8 Smart Home Addition Ideas That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

8 Smart Home Addition Ideas That Will Increase Your Home's Value

The financial value of a home addition is much different than the functional value we may place on it. We may value the addition for its ability to improve our lives, but that doesn’t mean it actually adds value to the price of your home.

So, if you want to add emotional, practical and financial value to your home, you need to make smart home addition decisions. The goal of home additions is not only to increase your square footage and liveable space but to also increase your home’s resale value.

If you plan on staying in your home forever, then whichever addition you choose will be a no-brainer. If you think you will sell your home eventually, however, then you need to make a smart home addition decision. A smart home addition takes into account the cost of the addition, the potential added value, and the marketability of the addition.

The goal is to make the addition appealing to the average buyer. The more appealing to the average buyer the more valuable the addition. Increased marketability to the average buyer could also mean selling your home faster.

But, we also want to make sure that we can recoup the cost of the addition when selling.

So, what are the smartest home addition projects?

Read on to find out!

Smartest Home Addition Projects to Increase Value

Upscale renovations and home additions don’t always translate to a smart investment. We may love our home addition and renovation ideas, but that doesn’t mean future buyers will be willing to pay the price. Explore the following smart home addition ideas to ensure you get the most value out of your home.

1. Wood Deck

In 2018, sellers recouped a whopping 82.8% of their wood deck addition costs. The project on average cost nearly $11,000 and added resale value of over $9,000.

Even though a wood deck is less expensive than composite decking, it still held its value more. Composite decks cost on average over $17,000 but only retained a resale value of just over $11,000. Adding a composite deck is still a smart investment, but adding on a wood deck is the better choice in terms of cost versus resale value.

2. Garage

For garage additions, you have three options: attached, detached, or a carport.

An attached garage will cost less but could limit its functionality based on available space and the need to connect to an existing structure. Detached offers more functionality such as additional storage or usable space, will cost more since you’re building four walls instead of three. If the detached garage has enough amenities, however, you could rent it out which will increase its value.

A carport is the cheapest option, but it may be the perfect addition for your home and real estate market. It can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to build a carport, but you can expect a 100% return on your investment if it’s marketable in your area.

3. Bathroom

Homes with more than one bathroom are much more marketable than homes with just one. When a buyer considers buying a home with only one bathroom, they know their daily routines will be affected. These factors make a bathroom addition a smart investment when done in a cost-effective manner.

To get the best return on your investment, you’ll want to keep costs as low as possible for your bathroom design. If you purchase expensive materials or add in upscale features such as a sauna, it’s likely you won’t recoup the total cost of the addition.

On a project that costs around $45,000, people on average recouped around 60% of their investment on a medium-sized bathroom.

4. Closet

A lack of storage space can easily turn buyers away. Especially, indoor storage space that will be needed on a daily basis.

Building a closet is a great investment because it’s a low-cost addition with a 100% return on investment. If you stick to a lower budget, then you can easily add in the cost of the closet to your total home value.

5. Barn

Barns aren’t great home additions for everyone, but if you live in a real estate market that values barns, then you’re in luck! Barns can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $55,000 depending on the size, uses, and features. So, if you’re planning on staying in your home for 40 years or more expect a 100% return on investment.

If you plan to sell your home, you can expect a 75% return on investment if you find the right buyer.

6. Patio

Patios are great home additions because they don’t require traditional walls, but they do add square footage to your home. Instead of walls like a sunroom would have, you can simply install mesh screens.

Expect to pay anywhere from $9,000 to $25,000 on your patio addition with an 80% return on investment when selling.

7. In-Law Apartment

An in-law apartment is a 600 to 750 square foot detached living space for guests to stay in. They essentially get separate living quarters which allows them to easily move about without disturbing the main household routines.

In-law apartments also have great renting potential which increases their value. Adding in luxury budget-friendly materials such as vinyl planks can also increase your home and the apartment’s value.

Expect to pay upwards of $90,000 to build an in-law apartment with a return of investment of 100% if you find the right buyer.

8. Bedroom

Adding on a bedroom is a more expensive project. But, bedrooms also don’t require an abundance of expensive components such as a bathroom in order to be liveable.

Buyers do take into consideration the number of bedrooms a home has, but they will likely not want to pay for the cost of the addition fully. Instead, you can expect to recoup 50% of the total cost of your bedroom addition if you decide to sell.

