Best Time to Visit Savannah GA: What’s The Best Time To Enjoy Georgia!

Best Time to Visit Savannah GA

The question you have in your mind is all right. You need to know when to travel to the places, you are not aware of. There’s always a season for each destination to be seen. You cannot just randomly take a bag pack. Then, just start off. You do require a little bit of planning before. Rather than regret later. Well, for that, Savannah GA is what you have chosen. And, we have chosen to answer your questions and doubts. So, read through the entire blog and get your answer. Also, some additional information about the best time to visit Savannah GA.

Best Time to Visit Savannah GA

About Savannah GA

The United States has many places to be visited and one of the places is Savannah! But most of the time people are confused about when the best time to visit Savannah GA actually is. And this one particular place has strung many hearts. YOne of the oldest cities that you can come across. Romantic by nature. You can feel the essence of romance in the air itself.

But do you know one thing? Savannah has a location in the countryside. It is located in the coastal region. A beautiful city in Georgia with the least population among the other Georgian cities.

Fun Fact: Savannah is the first city among the olden ones to be planned. And also, is a metropolitan city.

Far away from the chaos, nature is calling you to live along with it. The people residing there are really fewer than in the other places. There’s almost a 5% to 8 % difference in the population living in other US places. Once visited, its history will make you encaptivated. Everything you come across in that city has its own history. You can take a walk down that old history lane and feel closer to an alien place.

Best Time to Visit Savannah GA: 4 Seasons

In case, you have planned your trip to Savannah Ga, you need to know what time is the best for your visit. You should know which season has the best journey to offer you in the destination. So, without any delay, let’s get started with the best time to visit Savannah!

1. Winter


The winter weather in Savannah GA is not so difficult to get accustomed to. Anyone who is not habituated to the cold winds can also stay for some time in Savannah and will be able to adjust in no time. The winter does not go to the extreme level but it gets a little chilly around. The air is humid and cold, just perfect to get around cozy in your bed. Some would enjoy being in their comfortable clothes and sipping on hot or warm beverages in this weather.


The festivals in Savannah GA are not something to miss an opportunity off. So, if you get to go, do enjoy to the best. Winter season in Savannah GA brings the best of the two festivals.

If you are someone who is a fan of books as well as movies, these two festival events become a must-visit. The first one is the Savannah Book Festival which gathers all the book lovers and even the book writers who come across to share their precious work. Other that than, the other festival is called the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. This festival has been taking place for years in the Jepson Center for the Arts and tries to bring all the people who love movies close together. The motto of this festival is to inspire people with the help of the movies and help them see as well as create a new world.

Activities to do

Go Ice Skating – What is better than enjoying ice skating during winter? You can go with anyone you would like such as friends or family or even your partner. Having to get a good experience during the winter season to enjoy and even learn ice skating.

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You can visit the Civic Center which is a skating ring in Savannah GA. The place also arranges for a Skating fest anytime between December and January. The very famous Martin Luther King Arena is also changed into a skating ring for people to have more fun and space.

Get close to Nature – If you are someone who loves nature, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens. The area of this botanical garden is expanded up to 10 acres. The Botanical Garden seems to become a magical place in the months of November and December as and when Christmas approaches. The entire place is lit up with shining lights. And, the kids get to visit both Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus before Christmas.

Experience Art – What is better than exploring art museums when there is almost no crowd? During the winter season, the people around are fewer and it makes it very easy to travel and see more. You can visit the Jepson Center for the Arts and see some amazing artwork of some very prominent artists. The artwork is displayed in the museum throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Savannah GA

2. Spring


The weather throughout the month of spring brings around joy to everyone. It is just the start of the warm days when the sun brings more shine to everyone’s face. The temperature around does not rise up to more than 30 degrees in this season. So, it is easier to look around in this season.


The Spring season with it brings the best of the festivals to attend in Savannah GA. You should not miss these festivals when visiting the place and taking part in all of the fun.

