3 Amazing Facts About Hyundai


If you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic. Whether it’s from road construction, an accident, or just a good-old-fashioned gaper’s delay, most of us spend an average of two hours on the road each and every day. Some people listen to music to make the time go by, others whip out a trusty podcast, and others call their mom and let her describe her new favorite YouTube videos until the jam clears up. But have you ever looked around and wondered, what’s the story with these people, things, and places around me?

It’s likely that you’ll be stuck near a vehicle made by Hyundai at some point in your trip. After all, they are very popular cars that people all over the country are eager to buy. But have you ever stopped to wonder, what makes these cars so special? Even if you own one, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about the company. Let’s take a look at three things you probably didn’t know about Hyundai.

Hyundais are high quality vehicles made in South Korea and shipped to the United States. Click here: https://www.actionhyundai.com/ for more information about these cars. When they were first exported in nineteen seventy-two, they caused a sensation stateside. Their sleek designs contrasted with the big, wide American cars that were popular at the time. If you’ve ever seen an El Camino or a Mustang, you know the type of blocky car that was in style back then.

When Hyundai first brought their cars to the United States, it wasn’t long before they had set a major record. They were the first car manufacturer located outside of the continental US who had outsold their American counterparts. Once consumers were introduced to the sleek, tidy look offered in other countries, there was no going back. Today, imported cars stand side-by-side with our brands. That’s the beauty of capitalism – the best products endure!

The next fact about Hyundai is truly out of this world! In the early two thousands, NASA was in talks with the international space station about what was next for the final frontier. America had been to the moon more than thirty years ago, and people were losing their passion for space. They needed something to get people inspired again.

They decided that they would send a car up to the international space station (ISS) to test whether or not an internal combustion engine would work in a vacuum. Click this link to find out more about the ISS. There were a few different makes considered for the prestigious honor, Hyundai being one of them. They needed a car that would be solid and reliable under the best conditions in order to truly test their efficacy in space. That made Hyundai a prime candidate. 

Ultimately, the Americans chose an American made car to send up to space. But who knows what would have happened if they had sent a spunky Korean car instead? Maybe we would be driving them on the moon by now!

We’ve been looking at the history of the brand so far, but the last fact on our list is a current one. Known as an innovative brand, Hyundai is outperforming even luxury brands with their current features.

One that may surprise you is the auto hold feature. When this is activated, all a driver needs to do to stop their car is lightly tap on the breaks. Then the car waits to start up again until the driver signals it. This means that when you’re stuck in traffic, you don’t need to wear out your foot and ankle pressing down on the brake while you’re just sitting around.

This feature, coupled with cruise control, makes it the obvious choice both for city drivers and for people who love to take road trips. If you’ve ever been stuck in endless traffic outside of Las Vegas in the middle of the night with no end in sight, you can appreciate how great this feature can be.


This feature was introduced two years ago and now is available in nearly any make of these fabulous cars. Check out the history of passenger vehicles in America by clicking this link. It’s a must if you’re the sort of person who loses focus when your mom is babbling about her YouTube videos (do all moms watch crafting tutorials online and then relay them to their kids? It sure seems like it). 

So next time you’re stuck sitting in traffic and you see someone behind the wheel of a Hyundai, feel free to take the opportunity to share these facts with them. They will probably be impressed. And who knows, you might make a new friend out of the deal. And who, in this world, truly has enough friends?

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