When adding on a room such as a bedroom or a family room make sure to speak with an architect first. You’ll also want to obtain the proper permits and ensure that addition is legal in terms of property lines and regulations. It’s also a good idea to speak with a realtor or home appraiser beforehand to see how much of the cost you can recoup if you decide to sell later on.

Check out the following link to discover more home addition planning tips.

Ready to Build a Home Addition?

The key to making the smartest home addition decisions is to research and understand your area’s real estate market. Knowing what the average buyer in your area is looking for and the price they’re willing to pay will help you to decide which additions are the best bang for your buck.

Always aim to stick to your budget and keep in mind your potential return on investment. These two factors determine whether or not a home addition is a smart decision or a costly one.

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At-Home Entrepreneur: How to Airbnb like a Boss!

At-Home Entrepreneur: How to Airbnb like a Boss!

Airbnb hosts can earn from 200 to 10,000 dollars a month. 50 percent of hosts earn more than 500 dollars per month. Have you considered becoming an Airbnb host?

Maybe you have thought about it but, think you won’t be able to turn it into your everyday job. Even if you start small you can turn your Airbnb income into your main gig.

Don’t know how to Airbnb? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll tell you everything about how to rent on Airbnb and bring that income you’ve been dreaming about. Keep reading to become an Airbnb host today.

Get the Most Out of Your Home: How to Airbnb the Right Way

You might’ve heard or even rented Airbnb in the past and asked yourself how to do Airbnb. You may think it’s impossible to make it your everyday job. Yet, that’s far from the truth.

You can leave your job and turn your Airbnb side gig into your main gig. But, only if you learn how to do it the right way.

Don’t know how to rent on Airbnb? Here are the must-follow steps to become an at-home Airbnb entrepreneur today.

1. Prepare Your Property to List It on Airbnb

It might be tempting to list your property as is. Yet, the best strategy is getting your property ready before listing it on Airbnb. It’s important to verify if your property meets the local requirements for renting.

If you’re going to Airbnb your apartment, you must check if subletting is permitted in your apartment complex. Also, you should look for ways to make your property more inviting. Consider decorating your apartment or house following the latest go-to design trends.

2. Create Your Account and List Your Property

Once you prepare your property, it’s time to create your account. To list your property, you will need to clean your house or apartment. You should consider hiring a professional or doing it yourself.

If you choose the later, you may consider buying supplies such as the ones sold at http://expertchemicalinc.com/. High-quality cleaning supplies can help you give your listing a polished and clean look.

To make your listing stand out, you should take amazing professional looking photos of your rental and list all the amenities. You should aim to tell the story of your property and how it will allow your guests to enjoy your city.

3. Become an Airbnb Superhost and Grow Your Business

Guests choose to Airbnb because they want to experience your city like a local. Having a great and attractive rental is half the game. To earn a lucrative income from Airbnb, you must become a Superhost.

Always provide great customer service and make your guests feel at home. You should try to be available for your guests as much as you can.

If you won’t be in the area, you should provide your guests with an emergency contact who can take care of them. Providing great guest experiences will help your property rank better and grow your business.

The Bottom Line

Building a lucrative Airbnb business isn’t as complicated as you may think. While it takes hard work and dedication, you can turn it into your everyday job with the right plan. Remember to focus on providing memorable guest experiences and taking care of your property to stand out from your competition.

Learning how to Airbnb is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. Renting Airbnb is a business like any other. Want advice and helpful tips to take your business to the next level?

Check out our Business and Career section for more insightful articles.

A Life-Changing Miracle Drug: Tips for Using CBD Oil for Depression, Anxiety, and More

A Life-Changing Miracle Drug: Tips for Using CBD Oil for Depression, Anxiety, and More

The leading cause of disability worldwide is depression and anxiety, and these mental illnesses affect millions of Americans every single day.

Doctors write thousands of prescriptions for Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) and Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) to treat these illnesses. Along with these medications comes a long list of side effects which include drowsiness, irritability, and a decreased sex drive.

That’s why some people are turning to CBD oil and other methods to treat anxiety and depression.

Did you know CBD is helping people with all kinds of serious mental and physical issues? Learn about using CBD oil for depression, anxiety, and more.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders afflict a huge part of the American population. 40 million American adults suffer from these disorders.

SSRIs and benzodiazepines are commonly prescribed to treat anxiety disorders.

