What are the Best Pets for Kids?

If your kid loves to play with the animals then they surely must have popped up the question to you and your significant other, whether he or she can have a pet at home.

Over a while, science has proved that having a pet surely have a nurturing effect on the overall growth of the kids. However, before getting a pet for your dear child you should have a thorough knowledge of various pets you can opt for.

Best pets for kids

Here is the list of various animals from which you can choose the perfect pet for your kid:

  1. Dog

Whenever anyone thinks of a pet, they think of getting a dog at first. Hence ‘pet’ is synonymous to ‘dog’ in many households.

Pros of having a pet dog

  • Dogs are very loving creatures ad your kids can easily form a strong bond with them.
  • A dog can be a great companion and guard your kid both indoors as well as outdoors.

Cons of having a pet dog

  • Dogs require care and time daily
  • Can attack if not trained well
  1. Cat

Cats are very cute and will readily become a part of your family. A lot of people don’t like cats because they find them selfish, but cats too need time and care. With time they get close to their owners just like dogs do.

Pros of having a pet cat

  • Although cats are not as playful as compared to the dogs. But they surely are comforting by nature to the child.
  • Your kid will definitely like a pet cat if he or she likes soft and fluffy animals.

Cons of having a pet cat

  • Cat gets irritated quickly and tends to retaliate if it is disturbed by any means Moreover, there is a chance of getting allergies from cats. These can affect children more than adults, so you need to be careful about vaccinations.
  1. Birds

Birds are surely the most colorful and melodious pets to bring home.

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Pros of petting birds

  • If your kid loves playing with an animal however do not like being physically intimate with an animal, then bird pets are best for your kid.
  • Additionally, they will bring melody into your home.

Cons of petting birds

  • One requires to have patience and some time in hand for training the birds
  • The owner also requires to clean the cage of the bird, which is quite a tricky job.
  1. Fishes

Fishes are calm and quiet by nature and are always busy in their world. Having a tiny aquarium will add beauty to your home.

Pros of petting fishes

  • Some kids like to observe animals. If you’re trying to introduce a calm pet to your toddler, fishes can be the best.
  • It requires less time and care as compared to that required by the other pets. All that one needs to do is change the water and clean the fish tank in which the fish stay.

Cons of petting fishes

  • Taking care of their nutrition and also cleaning the fish tank is a very tricky task.
  1. Hamsters

Hamsters are playful and full of energy and can prove to be the best pet for your highly energetic child.

Pros of having a pet hamster

  • They are a good pet, for your highly energetic child, as it will keep them occupied for a longer time.
  • They are cute and are of low maintenance compared to dogs or cats.

Cons of petting a hamster

  • Hamsters are messy and they can stink a lot.
  • A hamster cage requires regular cleaning as well as maintenance.
  1. Guinea Pigs

Having a guinea pig as a pet is little unconventional, but still common in many households.

Pros of having a pet guinea pig

  • They are quite safe as a pet for your kid as they seldom bite a person.
  • They readily understand the regular activities of your child and respond to them accordingly.

Cons of petting a guinea pig

  • Guinea pigs are very social animals and you cannot have a single guinea pig as a pet.
  • You cannot keep the guinea pig in a smaller space but require a bigger area instead.
  1. Mouse

A mouse is surely a contradictory choice of a pet, but in many parts of the world, it is believed that a mouse is great as a pet.

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Pros of having a pet mouse

  • A mouse can be accommodated in a smaller space and can also be taken care of easily.
  • Kids will surely enjoy watching a playful mouse.

Cons of having a pet mouse

  • A mouse is very energetic and moves around with a speed so much so that it is very hard to get hold of them.
  • Mice are nocturnal by nature and can make a sound when your child is sleeping.
  1. Rabbit

Rabbits are the most adorable pets anyone can have!

Pros of having a pet rabbit

  • Rabbits are not only cute but also like to cuddle
  • They are suitable for a kid who likes to snuggle with their pet only if you allow
  • They are quite entertaining too

Cons of having a pet rabbit

  • Rabbits require lots of attention and cuddling, but they do not like to be held for a long time.
  • One also requires cleaning their cages regularly or they can create a mess out of it.
  1. Tortoise

A tortoise is a pet that lives for long and can grow old with your child.

Pros of having a pet tortoise

  • They are the most peaceful pet of them all.
  • They are wise and live long

Cons of having a pet tortoise

  • They are not a suitable pet if your child is less than 5 years old

Now you have a list full of the best pets you can bring home. You need to ask your child or know his interest before you surprise him. Make sure you know how to maintain and take good care of them and then adopt one.

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