Fashion Essentials For Men To Remain A Fashionista At All Times!

Fashion Essentials For Men

In most blogs, we see they talk about fashion for women. Whether it’s outfit ideas or what color to pair with what and even outfit accessories, they all revolve around women. But men’s fashion is just as important. It’s very different from women’s clothing for sure, but even men do need tips sometimes to get the best from their wardrobe. For example, before going out with someone or going to a party, a guy can get confused about what to wear and how to style outfits. It helps if a guy can just follow a blog to take advice on outfits and what to have in their closet and what not.

So, in this blog, we are going to talk about certain fashion essentials for men that every man should have in their wardrobe. These are the basic essentials, and you can start building up from there to have the wardrobe of your dreams. So, let’s get into it!

Fashion Essentials For Men

Wardrobe Fashion Essentials For Men

Below, we are going to list some fashion essentials for men that you need to have in your closet to amp up your look and give you a put-together vibe. Don’t worry. These are not going to be extremely expensive things that you can’t afford. We are going to focus on the basics, which everyone can get from anywhere. And we are not going to only talk about clothes here, but also other fashion essentials. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1. Basic t-shirt

Not only men, everyone should have some basic t-shirts in their wardrobe. Imagine this; you’re going to your friends’ place to chill and hang out, and all you have in your wardrobe are statement pieces and dressy clothes. You are missing casual and comfortable clothes in your wardrobe. So, having a couple of basic t-shirts come in handy anytime. A black and white v-neck/round neck t-shirt is a must in your wardrobe. However, you can make them interesting by switching up the colors and wearing bright colors like red, blue, and yellow.

2. Printed t-shirts

Printed t-shirts are very much in trend now. You don’t have to do much with these as they are a statement on their own. You can just throw a printed t-shirt on and just go out to chill or even go to a party. And finally, you will be comfortable, and you might even be the best dressed there, who knows? However, stick to minimal prints. Overdoing prints can clash with your entire outfit and drag down your look.

3. Shirts

So, we have covered the need for the basics now. But what happens when you have to attend a formal festival, like a wedding? Imagine showing up to a wedding in a white t-shirt or a printed t-shirt. To assure that you do not make such a major wardrobe malfunction, but atleast a pair of dress shirts. Dress shirts come in very handy in cases of sudden invitations. You can style it very easily too. Just a good pair of pants and shoes, and you are good to go.

4. Oversized shirt/t-shirt

If you want to channel your inner fashionista, you definitely can invest in some oversized t-shirts. It’s obviously comfortable and airy, and it can be styled very efficiently. The trend now is oversized printed t-shirts, so you can definitely buy some of them for days you want to channel your inner Instagram model.

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5. Regular fit trousers

A nice pair of trousers can make anyone look great. Most people don’t know the importance of trousers, the right fit, and the perfect color. A good pair of trousers can last you for a long time. It can go with any outfit. You can pair it with any of your t-shirts and even your dress shirts for a formal event. The best thing about regular trousers is their versatility. It can go with anything and look good. So investing in these is definitely in your favor.

6. Flannels

Be it summer or be it winter, flannels are your best friend throughout any season. Flannels come in different colors and sizes and styles, so don’t think they’re all the same. A good flannel will last you a long time, so you can keep wearing and re-wearing it and make new outfits with it. During winter, you can spend money on a fleece flannel. They are extremely comfy and will last you through the entire winter. So, buy a couple of flannels and see your wardrobe change for the better.

Fashion Essentials For Men

7. Well-fitted jeans

As they say, the perfect pair of jeans can change your life. People go years before they can find the right pair of jeans that fit them perfectly and hugs all their right curves. Before you can find a well-fitted pair of jeans, you definitely need to hit the stores and try them on. So, try different brands and find out what’s best for you. Jeans, if it is good quality jeans, can last you for years, so it is a good investment.

8. A trusty jacket

Be it a suede jacket, a windcheater, or a varsity jacket, they all are your most trusted friends when it comes to fashion essentials for men. Imagine this; you are having a lazy day, but you still have to go out and meet people. All you want to do is put on the outfit, which takes the least effort. But, you also want to look fashionable. So, just throw on a cool jacket! It makes every boring outfit look hyped up and makes you look like you really put in the effort. So don’t sleep on jackets now!

9. A pair of Converse

Anyone can say that a pair of Converse is the most classic pair of shoes that you can own. Converse Chucks have been around for years, and people have been wearing them as a staple for many years and more to come. So, if you don’t have a Converse, buy it now! It goes with literally any outfit that you have on, and it’s very comfortable too.

10. Belts

Belts are the best thing that a man can do with having more than one. It is one of the most important fashion essentials for men, and belts really do serve the purpose they were made for. Belts can be classy and stylish depending on the type of belt you buy and the look you are going for. So pick and choose your belt wisely.

11. A suit

A suit might be the most expensive fashion essential here, but it is worth it. Moreover, a suit should be something that should be in every man’s closet despite having an occasion to wear it. Suppose a sudden event might come, so you should always be prepared in that case. You can buy a pre-made suit, or you can tailor one for yourself.

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12. A good pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses might be at the back of your head when you think about fashion essentials, but sunglasses are essential. Apart from protecting your eyes from the sun and making it comfortable for you to look around without flinching, they add a stylish edge to your look.

Fashion Essentials For Men

Fashion Essential For Men – Basic Outfit Ideas

Now, we have discussed most of the fashion essentials that you must have in your closet. Of course, there are a lot of essentials that you might think you need, but these are some of the main things you need to invest in. Now, creating outfits with them is easier than you think it is. Tune in to find out more about how to style the outfits and how to pair them with accessories.

1. Casuals

So, with basic t-shirts, you can style them any way you want. The same goes for printed t-shirts. You can pair them with some sweatpants, cargo, or jeans. The bottom does not matter that much because your t-shirt is the main attraction. For accessories, you can add minimal accessories like some rings or single-layer chains. If you want to layer, then the flannel will come in handy. Layering a flannel means you can get away with wearing a boring outfit. If you want to add more edge to your look, skip out the basic t-shirt with an oversized t-shirt and add more accessories.

2. Formals

When it comes to formals, you can either go for a dress shirt/fitted pants combo or the classic suit. Both outfits are minimal and do not require many accessories to make them look good. However, you can still add minimal accessories to add a personal touch. With the trousers, you can add a sleek belt, and with the suit, you can add gold or silver chains to really complement the cut.

3. Semi-Formal

Lastly, when it comes to styling jackets and converses, you can pair them with any casual outfit. Converse goes well with fitted jeans and a T-shirt combination. Put in a sunglass, and you’re set for the effortless look. And last but not least, a trusty jacket. Throw it over any basic low-effort casual outfit and call it a day. It will immediately make it look like you have put in a lot of effort.

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope that you have found these fashion tips useful and can follow these anytime. You can come back to this blog whenever you want to to get some quick tips that can help you out when you are in a time crunch. So, what are you waiting for? Reinvent your wardrobe now and take your style to another level!


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