CBD oil can mimic SSRIs. The oil works like an SSRI by boosting serotonin, the chemical which contributes to happiness and a sense of well-being.

There isn’t much research based on the effects of CBD oil for depression and anxiety due to legality. A lot of the research which has been conducted has been carried out mostly on animals.

But, the few studies that have been done on people have been promising which could make CBD oil a better alternative to these prescription medications.

CBD Oil for Depression

According to the World Health Organization, depression is one of the largest contributors to disability worldwide.

Like anxiety, depression is also treated with SSRIs and SNRIs. These drugs not only have undesired side effects but can also be highly addictive. These drugs normally work by stimulating the brain and producing serotonin.

CBD oil for depression is becoming a popular use of the drug because it isn’t addictive.

It works by stimulating the central nervous system and producing serotonin, similar to the prescription drugs. The cannabinoids in CBD oil can be used to help control appetite and help stabilize moods.

CBD oil can have a therapeutic, stress-relieving effect on the body which can help relieve symptoms of depression. It’s important to note that CBD oil won’t cure depression, but it can help.

If CBD oil sounds like it would benefit you in dealing with your depression, find out more.


Along with helping with anxiety and depression, some people say that CBD oil helps them with schizophrenia. While CBD oil can affect people differently, some users say it made the voices in their head stop.

They claim that oil doesn’t cure them of schizophrenia, but it does help relieve some of the symptoms. For some patients, using CBD oil could be a better alternative to all the medication they are prescribed instead.

Start Using CBD Oil

Marijuana and its products have been used for thousands of years but people are more recently becoming aware of all the benefits of it.

Marijuana and CBD oil aren’t legal everywhere, so before you start using CBD oil for depression, anxiety, or any other mental disorder, check what the laws are in your state. The laws are constantly changing.

You should also talk to your doctor before starting. They can help you decide what dosage to take and where to get it.

Once you do that, start taking CBD oil to help you conquer your mental illness.

You can learn more about taking CBD oil and improving your life here.

Is Hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer Really Worth It?

Is Hiring a Certified Professional Resume Writer Really Worth It?

You’ve finally done it. You’ve found that dream job you’ve been hoping for and you even meet the qualifications. Time to send in your resume and get the job!

If only it were that easy. Finding the perfect job might not be so difficult, but creating a resume that’s exactly what they’re looking for can be.

How do you know what the hiring manager wants to see? How do you perfectly show what you’re capable of doing?

Sounds like you need a certified professional resume writer. Is it worth your time and money to hire one? Keep reading to learn why it is.

Your Resume Hasn’t Been Enough

If you haven’t been getting a great response from your current resume, or even your past few designs, it’s time to get some help. A professional resume writer can help you nail what you’re trying to say.

It can be difficult to put your experience and skills into words. The great thing is, you don’t always have to. You can go it alone if you want to, but professionals can help you do it even better.

A professional can help you get your resume down right. They’ll know how to work things to make you sound your best. They’ll also know what experience is important to mention and what doesn’t necessarily have to be there.

Your Expertise is in Something Else

You’re a professional at what you do. That means you know the ins and outs and how to do the job right the first time. Your expertise may not be in resume writing, though.

The thing is, we all have to write resumes. Without them, most of us wouldn’t have jobs. So if you’re among the group whose professional skills are in something other than designing a resume, a professional writer can help.

They Know Current Trends

Just like with every other industry, trends change. Music, hairstyles, makeup, and clothing have all changed a ton over time. The same is true of resumes.

Should you include a picture of yourself these days? Should you like to a portfolio? What about proving a number the hiring manager can send a text to?

If you aren’t sure what the current trends are for resumes, hire a professional. Making even the simplest mistakes could cost you the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Your resume’s entire design needs to be taken into account. Spacing, font styles and size, and what’s included are all important aspects. Every aspect may be taken into consideration by potential employers, so make sure you nail it.

What if Your Writer Doesn’t Know You?

Chances are if you’re hiring a professional to write your resume for you that person isn’t a close personal friend. That doesn’t mean they won’t be able to write all about you, though.

How’s it done? The writer will interview you. They’ll find out about your skills and past experience and pick up things about your personality, too.

Because personality is important. A good resume writer will be creative in painting a good picture of you as a person, as well as show off your professional skills.

To get to know your potential writers better, consider checking out resume writing services reviews.

