to look into Walker Hayes’s net worth.

Walker Hayes’ Appearance

Walker is a 43years old Capricorn whose height is 6’ 1” and weight is 60 kgs. He has some beautiful brown hair and eyes. So, you can never miss his charming personality that adds to his beauty.

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Walker Hayes’ Relationship

Walker got married to his girlfriend Laney Beville (now Hayes) in 2004. They were in a long-term relationship before getting married. Their love life was like any other normal person. You should know that they didn’t have a very smooth dating experience. They met in their childhood, stayed friends, dated, even split up, and came back together in the end. And now they have been together for a long time and have 7 kids in total among which 1 died.

What Happened to Walker Hayes’ Daughter?

Walker Hayes and his wife Laney Beville had 7 children in total namely Lela, Chapel, Bayor, Beckett, Loxley, Everly, and Oakleigh Klover. Oakleigh passed away as soon as she was born, which is on 6th June 2018. Sadly, the family still celebrates her birthday as well as her death day on the same day by visiting her grave which is beautifully decorated with flowers and stones, and a quote is engraved on her gravestone that says “I was made for another world.”

Oakleigh died due to a uterine rupture of Laney which left the family grieving for her loss. The singer mentioned this accident in his book called, “Glad You’re Here ” and his song “AA” which was inspired by her death. Moreover, it was one of his hit songs from 2022’s album.

Walker Hayes Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

As I approach the end of my article, let me know what your thoughts are about Walker Hayes, his life, and all other nitty gritty we probably were able to cover. Finally, feel free to leave in your thoughts below and I’ll be glad to get back to you as soon as you dig in. Till then, Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. Where is Walker Hayes’s mother?

There is no information.

2. Who are Walker’s parents?

Charles Hayes is the father of Walker Hayes. No information about his mother’s name.

3. Where does Walker Hayes live in Franklin TN?

Thompson’s Station, Tennessee is the place where he lives.

4. How did Walker Hayes get famous?

His single “Pants” in 2010 was a breakthrough for him which reached 60 on the Hot Country Songs chart. It was under Capitol Records.

5. What did Walker Hayes get nominated for a Grammy?

“Best Country Song” was the song he got nominated for a Grammy.

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