  1. Patricks Day

This very day, there is very a huge parade that takes place and is quite a view to see. This is like an Annual Parade that takes place on 17 March and brings around most of the joy. Everyone joins this parade dancing and singing and enjoying and even you can be a part of this parade as well!

  1. Savannah Stopover

Music Festivals have a different craze throughout the places. This Savannah Stopover arranges a music fest throughout Savannah in all of its historical places. You should miss such an opportunity when you visit Savannah GA as the fest is lit.

Activities to do

Riverboat Cruises – Take a tour on this riverboat cruise and enjoy the serene nature of the river as you travel on the cruise. The cruise takes you around Savannah River and you get to see the most beautiful image. You can enjoy this precious view while having any meal of the day on the cruise. The ambiance of the cruise will bring you to peace.

Visit the Beach – During this time, as the weather gets a bit sunny, it is time to get tanned and enjoy some exciting beach activities. You should visit Tybee Island and play on the beach along with family or friends. Not only that, but you can also do activities such as Jet Skiing and kayaking.

Walk through History – Savannah has a very enriching history to offer and to show to its people and the ones visiting the place. So, plan a day trip to Wormsloe State Historic Site and check out the beauty of the place. And. If you are fond of animals, you can also visit the Oatland Island Wildlife Center.

3. Summer


The weather in Savannah GA become hot and humid for everyone. You will see many places where air conditioning is very much required to beat the sun. Although, be prepared as the summer in Savannah GA also brings sprinkles of rain along with it.


  1. Savannah Voice Festival – It is the best of festival that brings out the best of all performers. There are a total of 20 performances and the hype about this festival is just right from the beginning. So, visit the festival and enjoy operas and classical music along with food and wine to vibe with the fest.
  2. Labour Day Beach Bash – The most amazing and fun place to be is this very day. This fest takes place in Tybee Island as it brings you the best live music concert and you get to dance throughout the night with the beats of the music.
  3. Fourth of July Fireworks – You cannot miss the amazing fireworks that light up the whole sky on this day. It is a very much attracted place for almost all people from or around the city. The event takes place in the Plant Riverside District and is the most enjoyable event. You get to have food and drinks to enjoy the amazing fireworks.
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Activities to do

Skidway Island State Park – If you are someone who loves hiking, this place can be for you. The place is widespread a bit away from the hustles of the city. It is surrounded by wetlands and maritime forest areas. You cannot imagine a place as peaceful as this State Park to be around.

Ebenezer Creek Blackwater Swamp – Visit this place and you would not believe your eyes. The serene beauty of this place is nothing but mesmerizing. The calmness of the place can bring nothing but peace to you. Even, steps are taken to preserve the place as this place is very significant in the historical event of Georgia.

4. Fall (Autumn)


The weather in the season of Fall is the best. You get to see clear skies and the weather also becomes cooler after the summer season passes. The crowd too becomes a bit less and makes it easy to explore around places at such times.


Savannah Greek Festival – Do not miss the Greek Food at any cost. The entire community comes together and celebrates their food. You get to try out the traditional dishes and have fun as you get to be close to what Savannah culture looks like through their food habits.

Savannah Jazz Festival – Are you a fan of Jazz music? Then, this concert is definitely for you. And other than that, the others should at least once visit this Jazz concert as they might become a fan of such music after this concert. Many Jazz performers take part in this fest and live concerts become the best attraction of this fest.

Best Time to Visit Savannah GA

Conclusive thoughts

While concluding about the best time to visit Savanah GA, whenever you visit take your time to explore around. You can find beauty at its best throughout the year. It all depends on the eyes of an admirer. If you are someone who wants to discover along the pathway, then do not think further. You will be able to manage it all along.

Finding out about the oldest city which is rich in its history, has its own mesmerizing beauty. The romanticization of history comes with the elegant architecture of Savannah GA. The vibrancy of the place will make you spellbound and you will be quenching to know more.

As the days are passing by, it is time to plan your time out. Make your trip to Savannah GA sooner than later. And let us know, if you enjoyed the stay back. Also, if the information about the Best Time to Visit Savannah GA was to your powers of comprehension or not!



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