2019 Sandals Style Guide: 10 Best Women’s Sandals for Any Occasion

2019 Sandals Style Guide: 10 Best Women's Sandals for Any Occasion

Sun-kissed days filled with sand and surf will be here before you know it. Which means it’s time for a serious pedicure to get your winter feet back in shape before you find yourself in the thick of summer’s dog days.

Of course, once your feet look and feel amazing, you’ve got to show off your flashy new toenail polish and soft heels in a pair of stunning sandals. Right?

But what if you’re tired of slipping your feet into another pair of uncomfortable sandals that pinch, rub, and wear in all the wrong places?

Then, change it up with the next generation of summer footwear that combines comfort with affordability and serious style. Here’s the lowdown on the 10 best women’s sandals of 2019.

1. The Greek Platform Wedge Sandal by Dream Pairs

These super-soft, micro-suede sandals come in a fun variety of bright hues to add that perfect pop of color to your summer wardrobe. The straps prove equally luxurious and stretchy ensuring a perfect fit.

If you’re looking for a go-to pair of popular sandals that can transition from day to night with ease, these wedges will do the trick. What’s more, your feet will rejoice every time they sink into the cushioned footbeds.

2. The Perfect Wedge Sandal by Teva

While most women equate Tevas with sport and water sandals, they also come in sophisticated little numbers. Don’t believe me? Check out the full specs on the Teva Ventura Cork 2 Wedge sandals at Barking Dog Shoes.

Among the best sandals for women, they fit true to size and have an adjustable ankle strap for comfort. There’s no toe post to contend with, and they feature stylish metal accents that dress up or down depending on your destination.

3. The Yoga Sling Flip-Flop by Sanuk

Some of the most comfortable sandals on the market, Sanuk’s sleek flip-flops feature soft cloth straps that hug and hold your feet in place. They feature a cushy, supportive footbed that makes them a great walking shoe.

What’s more, they have the versatility to complement everything from a t-shirt and jeans to a frilly summer dress. Wearing these feels about as close as your feet will ever get to Nirvana, and they work beautifully with the trendy fusion look.

4. The Sexi Flip Sandals by Crocs

Crocs footwear has outdone itself yet again with this chic redesign of the classic flip-flop. They offer loads of support and cushioning while still maintaining a sleek, lightweight design.

Whether you’re gardening in the backyard, walking the dogs, or strolling along the beach, they offer both versatility and serious visual appeal. They pair beautifully with sophisticated dresses, yet don’t appear out-of-place with a bikini and cut-offs.

5. The Mayari Sandal by Birkenstocks

Your feet deserve a vacation when summer rolls around. But depending on where you travel, they may actually end up taking a beating. Especially if you find yourself on your feet all day.

But your soles won’t care about all of the extra wear and tear with this great take on cork sandals. While you’re going to pay for the Birkenstock name, they offer fantastic support, particularly for high arches, and are podiatrist-approved.

6. The Eirwyn Wedge Sandal by Clarks

Not only do these wedges look stunning, especially in nude, but they make your feet feel as if they’re treading on clouds. And as for the “heel” aspect, you’ll enjoy the sophistication without the discomfort.

While these sandals don’t dress down quite as nicely as the others, they function well in a variety of more formal settings and can even work well for a wedding. They prove super plush and soft, and they won’t rub or slip.

7. The Breeze Sea Flip-Flop by Clarks

These sandals prove ultra-adjustable and comfortable. In fact, you can adjust the straps on top for a fit like none other. What’s more, they feel so great underfoot that you should seriously consider buying multiple pairs at once.

Of course, they’ll last you multiple summers. But the thought of ever living without them (once you own a pair) will make you hoard them in your closet. Seriously.

8. The Sandy Sandals by Reef

Just because your feet require extra arch support doesn’t mean you can’t wear flip-flops. Instead, pick up a pair of these Reef sandals. Their thick soles provide plenty of traction, support, and durability coupled with a fun, Boho vibe.

