Sophia Smith Parents & All You Need To Know About Them In 2023!

Sophia Smith Parents

Women’s soccer is getting as interesting as the days pass by. Women these days are investing themselves in soccer and pursuing soccer as their dream and career as well. Sophia Olivia Smith is one such soccer player who with hard work achieved success and now she is widely known around the world as well. This soccer player has piqued the interest of many soccer players and sports enthusiasts around the world. This girl is only 23 years old and people say that she is going to be one of the top players and a soccer star soon enough. If you are someone who is equally curious about her, then you have come to the right place. In our blog, we will be discussing Sophia Smith parents and a lot more.

Who is Sophia Smith?

Before knowing about Sophia Smith parents, let’s get an idea about Sophia Smith first.

Sophia Smith can be considered as a rising star who was born in the month of August 2000. This means she is only 23 years old at present and has been able to become a prominent member in women’s soccer as well. She is known to play as a forward for Portland Thorns FC. She is also known to be playing in the United States national team. In the year 2022, she was the US Soccer Female Player of the Year as well. Sophia Smith is known to have attended Stanford University where she played for the Cardinal as well. Furthermore, she even competed for the United States as well as under 20 and under 17 as well. Sophia Smith was named the NSWL Player of the Month for two times as well. In 2023, she was named the second time as she scored six goals in four matches.

Sophia Smith Parents

The early life of Sophia Smith

Before knowing about Sophia Smith’s parents, let’s take a glance at Sophia Smith’s early life to get a better understanding of her parents as well. She was born to her parents who are known as Mollie Smith and Kenny Smith. Since her early days, Smith started playing co-ed soccer and she liked playing as well. With Arsenal Colorado, she won two state cups in the year 2012 and in the year 2013.

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She then attended Fossil Ridge High School where she played soccer and was on the basketball teams as well. In her school because of her good games, she was named First-Team All-Conference. She used to play in the varsity basketball teams as well. She later got into Stanford University and she even played for the Cardinal. At Stanford, Smith was even named the ‘College Cup’s Most Outstanding Offensive Player and she was able to earn all-tournament team honors as well. In the year 2023, Smith joined the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup and was named to the US. In the first stage match, Smith was able to earn the title ‘Player of the Match.’

Who are Sophia Smith parents?

Sophia Smith’s parents are Kenny Smith and Mollie Smith. Sophia Smith was born to loving parents and they are a source of inspiration for her in this world. It is because of her father she started playing soccer and she was raised with care all her life. Sophia Smith has told her fans how her parents play a very important role in her journey to success. Sophia Smith as of today has become an inspiration for many girls around the world and she gives the credit to her parents.

Sophia’s parents have been a constant support and they even were a motivation during her early days. She has been able to count on them since the beginning of her career. Her parents have been by her side during her falls as well as during her triumphs. They have built a strong foundation for their daughter and that made her strong throughout her success journey. They are her biggest supporters and that is one of the best things. Sophia has two more sisters who go by the names Savannah and Gabrielle. Her siblings are even involved in basketball and soccer as well. Her family is entirely committed to sports and all their children have been done great athletic achievements.

Sophia Smith Parents

Sophia Smith Father

Sophia Smith’s father goes by the name Kenny Smith, and he is a huge inspiration in her life. She saw her father as a role model and she followed his rules properly which helped her to gain success. Her father, Kenny, himself is from a sports background which helped Sophia in the long run. Kenny has been there with Sophia during all her matches and hardships and he guided her towards the right path. And the best thing about her father is that he made sure that Sophia got the proper education apart from pursuing her soccer career.

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Sophia Smith Parents

Sophia Smith Mother

Sophia Smith’s mother, Molli Smith has been spotted at all the matches played by her daughter. She has always provided the emotional support to Sophia that she deserved and supported her dreams like her own. Mollie has been an athlete herself and she values the path her daughter has chosen. She has always provided Sophia the judgment and the motivation she needed to move on with her life.

Conclusive Insights

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. Sophia was born to a loving family and to loving parents who made sure to support Sophia in her journey to success. They have been with her during her success and during her hardships, providing the proper advice she needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Sophia Smith have siblings of her own?

Yes, Sophia Smith has two siblings and they go by Gabrielle Smith and Savannah Smith.

  1. How old is Sophia Smith?

Sophia Smith is 23 years old, as she was born on 10th August, 2000.

  1. Who is Sophia Smith dating?

Sophia Smith is currently with Michael Wilson.


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