Travis Barker Net Worth: How Much Wealth Does This Man Possess?

travis barker net worth

If you want to know about Travis Barker’s net worth, then you have come to the right place. Our blog will help you in knowing about Travis Barker’s net worth in detail.

Who is Travis Barker?

Travis Barker is a musician, producer, and very famous drummer from the United States. This 46-year-old man was born on the 14th of November,1975. In the city of Fontana, he was born and started to drum at a very young age. It was because his mother got him a drumming kit when he was only four years old.

Before he joined Blink-182 in the year of 1998, he was playing for the band known by the name The Aquabats. He didn’t play drums in one kind of music only. He started to play drums in various kinds of genres. The genres he played for are country, hip hop, sometimes pop, and alternative rock as well.

Early Career life of Travis Barker

Travis didn’t have an easy way of life. He had to work hard since he was a child. But the thing about Travis Barker was that he was passionate and motivated since he was a child. He got his first pair of drumsticks when he was only four years old. He has been paving his way up ever since then. And he has been motivated and determined about what he wants to do.

Travis Barker Net worth

The net worth of this American drummer and producer is $80 million. He has been on the list of 100 greatest drummers of all-time list in the year 2016.

He had a lot of ups and downs, but he paved his way up, and now Travis Barker net worth of $80 million, which is no less amount. This man was in a plane crash that happened in the year 2008, and his body had more than 60% burns. That did not stop him from paving his way up.

Travis Barker is one of the best drummers in today’s time. Even though his net million is $80 million, he is known to have been spending his earns accordingly. He makes investments that he knows will benefit him.

He spends most of his income on purchasing real estate lands and various properties. Moreover, he owns various rental properties and puts them up for rent as well. In California, he owns a rental property that costs up to $2.8 million. Travis Barker put has put that rental property up for sale at $27,000 a month. So, from this, we can understand that he invests his money exactly where he can benefit himself from.

He purchased a lot of properties, and among them, he owns a home in Calabasas. In the year of 2007, Travis Barker purchased that home for $9.5 million. Apart from this, he also purchased a four-bedroom Cheviot Hills home. Later he sold that home for $4.5 million, which is quite a lot. He has been earning and spending and investing wherever necessary. Apart from the benefits from his personal investments, he is known to be earning quite a good amount of money from his various earnings.

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Like he earns over $9 million from Spotify and around $6 million from his Apple Music Earnings. He also owns stocks of Apple, Amazon, Walmart AT &T. From this. We can understand that he earns a good amount of money from the stocks he owns as well.

travis barker net worth

His Career and Professional life

In the year of 1998, Travis became a member of the band Blink-182. After that, his career skyrocketed, and he released his first album, which was “all the small things”. It became widely popular among the fans and made him famous as well. That song was also listed on billboard #6. In the later part of his life, Travis released five more albums with blink, and that made him very famous. His fandom started to grow slowly, and he became one of the most desired drummers of all time.

He also published his memoir that was solely related to drums. Apart from his drumming career, he was a good actor as well. In this way, we can know about the versatility of this guy. He took part in TV shows like American Pie and The Simpsons.

Amidst all this, he was involved in a plane crash which motivated and inspired him. He used to be addicted to painkillers because of his last divorce. But because of the plane crash, he found a new purpose in his life.

Real Estate of Travis Barker

Travis, in the year of 2014, purchased a four-bedroom home in Los Angeles. The cost of the home was $4 million. After three years, in the year of 2017, Travis Barker sold the same property for $4.5 million.

Travis Barker seemed to be interested in investing and selling his houses, which was a pretty wise choice made by him. In the year 2007, he paid $9.5 million for a mansion in Calabasas, and also he paid $1.3 million for a Rancho Cucamonga home.

He also purchased a 7200-foot square mansion, and in the year 2019, he put it up for rent and started to earn $27,500 each month as he rented that place at that price. We can understand from here that he owns a good amount of money in the present day.

travis barker net worth

What Travis Barker possesses?

Travis Barker’s net worth has now risen to $80 million, which is a lot in recent days. The reason is that he carefully invested his money where he should have and gained a lot of money. Apart from that, he has been one of the best drummers of all time and that earned him his share of income as well. He earned $6 million from Apple Music and $8 million from Spotify. He also received music royalties. Travis has total assets of $52 million, and he also has investments that stand at $37 million. He further owns six automobiles and one luxury yacht.

Travis Barker’s net worth has steadily risen over the years.

He had a net worth of $60 million in the year 2018, and then in the year 2019, his net worth increased and reached the mark of $65 million. Travis Barker’s net worth didn’t stop as it kept on increasing every year. In 2021, his net worth was $77 million, and then in the year 2022, his net worth reached $80 million. This shows that his net worth keeps increasing and may increase in the coming years as well.

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Travis Barker’s cars

Travis Barker purchased a Lamborghini Aventador for one million dollars. This is a pretty good investment and can be considered a good asset as well. Further, he owns a Bugatti whose price is USD 2 million, a Range Rover, and an Aston Martin DBX.

But the drummer didn’t stop here. He is known to be full of insane supercars. He has a Rolls Royse Cullinan, and the price of that car in USD is $335,670, Ferrari Laferrari, which costs $1.4 million, two Mercedes, one Porsche, and at least 6-7 Cadillac Cars. In total, Travis Barker is known to possess 20 cars.

Travis Barker’s Residence

Travis Barker owns a luxury mansion for which he paid $12 million. He further renovated and made some changes to the mansion, which cost him an extra $2 million. After he married the eldest Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, he decided to live in a more peaceful environment where he could spend time with his kids and family. Travis recently remodeled his entire home at Calabasas and turned it into a beautiful mansion.

Common FAQs On Travis Barker Net Worth

1. What disease does Travis Barker has?

Travis Barker has post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, he also has been diagnosed with pancreatitis.

2. Does Travis Barker have children?

Yes, he is a father of two children, one of them is 17 years old, and the other one is 15 years old.

3. Where did Travis work before he started his career in music?

Before Travis Barker started his career in music, he revealed that he used to be a trash collector.

4. Is Travis Barker religious?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. He has a lot of tattoos, but he is a devoted Christian, and he also embraces his religion. There are tattoos on his body that have been inspired by religion itself.

travis barker net worth

Final Thoughts

I hope you like our blog, and it helps you in getting to know everything you wanted to know about Travis Barker. Travis Barker is someone from whom we can be inspired. He never stopped, no matter what came his way.

Even after being involved in a plane crash, he released his own solo albums and paved his way up in the music industry. Now Travis Barker net worth is $80 million, which is indeed a lot. Travis Barker also invested his money where he should have, and now he possesses a good amount of money. This is because he never stopped and continued to follow his passion.

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