Champagne Wedding Dress To Look Outstanding On Your Big Day!

champagne wedding dress

A wedding might definitely just be the most ceremonious moment of your life. A wedding is something that people plan for years. People select their dresses and envision their wedding party, decoration, and everything all in their heads for a long time. But when it comes time to execute it, it’s much trickier. However, everything comes together in the end and everyone ends up happy on the wedding day. However, your wedding dress might not be the one to make you happy if it goes wrong.

When it comes to wedding dresses, people like playing it safe. They stick to the traditional white color and the traditional shape, looking like every other bride in the world. There is obviously nothing wrong with that. However, why not make it a little more interesting? When you wear a champagne wedding dress, the shift in color is so subtle that people will not notice it outright, but it will still make an impact.

champagne wedding dress

Simple Champagne Wedding Dress

We mostly associate champagne with the drink, but the color champagne, too, is as luxurious as the drink. Many designers, especially wedding dress designers tend to go for the champagne-colored wedding dress nowadays. It’s a refreshing turn from the traditional and very common white and off-white wedding dresses.

Since champagne is a color that has hints of yellow and orange in it, it looks beautiful on dresses, especially in sunlight. The color, as we said, is derived from the drink. The drink itself exudes class, prestige, and sophistication. However, it is also a drink of celebration, which goes perfectly with the concept of a wedding.

A simple champagne wedding dress might come off as bland, but we can assure you that it will be the showstopper. With a perfect veil, accompanied by the perfect jewelry and glowing makeup, the bride will be looking like an angel. So, this wedding season, try to shop for a champagne wedding dress to really fulfill the wedding of your dreams.

champagne wedding dress

How to Style Champagne Wedding Dresses?

Now, when it comes to styling a wedding dress, things can go wrong real quick. You can end up with the wrong makeup, the wrong hair, or the wrong accessories when it comes to styling the dress. So now, we are going to talk about different types of champagne wedding dresses and how to style them;

1. Champagne ball gown wedding dress

A ball gown champagne wedding dress is the dress of everyone’s dreams. The ball gown silhouette is an old one, catering to generation after generation. It’s a type of wedding dress which is royal in nature. A ball gown dress has been worn by queens and princesses alike. And you can be a princess too and live your fairytale wedding by wearing a ball gown wedding dress. Add the color champagne on top of that; a color that commands the respect of its own. Pairing both of them together can never go wrong. However, since the ball gown is a show-stealer, keeping the veil, along with the makeup and accessories is recommended. You do not want anything to overshadow the dress.

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2. Champagne mermaid wedding dress

A mermaid wedding dress gives you that earned an hourglass shape. It’s sensual and the bodice of the dress is meant to accentuate your curves and lines. If paired with a sweetheart neckline or a plunging neckline, the mermaid wedding dress is the dress of dreams. And the color champagne really takes away the bold edge of the dress, it calms it down and makes it very wearable and pleasing to the eye. With this type of dress, keeping the hair tied up and makeup minimal is the way to go. Since the lower half of the dress is flared and long, shoes will not be that visible so you do not have to worry about shoes.

3. Champagne A-line wedding dress

An A-line wedding dress is the cheat code of wedding dresses. You can’t find the perfect wedding dress for your body type? You can go in an A-line dress. This type of dress suits every body type. You might be skinny or a bit healthy but it does not matter. With an A-line dress, you would look like you were made to fit that dress. A line of champagne wedding dresses is very prevalent since the style of the dress is so regular. With an A-line dress, you can do anything with your hair and makeup. You can go heavy with the veil too.

4. Champagne sheath wedding dress

A sheath wedding dress is made to wrap around your body as it is. It does not change the shape of your body or give you some illusion of a different shape. It just highlights your natural shape and brings out the best of your figure. Out of all the wedding dresses, this is the one which looks the most modern. A champagne-colored sheath wedding dress can easily be styled with a short veil, natural, airbrushed makeup, and some minimal heels.

5. Champagne jumpsuits wedding dress

Jumpsuits as a wedding outfit are really uncommon. Almost no one takes the route of the jumpsuit and sticks with the regular wedding dress. However, if you are the type of person to do what you like, regardless of tradition and all, the jumpsuit might be the best choice for you. It’s easy to carry, and gives you a polished modern look, making you look like a strong woman of this generation. And when it comes paired with a champagne color, it’s a wedding outfit that will stay in people’s minds forever.

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6. Champagne two-piece wedding dress

The best thing about two piece wedding dresses is how fun it is. Two-piece wedding dresses are perfect for a summer wedding. It is airy and breezy, allowing you to be fully comfortable. Two-piece wedding dresses also look very modern, and it is very sustainable too. You can wear them again even after your wedding and it does not have to waste away in a box. However, to style it, you can go in any direction you want. You can add flowers to your veil and go for a bohemian look. You can even experiment with your makeup a bit, adding fun colors to it. Add colors that will enhance the champagne color of the dress.

These are some of the styling tips you can use. Of course, you can go your own way with styling, but this is just to help you out so that you do not panic and get all the help that you need at the last moment.

champagne wedding dress

Final Thoughts

So, we have come to the end of this blog. I hope we have sold you on the appeal of a champagne wedding dress. It’s the new era of wedding dresses, which means there is no room for boring dresses. It’s all about interesting color schemes and color palettes. So go on and have the wedding of your dreams wearing your beautiful champagne wedding dress.

However, don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which of the champagne wedding dresses you like!


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