They Know About Quick Looks and Software

Most hiring managers receive a ton of resumes. They don’t have the time to thoroughly read through all of them. That means each resume may only receive ten seconds (or less) of a manager’s time.

Keywords, professional appearance, and easiness to read may be at the top of the manager’s list of what to look for. They can quickly scan a document and throw out the ones that don’t match their ideal description.

Or, they can use special software. This software has been designed to search through resumes so managers don’t have to invest as much time.

Professional resume writers know about these things, and they know how to write with them in mind. That means, when you hire one, you’ll have the peace of mind that your resume will be in the best form possible to pass these super quick tests and make it to the next round for more serious consideration.

You Don’t Like Attention

Writing about your qualifications might be hard for you if you don’t like to “toot your own horn.” If this sounds like you, hiring a professional is the perfect remedy.

They won’t mind talking you up. And they’ll know how to do it in an appropriate way. So let them do the work and show off your awesome skills for you!

Your Resume Isn’t Perfect

There might be things in your job history that make you an imperfect-looking candidate. That doesn’t automatically mean you can’t get the job you’re looking for.

Were you out of work for a while? Did you get fired from a job in the past? Did you quit without notice?

While these are the sorts of things employers don’t always love to see, a professional writer can help you smooth them over.

Hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer Today

No matter how you look at it, writing a resume is hard. The concept of throwing your experience down on paper might not be difficult to grasp, but doing it in the right way is trickier.

If resume writing isn’t your forte, hire a certified professional resume writer. He or she will know exactly what to do to make your qualifications shine.

Do you tend to freak out on your way to an interview? Check out this article on how to stay calm.

Heal Your Mind and Body: 5 Potential Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Heal Your Mind and Body: 5 Potential Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Currently, 33 states in the United States allow for some form of medical marijuana use.

Medical marijuana is a huge industry, with medical marijuana totals in 2018 coming in at $4.5 billion. Why are Americans spending so much money on medical marijuana?

Because it works.

Ready to take responsibility for the state of your health? Explore the potential medical benefits of marijuana use and heal both your mind and your body.

1. Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a condition that increases the amount of pressure in your eye and can eventually lead to loss of sight.

Marijuana has been found to relieve eye pressure and help with the major symptom of Glaucoma. Many medications for Glaucoma come with a slew of side effects, which makes medical marijuana a great option for treatment.

2. Epileptic Seizures

One of the ways to use weed medically is to help with Epileptic Seizures.

Epileptic seizures occur when there is too much neuronal activity in the brain. Many times these seizures are unprovoked and occur frequently.

Studies show that people who consume medical marijuana can gain control over their seizures. The use of medical marijuana to help epileptic seizures is most common among children and people who are resistant to other treatment methods.

3. Multiple Sclerosis

Wondering what does weed help with? Medical marijuana provides benefits to those suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

MS is a disease that affects your central nervous system and can cause painful contraction of your muscles. But, research shows that people who use medical cannabis feel fewer painful muscle contractions.

While medical marijuana doesn’t cure MS, it helps ease the associated pain.

4. Anxiety

Anxiety is prevalent in our high-paced society. But cannabis healing has proven effective for many mental illnesses like anxiety.

When used in low doses, THC is shown to help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. The key here is low doses. Anxiety sufferers who experiment with higher doses can actually increase their symptoms.

5. Chemotherapy Side-Effects

One of the known medical advantages of weed is that it helps with the many side-effects associated with chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is one of the most beneficial treatments for cancer patients across the world. While chemotherapy may help treat cancer, it comes with its own slew of harmful side-effects.

Using medical marijuana in conjunction with chemotherapy reduces pain, decreases nausea, and increases your appetite.

If you or someone you know is going through chemotherapy, visiting a marijuana dispensary, like Broadway Dispensary, can be vital to your health. Many dispensaries specialize in medical cannabis and have trained staff to guide you through the process to get the best results.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Know that you know about some of the medical benefits of marijuana, you’re ready to improve the state of your health.

On top of these five medical benefits, there are countless more being discovered every day. Medical marijuana could be the cure to whatever ails you. Consult with your doctor first and then

Check out our blog for all the best tips on wellness and living your best life.

How to Be Creative: 6 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Genius

How to Be Creative: 6 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Genius

It’s a mistaken impression that some people are just born without a speck of creativity. Experts agree that, while certain individuals may be genetically dispositioned towards creative means, everyone has the ability to learn how to be creative.

