Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends: 9 Mind-blowing Ideas To Surprise Your Besties!

Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends

Birthday gifts are a way of showing fondness and care for your loved ones on their special day. If you are attending the birthday parties of friends who love to joke around you, that is your fun-loving friends, why not give them something that will make them laugh in return? Birthdays are special, and so are birthday gifts! Many years later when they see your gift, it should still make their stomach hurt from guffawing. It is recommended to present handmade birthday gifts because according to reports, handmade gifts are special. The birthday girl, or boy, will know that you have invested a lot of time and thought into making her or his present. They would know that you, the person who is gifting the present, know about his or her likes otherwise dislikes and value their choices! So, let’s take a look at all the funny birthday gifts for friends in our following segment!

Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends

For comical and fun-loving friends, you can easily customize funny birthday gifts that will bring a smile to their faces. You must be wondering how to buy or make these kinds of funny birthday gifts for friends. Do not worry, because we are here to your rescue! We have some funny birthday gift ideas for friends and loved ones.

There are a few DIY (Do it yourself) projects at first, and then there are funny gifts at some online shops and apps too, if it is your last-minute preparation. There is no trouble at all, if you are making handmade funny gifts for friends because it is hassle-free and easy! Scroll down for funny birthday gift ideas for friends!

 1. Parcel Of Insults

The only group of friends who can take any kind of joke- are your fun-loving ones. So, if it is their birthday, pack them a parcel of insults and pair it with a pretty birthday cake. Making this funny gift for your friend is uncomplicated and easy. First, take an A4 size paper and cut it equally into four pieces. Now take a piece of paper, and along with a marker, jot down a funny insult on it. For example, ‘You have the attention span of a popsicle in the month of July!’

Similarly, make at least fifty of them and stack them all together. Now, using a shiny red ribbon tie them all together. Once it is packed nicely, find a wooden box if you can. Otherwise, you can also make a box with cardboard. Cover the cardboard box with colored chart paper and on top of the box, write with a thick marker, “Parcel of Insults.” Fill the cardboard or wooden box with the stack of paper, therefore your handmade funny birthday gift for your friend is ready!

2. Funniest Best Friends Forever Agreement

This is one of the most stress-less and easiest ways to make a funny birthday gift for a friend. Make an agreement form using a printer. It is very simple. From the internet, check out some agreement contracts. Now using MS Word print out the format exactly as it is in the form. In the contract, you can write, “Both the First Party and Second Party Have Decided to be the Funniest Best Friends Forever, unconditionally.”

Below that, you can print out some funny terms and conditions, for example, “Our faces must cure the world together since the doctor told us laughter is the best medicine!” Make at least five to ten terms and conditions and below that you can put down boxes for signatures. Trust me, this is going to turn out one of the funniest birthday gifts for friends. Since it is an agreement, your friend is going to keep it safely in the locker, and look at it and have a good laugh, later in their life.

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3. Secret Scented Candles

This handmade gift is a bit time-consuming, but the results are worth it! For this, you need glass jars, some wicks, wax, flower or vanilla extracts, strips of glossy paper, and a permanent marker. Melt the wax. Mix flower extract like jasmine or vanilla extract into the wax to make it scented. Put the wick inside the glass jar and pour some wax into the jar. Let the wax set. Cut the strips of paper into small cube pieces so that they can fit a word. Make a paraphrase like, ‘You are as bright as your favorite color- beige.”

Arrange it neatly on the solid wax using a tweezer. Now pour the rest of the melted wax to cover the quotation. You are ready with not only a funny but also a sharp-witted birthday gift for your friend. It would look like a normal scented candle from the outside, but when you light it up, it is going to reveal one of the funniest traits of the birthday boy or girl. You can also write “Secret Message Inside” on the walls of the candle, giving it an appealing and mysterious look!

 4. Certificate Of Unpaid Therapist

It is said that laughter is the best medicine, which makes fun-loving friends’ doctors and therapists. Honor your friend with the title of an ‘Unpaid Therapist’ and make him or her smile on their birthday, by presenting this cutely dumb and funny birthday gift. It is a simple process. Print out a certificate honoring him or her as an unpaid therapist. For a more real look, laminate the certificate. With a bouquet commemorate your friend with this funny gift.

 5.  Customized T-shirt

Yet another easy and last-minute funny birthday gift idea for your friend. This can be done in two ways.

Number 1:

Buy a white T-shirt from any shop. Buy some fabric paints. With the help of fabric paint, write funny quotes on the t-shirt like, “Even a salad has better dressing sense than me!” and keep it aside to dry it. Once dry, iron it and fold it neatly. Pack it up using gift-wrapping paper and present it to the birthday boy or girl. We are sure they are going to love it.

Number 2:

If you are running short of time, you can go to any printing shop and get a personalized T-shirt printed. Another advantage of printing the funny quote on the T-shirt is that you can use different kinds of fonts and designs for the quotation. Hence, this is another idea for a funny birthday gift for your friend.

6.  Customized Magic Mug

This one works like secret message candles. To get a customized magic mug, you need to go to gift shops or souvenir shops since they sell them. You can make the personalized message for them. For example, when the mug is empty or filled with cold water, it should print, “Sorry for calling you an idiot!” When the hot water is added to the cup, below this quotation, it should print, “I just thought you knew it!” Believe it or not, this gift item is going to be the talk of the party!

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Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends

7. Personalized Fake Medal

Just like the customized magic cup, this is going to be one of the head-turners at the birthday party. To make a personalized medal, take a piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a circle. Now, cover the cardboard circle with glue and sprinkle some gold-colored glitter to represent a gold medal! Punch a hole into the fake medal and through the hole, tie a ribbon through it. On the ribbon you can write with a marker, ‘World’s funniest friend’

So, if you think, the gift which you have selected for your friend’s birthday is not funny enough, you can present him with this fake medal along with the real gift. You can place your reliance on us, this fake medal is going to raise the bar of your boring gift.

Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends

8.  Book of Unusual Knowledge

Firstly, you need two most important things for this birthday gift- one, an empty journal. Two, a few hideous pictures of your friend. Now here you must get creative! Write funny quotations about your friend and paste his comical photographs all over the pages. You can make fake scripted stories about him or her so that the journal looks more amusing. Cover the journal with a book cover and on top of that, write, ‘Book of Unusual Knowledge.’ At the end of the day, it is all your imagination and creativity that will help to make funny birthday gifts for friends.

Funny Birthday Gifts for Friends

 9. Personalized Wooden Award

Go to any local furniture shop and get a fake wooden award personalized for your friend on his birthday. You decide what structure you want the award to be and then you tell the wood cutter to shape it accordingly. Engrave your friend’s name along with a funny comment on the award. Present him the award along with a bouquet. As a result, this becomes another funny birthday gift for friends!

Conclusive Insights

I would like to conclude by saying that a birthday present can signify a lot of things. For example, how much you adore the person, or, how much details you remember about him. Have faith in us, these funny birthday gifts for friends can be a show-stopper if you follow the above ideas earnestly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What can be a thought-provoking gift for my best friend?

Ans) Secret Message Candles.

What funny gift item can I present my best friend with?

Ans) You can make a handmade Parcel of Insults.

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