They hold up well to heavy use, and their cute, embroidered straps give them serious mileage when it comes to wardrobe changes. Whether you’re dancing the night away in a maxi dress or crabbing in the Gulf, these are all you’ll ever need.

9. The Olowahu Flip-Flop by Teva

These flip-flops have it all. They look sassy and unique with their embroidered, brightly-colored straps. And they mold to the width and length of your feet.

So, you end up with super comfortable sandals that actually stay on your feet. Whether you’re driving, walking, or running, these babies will go the distance all summer long. And they’re so darn cute you’ll want to wear them with everything.

10. The Rose Sandal by Keen

If you’re looking for a low-key sandal that can handle some serious mileage and elevation, then look no further than the Rose Sandal by Keen. A perfect option for summer hiking, they prove lightweight, stylish, and easy to wash.

The midsole offers cushioned support and a hook-and-loop closure for extra top control. The outsole provides optimal traction with a multi-directional lug pattern. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors for the perfect outfit complement.

The Best Women’s Sandals of 2019

The best women’s sandals 2019 combine functionality with fashion-forward appeal. They transition well between casual and not-so-casual looks. And most importantly, they will make your feet feel like a million bucks.

Instead of focusing on band-aids and blisters this summer, go with these trends to stay chic, cute, and comfy.

Ready for more fashion tips to get your summer off to the best start? Follow our fashion blog for the style advice you need to rock the warm weather months and more.

When Jewelry Speaks: A Look at Gemstone Meanings

When Jewelry Speaks: A Look at Gemstone Meanings

Did you know that gemstones have hidden meanings? Throughout history, gemstones were common gifts or adornments thought to bring luck to their owners.

Aside from signifying your birthday month, precious stones also have a variety of health benefits. Some improve circulation while others may ward off evil spirits or bad energy.

To learn more about gemstone meanings, read our guide. Discover the benefits and rich history behind the most popular stones in jewelry.


Garnet is the January birthstone.

The story goes that garnet was one of the stones given to King Solomon. Noah used a garnet to create light on the ark. Egyptians even believed garnet should be inside tombs to light the way into the next life.

When most people think of garnets, they picture red stones. But garnet can come in a variety of different colors.

Today, garnets tie to lovers as the red type symbolizes passion and long-lasting love. Because of this, garnets are traditionally given as a second-anniversary present.


Amethyst is the February birthstone.

Amethyst necklaces were one treasure found in the tombs of ancient Egyptians. It’s thought that this stone was once used as currency.

Ancient Greeks believed amethyst had the ability to protect against intoxication. As such, it’s often used to help those struggling with substance abuse and to stop harmful habits.

Amethyst is also used as a meditation aid and to remove energy blockages.


Diamond is the April birthstone.

This popular stone is the mineral form of carbon. Throughout history, diamonds have been praised for their clarity and brilliance as well as their hardness.

Many believed these precious stones had healing powers and were sometimes used in the Dark Ages for medical aid.

Diamonds are symbols of eternal love and faithfulness.

The use of diamonds in wedding rings is somewhat recent. In 1947, De Beers commissioned an advertising agency to create the famous slogan “A diamond is forever”. This created the idea that diamonds were the only choice for an engagement ring.


Emerald is the birthstone of May.

The oldest discovered emeralds are from Cleopatra’s mines. They also appeared in royal dynasties in the Middle East. Emeralds were one of many precious stones used in the Taj Mahal.

The green color associated with emeralds comes from the application of oils. Every few years the oils may be reapplied to bring out the beauty of this stone.

This stone is often used for physical healing and it is also said that emeralds can help people with broken hearts recover.


Ruby is the July birthstone.

Like emeralds, rubies often appear in the crowns and jewelry of kings and queens throughout history. In Sanskrit, the word for ruby means “king of precious stones”.

Ruby is a powerful healing stone often used for healing the heart in both a physical and emotional sense. Many cultures believed that rubies linked to the power of life because of their deep, blood red color.