This does come with a learning curve. It takes practice, focus, and the will to “play”.

But it’s also within your grasp.

Are you ready to spark your inner genius? Try out our six tips.

How to Be Creative

The human brain is built to solve problems, and that’s what creativity is all about. By practicing the art of inventiveness, every person can learn to be creative.

These six tips are several ways to foster the skills needed.

1. Alter Your Perspective

If you’re business-savvy, you’ve heard that teams made up of multiple cultures and all genders are the most successful. There is a reason for this: everyone has a unique perspective to bring to the corporation.

As we grow, our minds associate objects and events with our cultural, ethnographic, and familial background. This background forms connotations with everyday items and creates assumptions about the world.

By altering your perspective, you practice thinking about the world in different ways.

One of the best ways to do this is to travel or form relationships with members from other cultures. Another, more private, way is to write short stories from different perspectives.

2. Ask Questions

A 2017 study showed general curiosity, which is defined as a broad curiosity rather than specialized, is linked to creative problem-solving.

The reason for this is curious people ask many questions. This permits them to gather exponential amounts of knowledge, which is then applied to a problem. The large numbers of perspectives and amount of knowledge accrued make innovative ideas easier.

To help yourself do this, generate ideas frequently. Focus more on quantity than quality. Make lists of questions you consider throughout the day and any answers your mind creates.

3. Don’t Censor

We truly are our own worst critics.

Every day, we censor our thoughts. Sometimes this is a good thing (for example, discouraging judgmental beliefs); oftentimes, however, it only weakens our creative juices.

How many times do you use a fork each day? How many times have you thought of a different use for that fork beside as an eating utensil?

Ancient Greece thought such mind wandering was beneficial for the soul. Recent research in cognition suggests the same.

Less structured activities letting the thoughts roam without the rigid expectations of structure increase children’s and adult’s abilities to create their own goals and find ways to achieve them.

How do you go about letting the mind roam? To truly flex this creative muscle, try some of the following activities:

  • Doodling
  • Painting
  • Creating cluster diagrams
  • Free-writing

When conducting these activities, don’t stop to worry about what you’re doing or if you’re doing it correctly.

4. Keep a Journal of Ideas

Have you ever had a really great idea and forgotten it a few hours later?

Brain waves occur in four states within humans. The best state for yielding creativity is the theta state.

Theta waves occur during menial tasks which are so mundane our bodies go through the motions automatically. Brains are also in theta during initial wakening and right before falling asleep.

During theta brainwaves, individuals engage in free thought, which sparks new and innovative ideas. This was how Einstein came up with many of his thoughts.

But, if we don’t write those ideas down, we’re liable to forget them. That’s why it’s important to keep a journal of your ideas.

By logging possibilities, you give your mind permission to play without censorship. It also lets you explore patterns and commission new thoughts.

Some of the greatest creative minds in history kept journals, including Leonardo da Vinci.

5. Create an Encouraging Environment

Some research suggests colors enhance moods and it’s a tactic used in marketing and decorating. In fact, the entire architecture and designs of schools are created with these thoughts in mind.

By surrounding yourself with inspiration, you create an environment encouraging innovation. But what environment is best for a creative mind?

First, try background noises. They shouldn’t be too loud; think about the noise level in a comfortable restaurant. The noise pulls you away from your present thoughts and encourages connections to the outside world.

Next, surround yourself in blue. Many studies connect blue with creative-based tasks because it makes us think of the ocean and sky. Decorating with blue can involve something as simple as a blue room, a blue painting, or even a blue desktop.

And definitely add your splash of originality to your surroundings.

But don’t forget about other things which impact your environment. Eating healthily and exercising affect cognitive functioning, and safe “smart drugs” are even available on the market. This interesting read explores the effects of natural and synthetic nootropics.

6. Try Something New

The best way to spark that inner genius is to try something new without the fear of failure to hold you back. Unfortunately, this is the very thing which discourages many from exploring the unknown.

But it shouldn’t. Trying new things creates vivid experiences, encourages new forms of thinking, and opens the mind to possibilities.

