When to take creatine and things you need to know about consuming it

When to take Creatine



When to take creatine? It is a vital thing that you need to know before you intake it. When anyone faces lean muscle mass & wants to increase strength, then Creatine intake is a good choice. Plus, it can be beneficial for those who do regular exercises & High-intensity interval training (HIIT). Also beneficial for players & athletes. It will assist in recovering the muscles quicker. You can expect to recover them quicker than what you can achieve after several weeks of exercise. It will provide you extra strength & capability. So, it is good. Thus, our discussion is when to take creatine. 

What is Creatine?

Before knowing when to take creatine, let us know what is Creatine? It is basically a type of supplement. However, it is also in our muscle cells naturally. This has some similarities with amino acids, and you can say it’s a booster. It is a type of booster that increases strength. Improves vitality, provides power to complete any task. Plus, good for immunity. It plays an important role in our body in the task of providing energy. Some of the several factors and issues affect our creatine storage. However, if the body didn’t have any type of energy-producing substance in the cells, we couldn’t do any work. Our body couldn’t get any energy to continue any task. It could have been work regarding heavyweight lift up or could have been a challenging task. There could have been any other types of alternatives for energy production.


But now, as we have this, it is doing the job of providing strength. Factors that affect this substance in our body include exercise and testosterone levels. Others are food intake, especially meat and mass of the muscle. There is about ninety-five percentage of ‘Creatine’ in our body. In comparison, the rest of the rate is in the kidney, liver, and brain. In the case of supplements, creatine is a popular one among other different types of supplements in the market. As we know, supplements play a role in improving the conditions of the body; this is like the same. As an athlete or a player, this supplement intake will help achieve some of the goals. These goals are like increasing the mass of the muscle. Plus, doing any chores for a longer time & without getting tired. Thus, many people suggest supplements of creatine.


Why should you intake Creatine:

Why should you intake it? Then comes when to take creatine question. Everyone wants to do work without any tiredness. Also, everyone wants to jump higher and run as fast as possible. Every man wants to increase the mass of muscle plus want to do workout for a long time. Want to change the body shape from lean to muscle packed. But all these are achievable & there are many ways. But besides, there is another thing you can do, that is you can take supplements. That supplement intake maybe this one. This intake will help you do all the above kinds of stuff, from jumping higher. Plus, weightlifting, and play for a longer time. Outlasting in any type of sports and competition, you can do these all. Consuming it at an appropriate amount will help you achieve all these. 


It increases the phosphocreatine deposition in the body. The substance transforms ATP to ATP by resynthesizing the third molecule of the phosphate. This is a form that remains in the cells and stores the energy. Plus, it coordinates the body for the production of high energy molecules. This will get you the energy to do work. Besides, this increases your testosterone power, which highers your sex drive. Also, it increases the mass of the muscle. It gives you stamina, endurance, and energy. Even when you get tired after playing workout or chores, it will recover you. At what type of food you can take this with. Then when to take creatine in a day or week. You have to know all these things & we will guide you.  


Is creatine intake beneficial for my body?

Creatine intake can be beneficial for your body. You can increase your muscle mass plus the strength of your body with the help of different ways. These are exercises, weight lifting, and healthy food intake. But you can try out another thing which will be helpful. That is taking it besides your exercises and workouts. This will help your body to increase the mass of the body quickly. When you know when to take creatine, the benefits you will get:

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Helps to gain strength: Your body will get enough strength too. What you could have gained slowly or after months of effort, now you can achieve in a few days. Not only that, your lean muscle will improve gradually. 


Helps to sprint: Again, you want to run fast, and you need endurance. During running, you need to spread the leg & hold the breadth plus push your body forward. It will give you benefit in this matter too. 


Reduces protein breakdown: It reduces the breakdown of protein that also plays an important role in muscle build-up. Muscle mass increases gradually. 


Raises the anabolic hormones: It raises the level of the anabolic hormones even after the age of 30. Testosterone is a type of hormone that will increase through its consumption. 


Lower myostatin and boost up workload: Too much myostatin obstructs the development of muscle. It also inhibits the growth of the cells that may hinder the production of more energy. Creatine increases the potential by reducing myostatin in the body. In the case of long-term development and building up of muscle, creatine is beneficial. For this reason, you will be able to lift heavy loads without any difficulties. 

Thus, players, bodybuilders, athletes & sprinters take it & it’s beneficial for your body.   


