Why your friendship with your school friends is the best relationship you can ever have?

Yes. We are talking about friendship while talking about ‘relationship.’ It might seem funny because the moment we hear the word ‘relationship’ our mind instantly hints towards our romantic relationships. Actually, in today’s world, words like ‘relationship’ and ‘commitment’ are ridiculously and exclusively connected to our relationship with our romantic partners. So, while we yearn for a relationship in this world, our vision thus becomes narrowed down to only our girlfriends or boyfriends. This perspective about the word ‘relationship’ is, therefore, ridiculous. Men are social creatures. Thus automatically, we are in a relationship with our family members, our friends, our colleagues. Those are relationships too. The thing we generally want from any relationship is support. We want someone who will be on our side without being judgmental. We want someone who will emotionally support us. These are the leading cause for which we crave for a partner.

Which relationship is the best?

So now, if you are an adult and you have your school friends as your leading core friend group, then my dear, you are in eternal bliss. Yes, you heard it right. Here I am not talking about any soul-mates or life-partners. I am talking about school friends who are there for you through ups and down in your life. Now if you have a regular face to face communicating relationship with your school friends’ groups then my friend, it is truly the best relationship you can ever have. Why so? Let’s dive in.

  1. They molded with you while growing up

Yes. In school life, the friends we met are the friends you grew up with. Now you might ask, ‘so what?’ Even if they grew up with us, how does that matter? Yes. That matters. When you are in your childhood, you are nothing but a blank slate. And your school friends are blank slates too. That means you met those friends, without any preoccupied ideas, without any prejudices or any judgments. You did not have that kind of judgemental ability at that age. So, when you meet new friends, you accept them without any presumption. You gradually grow up with them. That means you construct your whole hypothesis, ideology with them. That kind of acceptance of other persons can only happen in childhood. So, we mold ourselves with our childhood school friends. So, they are already a pattern of that mold. In turn, they are a pattern in the architecture of our personality. Thus, no other relationship is purer than that relationship.

  1. The only people to accept you without any judgment

In this awful world, everyone is judging you based on your status, family, or even based on the clothes you wear. Only if other people find your status is matching with theirs or at least higher than theirs; they will try to be your friend. But in the case of your childhood friends, it is not the same. As I have said earlier, they accept you without any prejudice or preoccupied idea of status quo. That means they allow you without any judgment. They listen to you without being judgmental.

  1. Free of inhibitions

In the adult period, every relationship we make is based on some level of formality. Our relationship with them may be less formal or more formal. But the ceremony is always there in any relationship we make in adult life. But on the other hand, our relationship with our school friends is devoid of any hint of formality. While we became friends with our school friends, we did not have any inhibitions. So, we fought a lot if you felt angry. We played a lot together. We laughed a lot together without any restraint of inhibitions. That purity and freshness are hard to find in adult life relationships. Everything we do in our adult life relationship, there is always a tinge of formalities and inhibitions working in the background of our mind. Now, if a relationship is contaminated with a tint of repression that is not a real relationship. Your heart will be on restraint while communicating with them. So that is not the relationship you want.

  1. Can tell you harsh truths

The most crucial thing in any relationship is honesty. Honesty is the binder that holds a relationship together. You cannot achieve pure goodness if you cannot speak the harsh truth. And trust me, your school friends are the only persons who can excel in that department. You grew up with them without trying to be formal or polished so that they cannot get hurt. That means you grew up with them by always frankly telling what is in your mind, always telling the harsh truths. So, it is your school friends that you need in your life as someone is required in your life to speak the truth.

  1. You can vent your frustration however you want

Being in a rat race of this ultra-modern world generates failures. Be it from your colleagues or boss or family. It would be best if you vented those frustrations for a healthy psychological condition. What can be better than your school friend group to help you with that? You can pour your hurt out, pour your frustrations out; they will listen to you without being prejudiced. They will never think of you any less if you show them your pettiness, your demeaning failures. So now tell me, fellas, where can you get this type of friend? Where can you get this honest and pure relationship? It can only happen with school friends. Now, if you try to vent your deep petty frustrations or thoughts with your adult life friends, they will instantly judge you and think less of you.

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So, fellas, trust me if you are in a city where all your school friends live; you are already the luckiest person in the world. For most people, their school friends are not in their cities. They cannot communicate face to face with them. If you have your school friends in your town, get your ass up and try to meet them. There is no doubt that you will instantly find that real, honest, and supportive relationship that you are yearning for years with your school friends.

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