Luckily, engaging in fun hobbies doesn’t have to be expensive. All these activities are possible on a budget:

  • Learn a new language
  • Go to a location you’ve never been to
  • Take a class about something you’re interested in
  • Redecorate the house
  • Build a model

The point of these experiences is to violate the norms we come to see as true. By disproving these norms (even if the disproving incident occurs in a fictive sense), the brain questions its previous assumptions and creates new understandings of the world.

Bring Your Inner Creator to the Surface

Curious and creative individuals are usually the happiest ones. They find fulfillment in everyday lives where others find mediocrity.

Even if you think you weren’t born with the creative gene, you have the ability to find your own inner genius. The only thing necessary is to learn how to be creative in a way that works for you.

Give these six tips a try and check out our article about living life to the fullest. The world is waiting.

4 Australian National Parks That Will Amaze and Inspire You

4 Australian National Parks That Will Amaze and Inspire You

Australia is a magnificent continent, home to incredible animals and a wide range of beautiful landscapes.

You could spend years exploring Australia and still not set foot in all of its over 500 National Parks, so we’re going to try to narrow it down a little bit for you.

These parks span all the regions of Australia and contain many unique and beautiful features, so no matter what you’re setting out for, you’ll find it. Check out our favorite Australian National Parks, and get ready to be amazed.

1. Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory)

Set deep in the north of Australia, Kakadu National Park spans thousands of square miles and features numerous unique features. It’s Australia’s largest National Park, and it may take an entire week to explore, but it’s totally worth the time.

If you’re a sucker for waterfalls, Kakadu National Park has plenty of them to see.

Jim Jim falls isn’t easy to get to, with the roads accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicles. However, after the rough drive, a quick hike will take you to the magnificent falls, where you can swim in the pools below. Twin falls is another incredible site, where the river splits just before the cliff to create a split cascade that will absolutely amaze you.

While there is an abundance of hiking, swimming, and rock climbing to do in Kakadu National Park, you can also sit back, relax, and take it all in. Kakadu features several breathtaking cruises that take you past waterfalls, wetlands, and a wide array of wildlife. In addition, you can take a scenic flight over the National Park.

2. Litchfield National Park (Northern Territory)

If you’re exploring the Northern Territory of Australia, Litchfield is another must-see National Park. If you love waterfalls, Litchfield is also full of them. Florence Falls and Wangi Falls are absolute must-sees.

Litchfield National Park is only an hour away from Darwin, the gateway to Northern Territory, making it easily accessible. With its proximity to Darwin and its ethical adventures, Litchfield is a National Park that the whole family can enjoy.

3. Cradle Mountain National Park (Tasmania)

If you feel like getting off the mainland, head down to the island of Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain National Park features plenty of wildlife, including the elusive and famous Tasmania Devil. For the adventurous, you can summit the breathtaking Cradle Mountain and view the entire park.

4. Royal National Park (NSW)

Sydney is an essential part of any visit to Australia, and Royal National Park is a quick hour’s drive south of the city.

The second oldest National Park in the world is home to secluded beaches and coastal cliffs. Go surfing, do some whale-watching, or enjoy a night of beachside camping.

Making The Most of Australian National Parks

If you’ve decided which Australian National parks you want to visit, it’s time to prepare for your trip.

We have guides on everything from shoes to winter hiking to protecting this environment you clearly love to enjoy! Keep on reading, and enjoy your amazing Australian adventure!

10 Magical Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Projects

10 Magical Interior Design Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Projects

Did you know interior design is becoming more popular every year? In fact, there are nearly 60,000 interior designers in the United States and that number is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years.

But with so many options when it comes to interior designers, how do you know which one to hire? Or if you are interested in doing some design in your home by yourself, who can you look up to for ideas?

If you want to get some inspiration for DIY interior design, then cheer up. You don’t need anything more than your phone to get thousands of great project ideas. Here are the top 10 interior design Instagram accounts to follow that will help you get brainstorming how to decorate your home.

1. @pierre.yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch’s IG feed has a little bit of something for everyone. His photos are an eclectic mix of traditional and modernistic. For example, he may take an old fashioned setting but add some abstract art and a chair that is one of a kind. No two pictures are alike, and you are sure to find a lot of great ideas for your own design regardless of the theme of your own home’s design.

2. @ashleywhittakerdesign

Ashley Whittaker Design describes her work as “neo-traditionalist” and you will learn what that means when you view her Instagram page. She loves to take a traditional room and design and give it a more modern aesthetic.

