Adolescent Independence: The 5 Benefits of Boarding School for Kids

Adolescent Independence: The 5 Benefits of Boarding School for Kids

Are you thinking about sending your child to boarding school?

Some people may ask, “Why boarding school? Why not public school?”

Well, 87% of students attending boarding school say that they are very well prepared for college, compared to only 39% of students attending public school.

That could be your reason right there!

What are some of the other benefits of private school? What is the right choice for your child?

Let’s explore the benefits of boarding school so you can make an informed decision for your family.

5 Benefits of Boarding School

This is an exciting time in your child’s life. What are the benefits of boarding school that will help you decide your child’s future?

1. Your Child Will Learn Independence and Responsibility

Mom and Dad aren’t there to tap the teen on the shoulder to do homework, clean up, study, etc. The child has to learn to be responsible for doing what he needs and to take care of other responsibilities outlined by the school.

Boarding school students learn to navigate life with peers who are experiencing the same ups and downs of life.

2. More Challenging Academics

Boarding schools offer a top-notch education. Boarding school students spend more time learning, studying, reading, and playing sports than public school students.

Boarding schools are not tethered to state tests and have the ability to be more focused on actual teaching and learning than preparing students for a state test.

The main concern is getting students into college and producing well-rounded students.

3. A Structured Environment

Students at boarding schools follow a strict schedule. A full day of school is usually followed by extra-curricular activities, dinner and study time.

There is little time for students to get bored, sit in front of the television, or get themselves in trouble.

4. Teachers Who Love to Teach

Boarding school teachers have the freedom to teach without dealing with the behavioral issues public school teachers face.

There is less burnout. The teachers are specialists in their fields. They are passionate about the subject matter and love sharing it with young minds.

5. Success

Boarding school students are the students competing for spots in the country’s top colleges.

At schools such as Lake Mary Preparatory School, college awareness and preparation begin in 9th grade.

Students are put on a track to choose the right courses, extracurricular activities, and summer activities like community service and enrichment activities.

Fifty percent of all boarding school students go on to earn advanced degrees.

Making the Right Decision for Your Child’s Future

You’ve seen some of the benefits of boarding school. We hope that you feel confident enough to make the right decision for your child. You can’t argue with proven success.

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Classroom Innovation: 5 Emerging Technologies in Education

Classroom Innovation: 5 Emerging Technologies in Education

Advances in emerging technology seem to be sprouting up like weeds. So it’s no wonder that that is also being translated into our educational processes.

A key driver of why these new technologies are developed so quickly is the adaptation of these technologies, both in and out of the classroom. These technologies have also spilled over into professional offices and corporations. Now, these technologies spill and meld between education and corporate and professional training.

There is a need for better, more user-friendly, and more comprehensive technologies. The greater the need, the faster these emerging technologies in education will be developed. Along with that, investments in these emerging technologies in the classroom will become more prominent. This means there will be more resources and more leaders in technology to be available to develop these technologies.

Learning tools being gamified and homework being submitted through the cloud. With that, let’s take a look at how classroom innovation is being affected by emerging technologies.

1. Virtual Learning Combining Public Schools and Home Education

Safety has become a near constant concern for parents when they drop their kids off at school. It’s no wonder virtual school options are increasing in popularity. Virtual learning offers more than just school at home from a computer. It’s now being used in public school systems through tools like video instructions and even chat rooms.

What’s more, many organizations like this company are making strides in virtual learning. Now, the lines between homeschooling and public schooling are becoming blurred. Both are using virtual learning as a staple in their rubrics.

2. Increase in Gamified Education

Games have proven to be a staple in education, as of late, especially in early learning. This trend will continue to increase and become more elaborate. Gaming provides great tools offering instant feedback. This new style of teaching also promotes collaboration with teammates. Through gamified education, students earn positive reinforcement when you meet certain goals and feedback in light of failure.

The trend of incorporating gaming in the classroom will continue to grow. It will also become more elaborate to help students learn new material and reinforce learned skills.

3. Digital Libraries and Cloud Computing

Taking advantage of cloud computing allows schools to have a wider variety of software. With more software, they get more learning tools and educational resources. By using cloud software, schools save time and money on installation and maintenance costs.

It also allows schools the opportunity to upgrade all their technology. Schools can now purchase new laptops and desktop computers throughout the school.

Digital libraries offer similar benefits to schools and classrooms. Not only are e-books cost-effective, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

E-books offer multimedia to accompany it, such as online tests, games, and even group project prompts. Digital libraries also often provide added benefits for students requiring special needs. These can include larger text sizes and read-aloud options.

4. LCD Touch Boards

Touch boards have become a widely popular trend in classrooms for the past decade. Now, though, these handy tools have become much more elaborate and easy to use. These tools have become so user-friendly that many companies offer LCD touch boards. This allows teachers to do virtually the same task that would have otherwise been performed on a computer screen.

LCD touch boards are even completely replacing whiteboards in some technologically advanced classrooms. These boards offer a multi-sensory experience in the classroom. They allow teachers and students to be able to both draw and write on the touch boards at the same time.

This tool promotes collaboration between student and teacher. It also promotes teamwork in student group settings. They also provide an overall better educational experience.

This can be compared to the more outdated overhead projector. The projector proved to be difficult to see with the shadows appearing when the teacher writes on the screen.

5. Big Data

Using data both in and out of the classroom has been integral. Now, with emerging technologies like big data, you can evaluate and apply this data in new and exciting ways.

Information like student test scores is now being taken to a whole new level. Students taking a test are able to be analyzed far beyond simply answering the questions right. Big data actually monitors facial expressions and social interactions with fellow students. This offers a more comprehensive analysis of the student.

