Dark Psychology and Gaslighting Manipulation: Book Review & More!

dark psychology and gaslighting manipulation

Are you interested in dark psychology and manipulation theory? Then you have stumbled upon the right place. There are lots of theories and psychological aspects of these genres. Where science and human minds collide and where thoughts leap. Dark psychology is concerned with other factors as well. But as many people reading this, there is a possibility that Dark Psychology and Gaslighting Manipulation interests you. If not I’ll give an insight so it’s easier for you to understand what it is actually. So without blabbering further let’s get started with the topic. 

dark psychology and gaslighting manipulation

Dark psychology 

Dark psychology is an art which used in mind control and manipulation techniques. And Dark psychology is not a sole element but it comes with a series of elements connected to it which makes and completes dark psychology. The element and the whole bunch is often known as a dark psychology triad. Narcissism, psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and so on. Everything is a part of dark psychology.
The term refers to the study of darker aspects of human behavior.  It’s difficult to read a person’s mind but it’s more difficult to assume standing on no ground. Well for that it’s necessary to understand what that stands for and also to understand a book properly. Dark psychology is mainly exploiting humans and weakening human psychology.

This is by easily contemplating and understanding how a person thinks and then manipulating the person according to one’s needs. Though it may seem ‘dark’ as the term suggests which often indicates a negative sense, however, it can also be used on a positive note. Like a therapist helping a patient to overcome his/her problem by tracing the problem using dark psychology. 

Gas lighting – as a term 

Gas lighting is often a form of abuse. Well, it is a psychological abuse in which a person or group or some words that they utter, forces them to question everything about themselves. And this clearly hits right into their esteem. From their sanity, memories, or perception of reality. Gas lighting might sound confusing, and anxious where a person cannot even trust their actions. It Is a type of mental abuse.

Gas lighting in relationships is often exploiting and stressful as it comes with immense mental drainage. It often begins with a simple reassurance turning into doubt and using hurtful words against the person you love. Most people may not realize that they are gas lighting but honestly, it can break a person mentally.  Most people don’t realize the person who is doing it and the person who is the victim. Gaslighting is a type of manipulation and it can occur in many forms. 

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dark psychology and gaslighting manipulation

Dark Psychology and Gaslighting Manipulation – book 

Ryan Pace, the author of the book – Dark Psychology and Gaslighting Manipulation is quite an underrated gem. And honestly, if you are into gaining more knowledge about this topic, then you can dive into this book because it’s honestly quite indulging. A book is often a piece of a person’s thoughts about a particular topic and how the author views a particular area. In this context, the author of the book beautifully discusses the complexities and the power of manipulation and correct mind training. All the points that complete each of these terms, that I discussed above, are clearly an insight into what’s covered in the book.

Those were not only mere definitions or analyses of the term, but more like a catalog of how to understand oneself and even others for starters. This book is a steal if you are trying to control and take a grip on your mind. There are times when we end up buying unnecessary kinds of stuff and we regret later as to we don’t need that thing exactly. Or even a decision that we made being indecisive and in a hurry, that we regretted later on as we couldn’t decide what was right, and timely. In that sense, this book can help you understand yourself in a better way. 

The book is curated with secrets that are not ‘light’ according to the author and can easily help you get a grip on the manipulative attitude that a person may have. It is very important to understand the main motive of a person to stay safe if you notice any red signs. Red signs mean escape cause above everything your mental health matters the most. The author put forward two questions in front of the readers which intrigues the readers to actually grab a copy of the book.

Questions Asked By The Author

The questions that the author asked are quite convincing. “what if I told you that you can get whatever in life ?”, is the first question which is sure to grab and record the attention of readers across the world. The question is indeed a psychological question that is sure to stop people. Why? Cause in this world who doesn’t have desires? Everybody has their own set of goals and purpose. And if a book can help a person attain those then a person would happily buy a book. The book also teaches or maybe acquires a person to use safe manipulation techniques to manipulate anyone according to their wish. Which in fact meets with the original purpose of the question that the author put forward in front of people. 

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According to the public reviews, the book does tick off what it claims. The book will keep its readers hooked as it is interesting and informative. It suggests that the author curated the book with proper information and facts.

The book did help a lot of readers understand psychology properly and of course dark psychology, Gaslighting Manipulation. These are quite common threats that take part in mental abuse and can drain a person completely out of everything.

A lot of victims were able to come out of this loop which is often known as trauma bond in a relationship. A trauma bond is when you know the person is manipulative but you can’t escape from the loop of being with that person. The book contains ‘principles of strategy’ that suggest to a person how to avoid dark psychology. The book has some really good reviews all over the internet. Someone even mentioned this book as a ‘manipulator’s worst dream’ as it can really help the readers of this book catch your actions. From how to manipulate, to understand a manipulator’s actions this book is great, claims the readers. 

Conclusive Insights

You get this book from Amazon where you can buy the hardcover or hardcopy version or you can opt for the Kindle version as well. And thus, the book on Dark Psychology and Gaslighting Manipulation is definitely worth your money and time. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative. Drop down your valuable thoughts and feedback below. 


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