She loves to incorporate splashes of color into her designs, giving her a signature style. Most of her photos show rooms that look elegant, but are simple in design, which is the perfect inspiration for your own projects! You can also read more about how to incorporate vibrant colors as she does with this style.

3. @alyssakapitointeriors

Alyssa Kapito is a very popular interior designer, with over 130k followers on Instagram, and she has been featured in many magazines and worked across the country. Take a look at her profile and you will see why.

She loves to focus on clean lines and a chic urban appeal. She prefers toned down colors like white instead of lots of vibrant clashing designs. If you want to view some elegant design, check out Alyssa Kapito.

4. @marieflaniganinteriors

Marie Flanagan is another popular designer on Instagram, with around 160k followers. She describes her work as “Blending poetry with the purpose to reveal the beauty of the home.” This is evident when she mixes a traditional and modern design, seamlessly blending elements from both to create a sophisticated yet simplistic look that would fit into any house.

5. @em_henderson

Emily Henderson is perhaps the most famous stylist on this list, with a reach of over 760k followers. She is a New York Times bestseller, a TV personality, and has a blog where she also shares interior design tips. But for now, browsing the pictures on her Instagram page should give you plenty to work with.

She blends modern design with traditional decor, with a focus on simple yet elegant designs with that “down home” cozy feeling that is perfect for families. Also, if you want to decorate your house for the holidays, she is full of inspiration!

6. @dactylion_design

Hanne Gathe from Dactylion Design mostly works for high end residential and commercial businesses such as hotels. This Oslo born designer has worked in London and favors subtle hues of white and gray for minimal but highly elegant designs. If you prefer clean luxurious designs that only the most affluent can attain, then this is the perfect place to look for inspiration.

7. @tiltonfenwick

Tilton Fenwick is actually a duo of popular interior designers, Anne Maxwell Foster, and Suysel dePedro Cunningham. Together they love to take older traditional homes and give them a fresh look.

They love vibrant colors, bold wallpapers, and incorporating beautiful art into their designs. Similar to Emily Henderson, they also love the holidays and will often make designs that seem kid-friendly and are perfect for families.

8. @kellywearstler

Kelly Wearstler has around 590k subscribers, letting you know how good her designs are. Unlike many of the others on this list, Kelly prefers a more playful style. Most of her work has a modern feel and she loves to incorporate vibrant colors and patterns into her designs, even using bold options like zebra and leopard print.

She definitely has a unique look, and even sells her own line of designer wallpaper, chairs, and lights if you want to go a step past looking at pictures for inspiration.

9. @janeledgerinteriors

Jane Ledger may not be as famous as the others on this list, but she is still a prominent designer based in Australia that specializes in remodeling contemporary style homes and especially bathrooms. She definitely prefers a modern and even minimalist design, so if that is your preference then look no further.

Jane favors a neutral color scheme and simple elegant lines and shapes to create an elegant room that is anything but traditional. Her photos will prove to you that a room does not have to be complicated to look beautiful.

10. @markdsikes

Mark Sikes is a popular interior designer and also a New York Times bestseller. Take a look at his page and you will notice a couple of things. First, he prefers slightly more traditional designs and bright colors. You aren’t likely to see minimal crisp lines with simple blacks and whites.

Second, you’ll notice he loves nature. His designs often have nature as a theme and many rooms either connect to a garden or at least have multiple plants as decor. When there aren’t any plants there are often paintings that involve nature. If you love interior design and nature, then Mark is a great source of inspiration.

Interior Design Instagram Accounts are Just the Start

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Hindi Rock: The 10 Best Bollywood Songs of All Time

Hindi Rock: The 10 Best Bollywood Songs of All Time

Songs are the key to Bollywood movies. They are the anchor for the film’s theme and get played over and over again during the course of the story.

Bollywood movies are iconic, in large part because of their catchy music. If you’re wondering which ones are the very best, we’ve compiled a list of five of the best Bollywood songs of all time. Check it out.

1. “Chaiyya Chaiyya”

Although Bollywood films get categorized as Hindi, this song from the 1998 movie Dil Se.. was written in Urdu, as do most songs for Bollywood. There is an alternate version in Tamil.

The upbeat song was popular because of its location: a moving train. The album sold over six million copies.

2. “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein”

Get ready to get your heart broken if you watch the 1976 movie this song is from, Kabhie Kabhie. The leading lady falls for someone, but it’s not in her destiny. Her family arranges for her to marry someone else, and she spends her wedding night wishing she was with the other guy.