There are many gemstone benefits tied to health and emotional well being. In fact, ruby is one of the most powerful healing stones.


Aquamarine is the birthstone of March.

The name comes from two Latin words meaning “water” and “of the sea”. It’s easy to see why considering the beautiful blue color of this stone. Aquamarine is a member of the beryl family.

People that wear aquamarine jewelry believe it increases foresight and intelligence. An old legend says that sailors would use this stone to stop seasickness.


Sapphire is the birthstone of September.

Blue is the most common color for sapphires but they can also be yellow, pink, and white among other colors.

Ancient Egyptians thought clear sapphires had a connection to the eye of Horus. Ancient Greeks thought sapphires connected to Apollo.

Sapphires are often used in crowns and tiaras. The blue sapphire helps with depression and feelings of sorrow or guilt. It is also said to help with anxiety or physical pains.

Sapphires have already made an appearance in runway shows for this year. Combining clusters of natural stones is one of the trends for 2019 and you can be a real fashionista by learning how to accessorize your look.


Opal is one of the birthstones for October.

The word Opal is a Sanskrit word that means “stone”. Most consider opal a good luck stone, but a few think it brings misfortune to anyone not born in October.

In ancient times many considered opals extremely lucky. Ancient Greeks thought opals had the power to lend powers of prophecy and according to Arabian legend, opals came to Earth on bolts of lightning.

So is the opal meaning one of good luck or bad luck? Many agree the bad luck myth stems from a misinterpreted novel by Sir Walter Scott. In the novel, a character dies when a drop of holy water falls onto her opal ring.

Opal has one of the most complex stone meanings. Yet despite the myths, it is often used in realigning your energy and emotions.


Onyx comes from a Greek word meaning fingernail. The myth goes that Cupid clipped Venus’ fingernails and cast them on the beaches after which they became onyx.

Onyx jewelry was often worn by Queen Victoria while she was mourning. Since then, the onyx meaning became tied to the process of healing after bereavement. This stone can also help with fixing bad habits or appearing humble and apologetic in court.

Most onyx isn’t black at all, but brownish with bands. Today, the majority of onyx is dyed and black remains a popular color choice.

Gemstone Meanings and Healing Properties: More Than Just Jewelry

The history behind our favorite stones goes back thousands of years, and certain gems will never go out of style. Now that you know various gemstone meanings, you can start to use them for healing purposes.

Even if you don’t believe in the medicinal purples of these stones, you’ve learned about the history. So the next time you put on a piece of jewelry, you’ll know more about the language of stones and their meanings.

Do you want to find more information on health and wellness topics? Check out our wellness articles for more stories and advice.

Finishing Touches: How to Accessorize Like a Pro, According to Fashion Stylists

Finishing Touches: How to Accessorize Like a Pro, According to Fashion Stylists

The fashion industry is worth 3 trillion dollars but all the cash in the world can’t guarantee a flawless look. Accessorizing is a coveted skill among fashionistas and fashion stylists alike. But how can you best accessorize your look?

Here are some accessorizing tips, straight from the top stylists themselves.

Mix Metals

The days of uniform jewelry are over, and good riddance! Modern runways have ushered in a new age of diversity when it comes to metals. Whether you’re rocking a capsule wardrobe or just like to mix things up, now is the best time to do it.

Warm-toned pieces such as gold necklaces or bracelets (more about them here) are given time to really shine next to contrasting pops of silver or white gold. On the other hand, the right rose gold ring will garner extra attention when paired with lighter metals like silver or platinum.

The key to mixing metals is to choose a dominant shade. Pick your baseline and add contrasting pieces to ensure your mix looks balanced and effortless.

Match in Moderation

Matching your handbag to your shoes to your belt to your… you get the picture. This practice? Out with last week’s Netflix binge.

