7 Obvious Signs He Likes You & Top Indications To Understand Your Soul Mate!

When a guy likes you, it can be extremely confusing to figure out how much. Guys show emotions differently than girls do, and it can be extremely confusing to understand if he is into you or if he’s just being friendly. But if you know what to look out for, and what patterns to notice, you’ll realize the obvious: guys make it extremely obvious that they like you, you just don’t know how to recognize it. However, this blog is here to help with that. Today, we are going to talk about 7 obvious signs that he likes you. So, if he does some of this repeatedly, you can be assured that he’s into you.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

7 obvious signs he likes you

Let us now check out the 7 obvious signs he likes you in this particular section!

1. Eye contact

The first sign that a guy is fond of you is eye contact. The art of eye contact can be tricky to navigate but when someone likes you, they try to gauge your emotions by looking at your eyes repeatedly. Eyes are the mirror of your soul, as some people say. So, when a guy is really fond of you, they tend to look into your eyes more to figure you out. It makes the situation more intimate, and the guy is subtly trying to say that he sees you a bit more differently than other people do.

2. Memorizing small details

The second we have on the 7 obvious signs he likes you is this one. Guys are forgetful by nature. They only tend to remember things that mean something to them. This might come off as stereotypical but guys generally tend to forget what they had for breakfast. However, if he remembers small details about you and your life, he definitely is into you. For example, he remembers the song that you told you liked a lot and also remembers one particular dessert you liked at a particular restaurant. This way, he’s showing you that he wants to get to know you more, and small details about you and your life matter to him a lot.

3. Compliments

Compliments can mean a lot of things when it’s coming from a guy. Guys tend to compliment girls more usually. So you need to figure out what type of compliment the person is giving you. You will notice that your guy friends will usually compliment in a generalized manner. But the person who likes you will somehow make the compliment more specific to you. So, instead of sometimes saying “that dress looks nice” he’ll say “that dress really bring out your eyes”. He’ll always try to make the compliment about you only. And he’ll complement you repeatedly, even when you’re not dressed up or doing anything.

4. Asking about you

If he likes you, you’ll see that he will ask around about you a lot. If you have a friend group, he’ll ask your friends about your life details, what you are up to, who you’re dating, what’s your type, etc. This way, the guy confirms if he has a chance or not from the closest people in your life who know you well. He might also ask your best friend continuously if he has a chance with you or not. He can be subtle or overbearing depending on how much he is fond of you.

5. He’s funny around you

Now, this might be a bit difficult to navigate. Some guys are generally funny and they try to make everyone laugh. However, if you know the guy personally and you know that he’s shy around everyone but is still trying to make you laugh, then he’s definitely trying to impress you and make you happy. Guys tend to change their behavior around girls they like in order to make the girl happy. They put in the effort in the beginning to really impress the girl, and making you laugh is one of their ways.

6. Teasing

If he likes you, there is a chance that he might tease you about something you do, or make fun of you jokingly. Guys have this habit of teasing the girl they like to show just how much they like her. So if they tease you about your hair, or how short you are, it’s a passive way of them saying that they like you a lot. This is a weird way of showing emotions, but guys do this even as children, so it’s a part of how they grow up.

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7. He keeps texting you

The final point about the 7 obvious signs he likes you is this one! When a guy likes you, he’ll do anything to spend more time with you, and increase conversation. This means he’ll try to initiate plans with you, get to meet you, and most of all, text you a lot. He’s trying to get to know you, and texting you is the most convenient way for him to get to know you without making his feelings not that obvious. However, if he constantly keeps you texting at all times of the day, there is a chance that he is fond of you a lot. So look out for that.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

Signs he likes you but is playing it cool

Sometimes, a guy can like you a lot but he can hide his emotions by playing it cool. When says the same he might want to keep his distance at times, be nonchalant about you, but secretly care about you and ask around about you. Below, we have given three signs that he likes you but is playing it cool:

1. Body language

His body language is a clear giveaway of his emotions. Even if he’s pretending that he doesn’t care about you that much, his body language will give it away. If he likes you a lot, he’ll mirror your actions, he’ll start behaving like you. And if he’s around you at times, he’ll decrease the proximity between you two gradually and try coming closer.

