Best Ways to Protect Your Cars and Vehicle from Elements

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Along with your homes, another significant investment that you often make is your car. And, obviously to protect it from various damages a built in the garage is usually required. Although, many homes are equipped with the garage if not, then you need a suitable place where you can keep your classic car and protect it from harsh weather and other damaging elements. Sometimes, it often happens that you own a garage, but it’s so jam-packed full that you couldn’t park your vehicle there. And in such condition, you remain in the same boat. Hence, to take you out from this situation, we are come up with some practical and valuable tips to protect your car.

Washing Your Car Very Often

Regular car washing is an important thing that you can go with making sure its exterior keep on fresh and unsullied. But before you start washing your car, make sure it is not parked in direct sunlight. Take your car washer and rinse off dirt and debris that is amassed on it since the last wash. Now it’s high time to give it required cleaning. You can also use a clay bar and smoothly slide it over sticky areas to remove the grime. Clear off every residue by rinsing it one more time and finally allow it to dry thoroughly. Make use of a microfiber cloth and dried out your car by hand, ensuring not to leave any spots.

Always Park Your Car in the Metal Carport or Garage

If not you’re in a rush, then you should always try to park your car at a somewhere suitable place where it doesn’t come under direct sun. Hence, the most appropriate place that you can utilize for car parking is Metal Carports. This shade not only protects your car from direct sunlight but also protect the paint from fading. Keep your car cool by avoiding parking in direct sunlight and protect it from damages rather than let it roast in the hot sunny day. With these metal carports, one can easily minimize the damages that could affect your car during summer.

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Regularly Maintain and Service Your Classic Car

Not only we but our vehicles also need regular checkups. No matter whether it is a truck, bike, or your classic car, proper maintenance and servicing are always required to ensure everything is working properly. Especially, have your brakes, battery, and air filter checked, as those can get damaged with extra waste and rock salt in rainy weather. Get connected with a reliable and trustworthy mechanic who can excellently complete this servicing task without charging unnecessary rates. You can also keep the manufacturer recommended self-maintenance, like oil checks, up to date.

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Don’t Forget To Change Wheels and Tires Timely

Car wheels and tires are more prone to dust, dirt, and grime. Also, the brake dust can be harmful to the efficient working of the car.  You should also take care of regular rotation of your tires to prevent jagged wear and to tread. Check which positions of rotation are the most suitable for your vehicle and do it two times in a year and more if your car is frequently used.

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Spark Plugs Must be Changed in Every 10KMiles Run

Spark plugs are the important part of the car that often tends to depreciate faster in classic cars due to some crucial factors including the higher possibility of flooding the engine, the less consistent points ignition system and poorer quality manufacturing standards contrasting to modern engines. Change the spark plugs together with the distributor cap, rotor, and spark plug wires for the most excellent results.

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Coolant Engine Must be Changed in Every 3-5 Years

The radiator and coolant in your engine get worse whether it is moving or not. Draw off and fill up the coolant regularly in every 3-5 years to put off it from leaving deposit inside the radiator and engine. Also, replace the engine thermostat every time when you change the coolant of the engine.

Coolant Engine Must be Changed in Every 3-5 Years

Schedule Oil Change

Regular oil changing is another essential tip that you can optimize to protect your car. Classic cars should have a filter and an oil change after every 2,500 miles at least or can do annually. Use good quality oils such as an effusive synthetic oil for the unsurpassed safety from wear. Also, change the oil filter every time when you replace the engine oil.

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There are undoubtedly various ways to protect your car from damaging elements and ruthless weather. Making use of these tips can excellently help you to increase your car’s life and let it work long-lasting.

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