Top fashion experts recommend mixing things up. Pair your shoes with a contrasting belt; your belt with a contrasting handbag. If in doubt, fall back on the basics of color theory. And don’t be afraid to mix patterns – there’s no better way to ensure your look is as fresh as you feel.

Make a Statement

Statement accessories can make or break an outfit, so it’s essential you know when and how to apply them. Fashion experts recommend employing at least one statement piece per outfit.

The right statement accessory can radically alter a look. Little black dress too classic for your tastes? Turn it hip with a cuff bracelet. Jeans and tee too casual for a Friday night out? Add a statement necklace and heels and you have a look that’ll carry you from happy hour til last call.

Stay in Proportion

If your outfit is a statement unto itself then scale back on your accessorizing. Aim for sleeker jewelry or other understated pieces.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing something more minimalist pairing it with bolder pieces will ensure your ensemble pops. Bold chunky rings are a timeless favorite as are statement shoes. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. There’s nothing worse than an unbalanced look.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Fashion is a form of self-expression and your accessorizing should be no different. Even the most carefully paired necklace will fall flat if you’re not feeling like a million bucks wearing it.

To that end, accessorize with pieces that speak to you – both stylistically and personally. Have an antique bracelet passed down from your grandmother you adore? Start with that and construct your look to best accentuate it. The ridiculous necklace that makes you feel like a mermaid? Find contrasting shoes and rock it.

Fashion rules aren’t set in stone. The best thing you can wear at the end of the day is confidence.

Learn from Top Fashion Stylists

Fashion stylists make it their job to know the ins and outs of the fashion world, and that extends to accessorizing. With some creativity, targeted statements, and an eye toward balance, you’ll be able to accessorize like the pros.

Favorite shoes looking worn? Learn how to clean white shoes here.

Panty Guide: What Should You Wear With Different Outfits?

Panty Guide: What Should You Wear With Different Outfits?

A perfect fit in both panty and bra plays an important role in your appearance. An ill-fitted bra or panty can ruin your personality and affect your dress as well. Different bra styles complement your dresses and panties can make you more comfortable. Most women buy lingerie according to trends, but it is important to know about suitability as well.

There are so many new designs available in bras and panties today; do you know about the best panties for your body type? Well, there some amazing ones that you can add to your collection and feel awesome. Listed are some styles you can consider.

Savona Minikini

Minikini style can never go out of trend. The fit is extremely comfortable and it's perfect for your sexy dresses. You can also wear this style with your sexy silhouettes. It features cotton-lined gusset with the shimmery floral design. The panty style features minimal rear coverage that provides full support and comfort.

The fabric is soft so you will not feel any kind of discomfort. The panty style is available in so many vivid colors so you can take your pick according to your dress style. The floral design gives it an extra edge. You must add this one to your panty collection.

Trenta Low Rider Thong

Trenta low rider thong is perfect for your seamless dresses. The panty style features no rear coverage with a cotton-lined gusset that provides full comfort. It's perfectly trimmed with grosgrain elastic that provides full support. Its semi-sheer style complements every party dress.

The delicate floral pattern gives this panty an extra edge over different panty styles that are available. It also features ultra fine lace for that classic romantic feel. You can also wear this panty to tease your partner. There are two different sizes available in this design.

Italia Hotpant

Italia Hotpant panty style is perfect for your cocktail style dresses. The panty style features moderate coverage at back with cotton-lined gusset. It features a seamless design that makes it perfect for your cocktail dresses.

Its super fine fabric is ultra comfortable and the support is great. The all-over lace trim detail makes it look uber cool. The floral pattern makes this panty style a great choice for your party outfits.

Sheer G-string

The G-string is perfect for the dresses you flaunt in style. With deep cuts, you can choose this panty style as it is extremely comfortable. It features a low-rise fit that gives it a smooth and gentle feel.

It features triangle detail at the center back. The panty style is light in weight and it perfectly snugs your body. The stretchable mesh design takes care of all the details. It's a perfect choice for your curvy body.