2. He’s hanging around you

Guys do this a lot and think that girls don’t notice. If a guy likes you and is trying to play it cool, he’ll hang around you and not with you. This way, he decreases the space between you two without coming in too hard and fast. So, you’ll see him and his friends hanging around you at times. You might eventually become part of the same social group, and simultaneously, the proximity decreases between you.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

3. Accidental touches

Accidental touches are not so accidental when a guy likes you. When he’s trying to make it not that obvious, he’ll touch you or be near you constantly to show it more. Accidental touches can be an innocent hand brush, he might lean against your shoulder, whisper things into your ear, or always find ways to sit beside you or stay around you. If this keeps increasing gradually, it means that he is adorned by you and wants to get closer to you physically.

4. Dilated pupils

Research has shown that when you look at something you like or admire, your pupils dilate. This is the ultimate body language sign to look out for when you think that a guy has feelings for you. We have already talked about the importance of eye contact. However, a direct giveaway of a guy’s feelings is when he’s making eye contact with you and his pupils dilate just by looking into his eyes. Keep in mind that he has no idea that his pupils are dilating like this and he’s not aware of it himself.

5. Protective behavior

When a guy is fond of you, he becomes a bit overprotective towards you. This can show up in many forms. He might hold your hand while crossing the road, always keep an eye out for you, take care of you when you’re sick. On day to day basis, he’ll always stay beside you no matter what, just in case something happens and he can control it to some extent. This protective behavior will increase if his feelings for you increase so look out for certain signs like these.

6. He always faces you

This is a subtle but very clear indication of his feelings towards you. When he is into you, his body will always face towards you. He’s doing it subconsciously, but his behavior towards you will be more open and approachable. He will sit facing you, he’ll look at you constantly, and he might even touch your hand at times. So, compared to others, his body language towards you will be more direct and open. You’ll notice that he doesn’t behave the same way with his other friends, even those who are girls.

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7. Leaning in

Leaning in is a very direct way to show someone that you like them. So, if you find a guy continuously leaning in to talk to you, or listen to you, it’s an obvious sign that he is fond of you. He might lean in at times to whisper something in your ear, or to say something, he’ll bring his face close.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You

Signs he likes you more than you think

There are some very obvious signs that a guy likes you more than you think, and he’s getting serious about you. Here are three signs that he is into you more than you think:

1. He gets personal

When a guy starts sharing deep things about himself with you, he’s getting personal and he is appealed by you a lot. People usually share their personal things to people they trust a lot and hold in high regard. So if you see he’s telling you things about his family, childhood and his relationships, it means that he is delighted by you a lot and values your opinion more than you think. He’s trying to get to know you on a personal level and he wants you to do the same.

2. Introducing friends

If he introduces you to his other friends, it means he’s serious about you and is fond of you more than you think. Guys only introduce their crushes to their friends when they like them a lot. So, if you see that he’s constantly trying to get you to hang with his friend group, just know that he likes you. His friend group has heard a lot about you, and he’s sealing the deal on his feelings by introducing you to his most important people.

3. He makes time for you

He likes you a lot when he goes out of his way to make time for you. Guys don’t usually do this unless they like you a lot. However, if they do, they’ll try to adjust to your schedule and make time for you. They’ll try to share their happy moments with you and involve you in their life a lot.

Conclusive Insights

So, we have come to the end of this blog about 7 obvious signs he likes you and much more. I hope these tips were helpful and you found some points you can relate to. So, if you read this blog and find out a guy is really into you, then it’s a huge win! Keep following this for more tips and tricks!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s Section)

1. What to do when a guy is fond of you?

When a guy into you, and he makes it obvious, you need to figure out your own emotions. If you like him, you can encourage his feelings towards you. However, if you don’t like him, you can distance yourself from his advances and put some boundaries between you guys.

2. How to approach when you like a guy?

Now, when you like a guy, you need to play it cool. Be subtle in your approach and not overbearing. Show him that you like him by doing acts of service, but don’t overdo it.


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