How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna To Avail Yourself The Benefits!

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna

When thinking of a relaxing place to go after a long day, a sauna becomes one of the best choices. Sauna these days are used by a massive amount of people all around the world. These days a lot of countries are installing saunas for the public. Since the sauna is new to a lot of places, people don’t know how much time they should spend in the sauna. Our blog will guide the readers about saunas and how much time one should spend in a sauna. If you are someone who wishes to know how long should you stay in a sauna, then you are at the right place.

How Long Should You Stay in a Sauna

What is Sauna?

Before knowing how long should you stay in a sauna, you should understand what a sauna is. A sauna is generally a room or an entire building where various dry and wet heat sessions take place. A sauna is used for relaxation as it helps decrease stress levels. People who work all day go to this steam room for relaxation after a long tiring day.

How long should one stay in a sauna?

Since this has been set up recently at a lot of places, people don’t know the exact time they should be spending inside a steam room. Here are some steps that will answer your question of ‘how long should I stay in a sauna’

  1. As a beginner, a person shouldn’t spend more than ten minutes when they are in the saunas. The reason is, that the body isn’t adjusted to the heat stress, and staying longer might cause some otherwise side effects or problems.
  2. The maximum time one should spend in saunas should not exceed more than 15 minutes. You will be dehydrated if you spend more than 15 minutes. Even if you are not a beginner, spending 15 minutes is more than necessary inside the steam room. The Finnish people suggest one to leave the sauna when one feels hot enough and that is exactly what should be done.
  3. There are a lot of people who go to the sauna right after they have been working out. This is extremely dangerous and should not be done at any cost. One should wait at least 10 minutes after working out and then go and sit inside the sauna.
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If you spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna, your body will start getting dehydrated which is not good for your health. Your blood pressure will go higher as well the more time you spend in the sauna.

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Types of Saunas

There are different types of saunas around the world, and here are a few of them that you should know of:

1. Wood Burning Saunas

This is the type of sauna that is been used for ages. These types of saunas have a traditional setup and are made of wood. The wood is burnt in this sauna to heat the stones which are generally placed on the top of the sauna room. This process heats the room which turns it into a perfect saunas improvised room. To produce steam effects water can be splashed on the rocks. The temperature in the wood-burning sauna ranges from 66 to 88 degrees Celsius. Even though the heating up takes time, it is cost-effective and doesn’t need electricity.

2. Electric Saunas

This is one of the very famous types of saunas and these days people even install electric saunas in their homes. If you don’t like saunas with a wooden smell then electric saunas are perfect for you. In order to heat up the sauna, electric sauna is known to use stoves. The best thing about an electric sauna is that the temperature can be controlled according to one’s wishes.

3. Infrared

Infrared Saunas are the modern type of saunas and are very much unlike the traditional wood-burning saunas. In this type of saunas, infrared rays are used to heat up the temperature of the body. This sauna isn’t used to heat up the room, but the body heat of the person. These saunas are cheap and can be used from time to time.

4. Steam shower

Just like the name suggests, these types of saunas are a combination of both a steam room and a sauna. this makes the experience unique and a lot of people like it as well. If you want to install it at your home, you can even convert your shower room into a steam shower.

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Benefits of using saunas

The maximum you should sit in saunas is 15 minutes. The moment your body is heated up, you should get out of the sauna. But these 15 minutes are very effective and have amazing benefits as well. Here are some of them:

1. Stress reduction

Saunas are a great place for stress reduction. They can be used for 15 minutes thrice a week. The heart rate goes up when you are in this kind of room and that produces a feeling of relaxation.

2. Gets rid of pain

Blood vessels relax when you are in this kind of specialized room, and that helps the blood flow more easily than usual. It releases tension from the joints which helps in getting rid of the pain.

3. Asthma

People who deal with asthma find relief when they start going to this retreat. This is because this wonderful place helps to open up the airways.

4. Calories deficit

When the temperature in your body goes up, calories in your body will start burning as well. This means it will help you during your weight management.

Final Thoughts

Our blog has mentioned how long you should be in the sauna and you should follow it the next time you visit this wonder place. So, don’t forget to drop in your thoughts and I’ll be gladly waiting for your response.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I spend 5 minutes in the room?

As for beginners, 5-10 minutes is more than alright. However, once you become a pro, and regular, you can always increase your timing.

2. Does this help in burning your fat?

Yes, it does.

3. Is it needed to shower after coming out of a retreat?

No. You don’t need to shower after this retreat.

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