Star Bikini

Star bikini panty style is uber cool. In fact, it is amongst the best panties for all body types. It features lace band with semi-sheer detailing. It features cotton-lined gusset with medium coverage.

The low-rise fit design provides ultra comfort. The design is sweet and trendy so it is perfect for any occasion.

There are so many panty styles to choose from, go ahead and take your pick.

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion

Image Source: Google

Change is the fixed constant in the fashion world, giving permanent makeup as a great example of a lasting trend. Be it traditional outfits or western couture, the style keeps evolving and fashionistas love to flaunt only the contemporary fashion. Considering the recent trend fusion is a common style flaunted by the fashion flock. Modern divas are now teaming up the traditional saree with crop top, shirt and even wear a belt. It gives a distinctive look and adds a spark in their appearances. But saree is always traditional which can be accessorized to get a fusion look. There’s ethnic attire which is available in various styles and offers a complete fusion look. Yes, we are talking about Indian salwar kameez that is the latest fashion choice of the fashion flock.

Types of Indian Salwar kameez:

The cut and patterns of the suit usually bring a notable change in the look. While talking about fusion fashion we can’t refer the traditional long kameez with salwar or churidaar style. It’s clichéd. But the three-piece attire can be styled in various ways that can give you a drool-worthy look.

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion white

Image Link: https://bit.ly/2NpIzuu

Palazzo pant with long kurta: This is one of the major fashion trends that you can opt if you want to go with fusion style. Pick an embroidered palazzo and team it up with a long kameez of contrasting shade to cast a spell. Team up your sassy look with a printed scarf or a sleek dupatta. Also, add a pair of danglers to add the extra charm. You can also check salwar kameez online collection from various portals where you will get some stunning styles to flaunt.

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion grey

Image Link: https://bit.ly/2PWahvJ

Sharara pant with short kurti: The style game can be set with sharara pant which is a comfortable choice for parties. Get a short or medium-length kurti and also carry a gorgeous dupata to bring the traditional touch in this classy attire. You can also opt for sharara pant with a slit which will definitely give you a ravishing look. Explore salwar suits online to pair with the pant.

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion black

Image Link: https://bit.ly/2NtphEs

Front slit kurti style: You want to look chic for a party? Invest in a front slit kurta with embroidery or printed work and team it up with colorful leggings, slim-fit jeans or palazzo to set your fashion game on point. There’s no need to carry dupatta as this trendy look exudes a charm that will never go unnoticed. You can pick a deep neck kurti and wear a layered or beads infused neckpiece.

Indian Salwar Kameez & The Fusion Fashion pink

Image Source: Google

Mid-length culottes with kurti: Another contemporary style to be included in your wardrobe is culottes which can be best paired with knee-length A-line kurta. Carry a sling bag to look your fashionable best. This trendy style doesn’t require any dupatta. Make sure to wear your smile and slay the fusion look with great panache.

Salwar Kameez online range can give you more options to buy. From traditional to fusion you can pick any style and make many heads turn with your sartorial choice. Take cues from Bollywood divas and revamp your wardrobe before the grand Indian festival kicks off.

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How to Clean White Shoes

How to Clean White Shoes

It’s behind clear at this time manner girls are plagued with white sneakers. Just one rarely discussed an aspect of these stylish closet staples merely is how one is supposed to hold them so white; behind all, one quick trip to this coffee shop could happen in some clay, dirt, or oil-centric crashes. Celebrities, bloggers, fashion directors, and everyone in within always seem to wear only the whitest of white sneaks. Whence do they clean their white shoes to save them in such natural condition?

We did a bit of investigating to come up with unusual super-helpful methods to keep those babies shining long after you have made the original purchase. While fascinating of these hacks are sincere, like cleaning unique white laces into warm water, fantastic of the other points you will find here genuinely confused us, too. How to clean your white sneakers is never longer a secret.