Why it is so popular:

It is popular for boosting up the energy and for easy accessibility. You don’t need any doctor’s prescription to consume it. Plus, most people got benefits from intaking this supplement. It is available in local markets, pharmacies, nutrition stores. There are tablets, powders, energy drinks, and bars. However, another reason is gaining muscle mass, strength in a short time. If you don’t want to intake it, then you can do exercise, workouts. But all these take a bit of a long time. But intaking in an appropriate amount can reduce your efforts and time. You will be able to recover faster during workouts. 


Another thing we didn’t mention earlier is the hydration of cells increases. An increase of cell hydration lifts the molecules of water in the cells. It helps to grow plus volumize the muscles. Plus, it aids in increasing the contraction & expansion of muscles. It can provide you all those things that you need to increase strength & power for the above reasons. You will be capable of doing a sprint, weight lifting, exercise, bodybuilding, etc. Thus, creatine supplement is so much popular among sprinters, bodybuilders, and athletes. So, we have known why creatine is so popular. Then we will discuss when to take creatine.


When to take creatine?

Now we have come to the section when to take creatine. We will discuss how much amount & when to take it. As now, you know how beneficial this consumption is. However, you think when to take creatine? What is the best time to take it and with what food you can take, etc. Well, you can take the supplement on the days when you do workout or exercise. Also, you can take this supplement before your exercise or after the exercise. You can consume it anytime you want. Now let us discuss more elaborately:


Before the exercise: We know more creatine produces more ATP in the body.  Plus, more ATP gives a person more energy. So, more energy or strength activates more fibers of the muscle. This helps the person to provide more weight lifting power that is equal to more muscles. So, before exercise, if you take creatine, the exercise will boost the muscles to work out.

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After the exercise:  It will depend on after the exercise how much nutrient depletion your muscle faces. Generally, the nutrients influx in that position. However, after the exercise, protein & carb intake, and creatine, it will absorb the supplement’s power. This helps you to gain all the benefits of the supplements after exercise.


Anytime you want: You can take it on the rest days even when you don’t have workouts. It is not just about taking the supplement before and after the workout. You can intake it anytime you want. There will be not much difference in taking it anytime rather than after or before the workout. As creatine has several benefits & will help you to receive strength & power; intaking it anytime will be the same. Plus, it is safe.


How much amount and is it safe to take creatine?

Now we discussed earlier when to take creatine. Now you may have confusion regarding how much you should consume it. Plus, is it safe or not for your body. We will discuss that in this section. Everything has a suitable amount of consumption. The same goes for creatine, and it has an optimum amount too. Per day intake, it with an amount of 3-5 grams. In order to saturate the muscle cells, you can take it like this for one week. But don’t go beyond that amount because there will be no benefits. Taking it in large amounts won’t work like that. You can take creatine with proteins, carbs, and even amino acid-based compounds. As it is monohydrate, and you will often get it in powder form. So, you can also intake it with juice or drinks. You can also consume it with whey. 


In the case of the question of safety for its consumption, we can tell you ‘creatine is safe.’ Scientists have tried it with different types of foods and drinks. Also, there has been so much research regarding the safety of creatine intake. Till now, there is no evidence regarding ‘creatine is bad for your health.’ Instead, it is good to intake. There is no risk in consumption, so you don’t need to worry about safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much amount of creatine should I intake according to my body-weight?

Ans: According to your body weight, you can take 0.3g per weight of the body-weight. Example: You are 65kg, then your daily dose will be (0.3 x 65)= 19.5 g. 


  1. If I intake it with protein and carbs containing foods, will it be okay?

Ans: Yes, of course. You can take it with proteins, carbs, and even with amino acid-based compounds and related foods.


  1. Will there be any problem if we take creatine supplements more than the optimum level?

Ans: No, but don’t go beyond the optimum amount because there will be no benefits. Taking it in large amounts won’t work like that.


  1. If we take it on the rest of the days other than workout days, will there be the same benefits?

Ans: You can take it on the rest days even when you don’t have workouts. It has several benefits & will help you receive strength & power; intaking it anytime will be the same.


Conclusion: Creatine consumption in an appropriate amount is good. Plus, it provides the power to do work & you will recover quickly after exercise. Again this supplement increases the contraction plus expansion of muscles. You will be able to expand your legs or hands during the sprint & high jump. The consumption of creatine has no side effects and harms at all. It is safe, and after the age of 20, anyone can intake it. You can consume it with juice or food. You can take it before or after workouts and exercise. So, this was our discussion on when to take creatine. 

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