Preppy Outfit Ideas To Follow The 90s Trend & Look Like A Fashion Bomb!

Preppy Outfit Ideas

Preppy Outfit Ideas look cute and adorable. Whenever the term ‘preppy’ comes, the thought of prep school crosses our minds. The preppy style is a combination of private and prep pieces. Private indicates luxurious pieces, whereas the prep indicates formal and simple outfits. Both combination together pairs well and forms a whole new style. Anyone can pair it up well so if you are planning to build this outfit, then go for it.

That being said, here I’ll put up some ideas for you all and without any further ado, let’s just get started with today’s topic.

Preppy Outfit Ideas

Preppy Outfit Ideas

Preppy fashion is rocking the streets since the 90s, and still, it is preferred by a lot of people. Though it kind of lost its sheen because of grunge and pop-inspired outfits, still a lot of girls do clutch over preppy fashion. It also gives a bossy look, and honestly, this style brings back 90s memories. Who doesn’t love reminiscing good old days?

How to Start With Preppy Looks If you are New into this?

Well, for starters, you need to understand your body type. This is an essential step that is mandatory cause not everything suits everyone. There are different body shapes, and you need to know your body type properly. Though preppy outfits suit almost all body types, it looks best in a triangle, hourglass, and inverted triangle body type.

Next, you need to stock up on some of the essentials to style your outfits according to preppy styles. Let’s now take a look at a few of the essentials that you have in your closet in case you are planning to build up your preppy style.

1. Rugby shirt

These striped shirts are ruling the fashion world for ages. It holds a special place in a preppy outfit stall, and you need to have it in your closet. It looks superb with a pair of slouchy jeans and canvas sneakers. You can even take ideas from celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Ariana Grande, etc.

2. Plaid Skirts

Another preppy style staple is a plaid skirt. You can’t imagine an outfit without this. Most of the preferred styles for these mini skirts are pleated, A-Silhouette, pencil, or skater Skirts. It should be above the knee length cause that makes it look more cute and adorable. Remember, it should not be way too small.

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3. Chinos

At certain points, chinos were highly on-trend. It is still in trend, though. If you want to build a preppy outfit, then jeans are unacceptable. Pair those aesthetic tops with chinos instead. Chinos look elegant and embrace the shape of your body as well. It hugs your legs, making it look a lot sexier than what it looks like wearing jeans. Brown chinos are the most demanded ones as it looks aesthetic and chic.

4. Vest Sweater

Aah, this radiates high school vibes for real. Vest sweaters are highly I’m trend right now and were also back in the nineties. Looks absolutely stunning over a simple white t-shirt and bottom it up with a skater skirt. This combo is made in heaven. It is comfortable yet stylish. Don’t forget your stockings or socks and your sneakers.

5. Argyle Sweater

These cashmere argyle sweaters are everything you need to team up your preppy fashion during the fall or winter season. Evergreen style, and you need to have this in your closet.

Preppy Outfit Ideas

Preppy Outfit Ideas that you can try

In the 50s preppy fashion started to develop, and today it took a different turn. Even the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, loved the preppy fashion and upgraded the style accordingly. When the preppy style started to develop, it was fashionable and chic, but later in 2000, it turned into a nerdy look which for sure nobody liked that much, and later it started to disappear.

After years, it again started to blow up as people were in love with minimalistic fashion and comfortable clothing styles. No doubt preppy outfits ticks both the boxes and came into the list of preferences. Even during fashion week, it blew up. Posh designers started to sponsor preppy outfits for fashion week and whatnot!

1. The Office Look

Pair a white shirt with an A-line skirt, preferably a beige-colored skirt, and layer it up with a nice beige jacket. Wear statement shoes.

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2. The Brunch Look

Wear a nice skater skirt, preferably white color or beige color skirt, or a black skirt looks pretty as well. Wear a nice floral top on top. Try picking a bright color top. Pair it up with nice boat shoes and some dainty accessories.

3. Vintage Preppy Look

This one is my favorite look from this whole lot, honestly. Wear a nice shirt and wear a nice collar or a bow tie around. Team it up with a black A-line skirt and wear a short grey blazer with it. Wear black school shoes with them to make them look cuter.

4. Date Fit

Wear a turtleneck top and pair it up with a flowy dress or an A-line dress. Wear nice boots to elevate the look, and don’t forget to wear a cute dainty neckpiece to gather up the look.

5. Grunge preppy look

Wear a black oversized t-shirt and pair it up with a black tennis skirt or purple pleated skirt. Wear fishnet stockings and black grunge boots to complete the look. This kind of outfit is quite trending right now, so hop on the trend with a touch of preppy style in it. Wear chain rings and ear cuffs to complete the whole look.

6. Barbie look

Wear a pink puff sleeve top and team it up with chinos pants. Add dainty accessories and complete the look with minimal makeup.

Preppy Outfit Ideas

Conclusive Insights

Fashion is all about experimenting and looking for alternatives that suit the best for you. Take inspiration from Hollywood celebs as well to build an outfit. Hopefully, this article was relevant to your hunt. Till the next time, stay stylish and subscribe to our newsletter for more useful content.


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