There have even been some cases that tools and computer software are able to monitor the heart rate of the student. This can be used as they complete assignments and take tests. These features are great to have as a reference point. What is even more fascinating is the ability to use this information to provide customized recommendations. This can help better teach the individual students based on this facial recognition and expression technology.

What’s Next? Learn More About Emerging Technologies in Education

Emerging technologies of the past are being left behind in the dust instead of newer and more user-friendly technologies. There are soon to be even more complex technologies available for teachers and students.

These emerging technologies are likely to be just the beginning. More new and exciting technological trends in the education industry and beyond. The only limit is the investors and the developers who create them.

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How to Get a 4.0 in College: 5 Tips for New Collegiate Scholars

How to Get a 4.0 in College: 5 Tips for New Collegiate Scholars

Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and now you’re one of the roughly 20 million students enrolling in college.

While college can provide many engaging experiences including clubs, trips, and new friends, it’s important to keep your grades in mind. Even if you were a straight-A student in high school, you may find college more difficult.

Are you feeling anxious about adjusting to the workload of collegiate life?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. Keep reading below for five tips on how to get a 4.0 in college.

1. Avoid Skipping Class

College gives you a sudden increase in free-will.

No more parental figure yelling at you to wake up for school. It will be very tempting to stay in bed instead of heading off to an early morning class.

But skipping class is the quickest way to get into trouble with your grades.

Going to class keeps you up to date on notes and in class discussions. But it also ensures you cultivate a relationship with your professor.

This is true if you take an online class too! Being present and engaged is very important even when not directly in front of a professor.

2. Knowing How to Read a Textbook: Secrets on How to Get a 4.0 in College

Reading a textbook is not the same as reading a novel for fun. You need to know how to scan for important information.

Scanning will give you a quick peek at what you will be reading. Do this by checking the titles, subtitles, and anything in bold. This will give you the main points without taking too much time.

3. Be Organized

There is a lot to keep track of in college. Homework and projects for multiple classes can get confusing quickly.

Consider getting a student planner to write down assignments and due dates. Use binders for class and be sure to keep any tests or quizzes. These make excellent study guides for future exams.

4. Don’t Avoid Studying

Studying is never anyone’s favorite thing to do, but there are a few tips to doing it well.

First, find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted. Maybe you can invest in a coffee pot for some extra energy.

Be sure to know how you learn best. You may thrive on hearing. Consider asking your professor if you can record lectures.

Maybe you are more visual. If so, taking and rewriting notes may be a good tactic for you.

5. Practice Communication Skills

One final tip for getting good grades in college is to work on your communication skills. You likely will do multiple presentations throughout your time, which for some is anxiety-inducing.

Practice any speech or presentation ahead of time. Time yourself and find some friends to practice in front of and ask them for honest feedback.

Know the requirements. Different professors may grade differently. For example, some may require you dress up while others will not.

Good Habits for College and Beyond

As you can see, it’s not complicated. The secret to how to get a 4.0 in college boils down to a few simple habits.

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Top 5 Telegram Marketing Channels to Follow in 2018

Top 5 Telegram Marketing Channels to Follow in 2018

Telegram is a social media platform that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. In fact, ProductHunt included it in its list of breakout products of 2017. The messenger app has created a niche for itself because of its security, free access and quickness. It is not at the present a direct competitor of WhatsApp or Messenger and is popular with entrepreneurs. Business men and women love telegram channels dedicated to certain fields and topics, including general business news, sales and marketing, human resources, productivity, motivation, and many more. In addition, looking into customised banners can be a marketing solution for your business as a traditional method versus a disruptive and digital method of marketing such as Instagram.

Technology telegram channel

In today’s marketplace we must keep up with technology. Just a week away from keeping tabs with what’s happening in the technology space can get you left behind. The technology telegram channels keep you informed about emerging tools and technologies that you can use for your business. Join any of the listed telegram channels below to stay up-to-date with gadget news, tech related tricks and tips, Smartphone launches, etc.:

Telegram eBook channels

These channels make it easy to access and read the eBooks you love. They ensure that you can access your favorite eBooks anywhere, anytime. The eBooks are in different genres. You can choose the channels to follow, access the books you intend to read and start your journey towards increasing in knowledge. Some of the eBook telegram channels you can join include:

HR & Corporate Culture Telegram Channels

In this category of telegram channels, there are various channels you can join to learn about business scaling, corporate culture, employee engagement, leadership, giving and receiving feedback, remote work, and criticisms. These and other human resource telegram channels can also help you with job searching tips. They will give you information about the process of hiring people including how candidates are screened so that you can be better prepared for your next interview. You will also learn how to create a corporate culture that motivates employees for improved productivity.

Motivation and productivity telegram channels

Now and then we find ourselves in need of motivation and inspiration. Companies that do not motivate their employees suffer from challenges associated with reduced productivity. The motivation and productivity telegram channels can help your employees be inspired to work better and achieve more. These channels are filled with charismatic leaders to help entrepreneurs as well as employees boost their confidence in whatever they do. Some of the best motivation and productivity channels you can join on telegram include:

Business news telegram channels

On telegram there are some excellent business news telegram channels that you can join to keep up with the goings on in the business space. Some of the best channels for business that you can join include:

  • The New York Times The New York Times bot collects for you the top and breaking business news where you can read reports and opinions of influencers to better sharpen your business mind.
  • Tech GuideTech guide channel is a collection of web and mobile device and software news. Read about iOS, the PC, Android etc. Subscribe to this channel and stay informed about the goings on in this space.
  • ECS: International Business News – This telegram channel helps you sort out the information available to you on the web to find what you need to read about today. This channel is the perfect platform to read business news from across the globe. The channel will help you with everything business related including growing your business on social media or even how you can make money on Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites.


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In Addition to this, E-learning materials that are may be made accessible to the workforce the whole day.