Arranged you ever look forward at pearly white sneaks merely to feel that self-conscious bowl in your stomach—the effect of realizing your sneakers resemble pretty drab? Don’t know so sorry; it appears to the best of us though it nevermore has to occur to you, again. Get able to take some steps on how to clean white sneakers, and move some life following into your old pair of coated white shoes getting dust in the reverse of your closet.

Use preventative care

Defend your white sneakers, so they wait for cleaner, longer. Snag a container of water and smudge repellent at the shoe store, including spritz away before strutting about in your pristine kicks. Spray some repellent regularly on the surface of shoes including let them dry late. Give your shoes a soft cleaning and spray-session every few weeks.

Clean the soles

While your soles or the rubber showing on your favorite couple of kicks could practice a good scrub, there’s one spot-cleaning process that will slay including it’s apparently not what you believe. Pick up a Magic Eraser following time you a

Rein the store because it will soon become your go-to for keeping sneakers white. Only wet the Magic Eraser with water, and paint your shoes in a circular plan to watch the melamine bubbles work its magic.

Don’t forget the shoelaces

Raise the shoelaces of your sneaks for a sudsy bath. Choose your sink including hot water and combine a few little of your laundry detergent. Massage some laces connecting your finger and index finger including watch them turn from colorless to fab.

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Fashion in Focus: Reasons the Capsule Wardrobe Might Not be for You

Fashion in Focus: Reasons the Capsule Wardrobe Might Not be for You

"Minimalism is not a style. It is an attitude, a way of being. It is a fundamental reaction against noise, visual noise, disorder, vulgarity. Minimalism is a pursuit of the essence of things and not the appearance." -Claudio Silverstein

Today, the minimalist movement has been all the rage, even in regard to the fashion recruitment industry.

In fact, it has penetrated some of the most negligible aspects in life such as home design and fashion as well. After all, in the world of fashion, there is a myriad of ways to interpret the maxim "less is more"  and minimalism certainly fits the mold. However, most individuals with a proclivity for hoarding the latest trends in fashions would find this idea not only ludicrous but downright unimaginable well. In fact, many of them would resist the idea of paring down their clothes seeing as this might significantly limit their options when it comes to their clothing ensembles. However, while minimalist fashion is certainly a good thing--regardless of whether your taste in clothes is largely streetwear clothing or smart casual wear--it is not necessarily for everyone. After all, what is popular and in demand might not exactly sit well with you.

In any case, if the idea of editing your closet does not appeal to you (yet you find yourself pressured to so), it might not just be for you. With this in mind, it is time to revisit the reasons why you do NOT need to purge your closet:

1.) You have more than enough space

Lack of space is specifically the reason why the minimalist movement is engendered. After all, when people started accumulating more clothes, they would definitely have to get rid of their old ones until it became a vicious and toxic cycle of acquiring and disposing of nonstop. For this reason, minimalist fashionistas would choose to live on a limited but stylish number of clothing. However, if you have never been one to have any problems with space, there is no reason for you to throw out clothing.

2.) You dislike having clothes that wear and tear quickly

Unless you have extremely durable and quality clothing, chances are a minimalist wardrobe would inevitably lead to clothes wearing and tearing out more often. In short, they would not last. Even if you do like to pare down your clothes, having a few of your extra pieces might potentially save you from a trip to the shopping mall just for new clothes.

3.) Your work compels you to dress differently than how you choose to dress on casual days

Unless you wear a work uniform, there is a likely chance that your office would require you to wear something befitting the corporate environment scene. If you generally love wearing smart casual clothes even on the weekends, then this should not be a problem. Unfortunately, if you are an individual who prefers to be perceived differently during your downtime, you might need more clothes (and space for that matter).

4.) You like having lots of options

Perhaps the most compelling reason why some individuals would resist editing out their closets is the fact that they love having a lot of options. It can feel incredibly stifling to be constrained to 33 pieces of clothing--especially to fashionistas. If you love mixing and matching and having a diverse closet collection, keep your clothes and forget about paring down.