Pat Robertson Net Worth 2023: Career, Early Life, Real Estate & Much More!

Pat Robertson Net Worth

Pat Robertson is a familiar name, right? Yes! You guessed it right. Also known as Marion Gordon Robertson, the name belongs to a prominent American media mogul, religious broadcaster, political commentator, presidential candidate, and Southern Baptist minister. You must be interested to know about Pat Robertson net worth so this article is the best one for you

Basic Information

Real Name Marion Gordon Robertson
Birth Place Lexington, Virginia, U.S.
Date of Birth March 22, 1930
Date of Death June 8, 2023
Age 93 years old
Years Active 1961-2023
Height 5’8”
Weight 79 kgs
Parents name Absalom Willis Robertson and Gladys Churchill
School McDonogh School, The McCallie School
College/University Washington and Lee University
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Male
Marital status Married
Spouse Dede Elmer
Children Gordon, Tim, Elizabeth Robertson & Ann LeBlanc
Profession American Commentator

Pat Robertson Net Worth

Pat Robertson net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 Million as of November 2023. 

Early Life and Education

Robertson was born on March 22, 1930 in Lexington, Virginia. Coming from a well-established family, his father, Absalom Willis Robertson, was a Democratic Senator, and his mother, Gladys Churchill, was a talented musician and housewife.

He was nicknamed Pat by his brother Willis Robertson Jr. Robertson had a privileged upbringing and received a quality education. He graduated with an honors degree from The McCallie School. It was in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He even earned a B.A. degree in history from Washington and Lee University. 

Robertson even studied at New York Theological Seminary and Yale Law School.  


Robertson was born into a political family, and after he graduated from Washington and Lee University, he served two years in the Marine Corps. 1959 was the year when he graduated from New York Theological Seminary. In 1961, he became an ordained Southern Baptist minister. He started the country’s first Christian television station ‘The 700 Club’ in 1960. In 1978, he went on to found CBN University in Virginia Beach. In the 1980s Pat started to get involved with politics. 1988 was the year he resigned as minister so that he could run for the Republican presidential nomination. 

He founded the Christian Coalition, which was an influential conservative political organization in 1989. He stepped down as CEO of CBN in 2007 and was replaced by his son Gordon Robertson.  

Pat Robertson Net Worth Over The Years

Here is Pat Robertson net worth over the years according to the sources-

Net Worth in 2023 $110 Million
Net Worth in 2022 $100 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $90 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $80 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $70 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $60 Million

Pat Robertson Net Worth

Sources of Income

Pat Robertson net worth of $110 million can be attributed to his various income sources. The primary contributor to his wealth is his role as the founder and CEO of his organizations, such as CBN and Regent University. Universities of these types are known to attract a lot of audience for themselves as well as raise substantial revenue.  

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Additionally, Robertson’s television appearances have significantly boosted his earnings. Hosting “The 700 Club” has not only solidified his position as a prominent religious figure but has also allowed him to secure lucrative contracts and endorsements.

Moreover, Robertson’s literary accomplishments have undoubtedly contributed to his financial prosperity. His thought-provoking books are loved by the readers as they all can resonate with them. They have a high sales rate and have earned him royalties.

Car Collection

Like many other stars, Pat Robertson had a big passion for driving fast in nice cars. He owns a classy Chevrolet Corvette which cost him $61,820 back in the year 2015.

Pat Robertson Net Worth


In addition to his media and religious endeavors, Pat Robertson has made a name for himself as an author. He has written several books, including “Shout It from the Housetops” and “Answers to 200 of Life’s Most Probing Questions.” These literary works have received praise from readers and have contributed to Robertson’s overall success.

In 1988, Robertson became the Republican nominee. He used his conservative ideologies and principles to captivate and mobilize a huge population. 

One of Robertson’s notable achievements includes being the head of Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). These organizations have been instrumental in promoting Christian values and providing extensive media coverage of religious events. Additionally, Robertson has shown his entrepreneurial skills by founding Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation and the International Family Entertainment Inc.

Besides his involvement in religious organizations, Robertson has successfully expanded his reach to the field of media. He is best known for hosting “The 700 Club,” a Christian news and TV program. Pat used this platform as a method to inspire everyone’s life with his religious teachings and insights. 


The 93-year-old Pat Robertson used to weigh 79 kg and had a height of 5’8”. He had light skin with blue eyes till death. His zodiac sign was Aries.

Personal Life

In 1954, Robertson married Adelia “Dede” Elmer, a fashion model and beauty queen in the Miss Ohio State contest, who was studying for her master’s in nursing at Yale University. She pursued nursing at Ohio State University. They remained married until she died in 2022, and had four children, among them Gordon P. Robertson.

Robertson suffered from injuries due to horseback riding in the year 2017. On February 2, 2018, Robertson suffered an embolic stroke at his home in Virginia Beach. A member of his family noticed his symptoms and alerted emergency medical personnel. He was then taken to the nearest stroke center where he was administered the clot-busting drug tPA. Robertson was responsive, awake, and moving all of his limbs about eighty minutes after his stroke began. He was discharged two days later and recovered at home. After this incident, Robertson along with his family thanked the medical staff and encouraged people to learn about stroke, its symptoms, and what treatments could be done. In February Pat joined his duties on The 700 Club show again. 

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In June 2019, Robertson was absent from The 700 Club for several days after he broke three ribs in a fall. Upon his return, described the experience as very painful but said “Us old guys are tough, and we try to stay in there and keep on going.” He then thanked viewers for their prayers.

On June 8, 2023, Robertson died at his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at the age of 93.


Robertson had outspoken opinions on religion, politics, and other subjects. Most of his controversial opinions have been headlines for every other newspaper in the United States and other places. His talk show The 700 Club was a place where most of this controversy could be found. 

Conclusive Insights

Pat Robertson’s captivating journey from a Southern Baptist minister to an influential media mogul, political commentator, and bestselling author showcases his versatile skills and unwavering commitment to his beliefs. With a net worth of $110 million, Robertson has established himself as an enduring figure in the realms of religion, media, and politics.

His contributions to founding organizations like CBN and Regent University, hosting “The 700 Club,” and writing compelling books have enabled him to accumulate immense wealth. Pat Robertson’s story serves as an inspiration for those striving to make a meaningful impact in various fields while staying true to their values and beliefs.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. What are some of Pat Robertson’s notable achievements?

Pat Robertson has had significant achievements in various areas, including serving as the head of Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), hosting “The 700 Club,” founding Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation and the International Family Entertainment Inc., and running as a presidential candidate.

2. How did Pat Robertson accumulate his net worth?

Pat Robertson’s net worth of $110 million is primarily attributed to his role as the founder and CEO of organizations such as CBN and Regent University, lucrative television contracts and endorsements, and successful book sales and royalties.

3. What is Pat Robertson’s educational background?

Pat Robertson attended The McCallie School, Washington and Lee University, New York Theological Seminary, and Yale Law School.


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