But the song began as part of a collection of poems, and later got simplified for the movie. It won several awards.

3. “Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai”

The song from the 1965 movie Guide had several nominations (and later wins) at the Filmfare Awards in 1967. It’s lyrics translate to, “Today I feel like living again,” and embody the feelings of the main characters, Raju and Rosie.

The characters go through some major lows, even attempting suicide, but in the end, they each find a cause to fight for. Their determination makes this their perfect anthem.

4. “Chaar Bottle Vodka”

This newer Bollywood song from the film Ragini MMS 2 has millions of views on YouTube. The 2014 erotic horror movie is a sequel to Ragini MMS. It stars porn actress Sunny Leone as herself.

The song is the most popular of the six total on the movie’s soundtrack. You can find more songs from rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh available for download on the mp3boy website.

5. “Kal Ho Naa Ho”

“Kal Ho Naa Ho,” titled the same as the 2003 movie it’s from, mimics the theme song from The Titanic, by Celine Dion. It’s more contemporary than many of the other Bollywood iconic songs.

The translation, “Tomorrow May Never Come,” embodies the story, a tragic love story about Naina, who falls for the new neighbor, but ends up marrying her classmate who loves her. When the neighbor almost dies, he asks Naina’s husband to let him marry her in the next life.

Listen to this great Bollywood song on one of the many devices in your home, but we highly recommend checking out the YouTube video to see the original.

Hindi Rock: Best Bollywood Songs

These five best Bollywood songs won’t disappoint you. From the Golden Age to Classic and New Bollywood, these quintessential songs give you a taste of the rich Indian influence so many American films have embraced.

The success of a Bollywood film’s soundtrack determines the success of the film, and all these songs made their movies big hits.

For more cultural and travel posts like this one, read more of the blog.

Living Life to the Fullest: A Complete Guide to Improving Your Life

Living Life to the Fullest: A Complete Guide to Improving Your Life


It’s the game that we’re all playing, but figuring it out isn’t necessarily a brief or easy answer. It can be especially tough to get answers when you’re stuck in a rut and unhappy with your life.

If you’re tired of not living life to the fullest and want to truly be fulfilled, it’s important that you stop holding yourself back. Follow these points of information so that you can get past the obstacles and live life on your terms.

1. Start Writing Out Your Goals, Dreams, and Everything You Can

First off, grab a notebook.

When you write, you vent the thoughts that are constantly circulating in your mind and get an intense stress-relief. You also can map out your goals and dreams and make them plain, so that you know who you are and where you are going.

Journaling helps you map out your limiting beliefs as well so that you can confront them head-on.

Some of the most successful people in the world journal every single day, and are finding results that are life-changing. By mapping out your life, it helps you face your fears and put action behind the life you want to live.

2. Workout Every Day, Even If It’s Just Walking

It’s incredibly important that you work your body as much as your mind. The reason for this is that they go hand in hand.

Take the time to get out of your comfort zone and work your body each and every day. This helps get rid of the tension in your body, while also boosting your brain with some happy endorphins.

Nothing clears the mind and works your body like a nice hike out in nature. Being one with nature will also help you to have an empowering mindset, as you do away with everyday stress and anxiety.

Your mind will work better, you’ll think clearer, and you will be fit and healthy.

3. Meditate Routinely to Get Control of Your Mind

When you take the time to relax and monitor your breathing each day, you also are in control of your mind, and not the other way around.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll never have a negative thought again, it just means that you will be aware of the thought and that you’re the one having your thought, rather than allowing you to become a prisoner to it.

Going through daily meditations will increase the neural pathways in your brain, calms your anxiety, and improves your mind, body, and spirit.

4. Always Grow and Never Get Complacent

Finally, live your life like your life depends on it — because it does!

No matter what, this is your life to live. If you choose to live a life filled with growth, challenge, and adventure, that’s what you’ll have. If you choose to live a life of fear and mundanity, then that’s what you’ll have.

Don’t worry about being perfect, but always strive to get more out of yourself and your life experiences each and every day. When this is your focus, you will always win.

Living Life to the Fullest — Take Control of Your Destiny

When it comes to living life to the fullest, it’s a process and lifestyle, not a quick fix. Take control of your destiny by following these tips.

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