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If you are a fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, you must be acquainted with this famous actress. She was the main female lead of this drama which became quite a hit later. It was a beautifully portrayed English drama that can be enjoyed with family or friends. Apart from this drama, she took part in many other movies and series that became a hit. If you are wondering about Jane Seymour Net Worth, then you have stumbled across the correct article and it happens to be a whopping $70 million. Further, this article is going to help you out with some more information! Till then, hold onto your breath!

Basic Information

Name    Jane Seymour      
Date of Birth      15th February, 1951
Place of birth Uxbridge, England
Height                       1.63m
Weight                              55kg 
Ethnicity                           English
Nationality                       British
Education                         Columbia University
Occupation                      Actress
Marital Status    Divorced

Jane Seymour Net Worth

Jane Seymour Net Worth is $70 million. In her lifetime, she worked as an actress, as an entrepreneur, and also as a philanthropist. She became widely recognized for her work in many movies. 

Early life and education

After knowing about Jane Seymour Net Worth, here are a few details that you should know about her early life and education. 

Jane Seymour was born in the year 1951, on the 15th of February. Her mother was a nurse and her father was a doctor. Her mother was known to be a Dutch protestant and was held a prisoner during World War 2. Jane, later learned to speak Dutch from her mother. Her parents later made her learn French as well. And finally, Jane chose her screen name to be Jane Seymour after the English queen of the same name.

Jane Seymour Net Worth


In the year of 1970, Jane Seymour happened to appear in the first major movie that went by the name The Only Way. This movie was of the genre of war drama and she performed very well. She later appeared in the mini-series that went by the name Frankenstein: The True Story. In this series, she even got the role of the main female lead. Her fame started growing after these series and movies. She became internationally recognized after she appeared in the James Bond film Live and Let Die. Even she played the cast of Princess Farah in the Sinbad trilogy. 

She achieved fame soon after she took part in a television film that was released in the year 1989. This television film which went by the name La Revolution Francaise was released on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. She played the role of the French queen in the television film and people loved her. After this television film, she got the opportunity to play her role in the series Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman.

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She played the lead role in this series of Dr. Michaela. She garnered immense popularity after her role in this series. Later she played a huge role in the big screen comedy which is known as Wedding Crashers. She became quite popular by that time and guest-starred in the drama ‘How I Met Your Mother’ series. She achieved fame and popularity and started doing a lot other movies and series for which she won a lot of awards as well.

Awards and Nominations

Year                         Award

1996                         Aftonbladet TV Prize

1996                        Outstanding actress in a television drama

1998                        Best actress in a miniseries

1993                        Favorite Female TV performer

1977                        Outstanding lead actress in a limited series 

1988                        Outstanding supporting actress in a mini-series 

1994                         Outstanding lead actress in a drama series

1980                         best actress

2016                         Worst supporting actress

2020                          Television Hall of Fame: actors

2019                          Outstanding performance by an ensemble in a comedy series

2015                          Micro-short horror

2021                          Best actress                   

Jane Seymour Net Worth

Sources of Income

After knowing Jane Seymour Net Worth, many people wanted to know about how she earned that. Jane Seymour is known to have earned her net worth from many sources, mostly from her acting career. Apart from these, she earned from various business ventures, from endorsements, and also from her amazing philanthropic work. She is a good businesswoman who happened to do various business ventures like that of home décor and even a jewelry line. Thus, from this, we can understand that Jane Seymour Net Worth is because of her hard work.

Real Estate

Jane Seymour’s house is like a painting in real life. This house is around 6300 square feet and is beautifully decorated throughout. This house is situated on a coastal hill that is in Malibu. Her house is further known to have a beach house as well. This amazing and beautiful house can be rented by people if they want at a cost of $100,000 every month. The famous actress bought the house in the year of 1994, at the rate of $3.4 million. She remodeled the place later and gave it the finishing touches.

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Philanthropic activities

Jane Seymour is known to partake in various charitable causes. She is also the founder of Open Hearts Foundation. She is known to support the following charities:- 

  1. Childhelp USA
  2. Clothes off our back
  3. Dress for success
  4. American Heart Association 
  5. American Stroke Association
  6. Children Uniting Nations
  7. Heifer International
  8. Open hearts foundation
  9. Red Cross
  10. ONE DROP
  11. Make the difference network


The most notable feature that Jane Seymour has got is her eyes. She is known to have heterochromia. This means she has the right eye brown and the left eye green. Furthermore, she has caramel-colored straight hair and she is fair-toned. Even at the age of 72, she has maintained herself.

Personal life 

This amazing actress got a divorce and married four times. Her first husband was Michael Attenborough. She stayed with him from the year 1971-1973. Then she married Geoffrey Planer and stayed with him during the years 1977-1978. Then in the year 1981, she got married to David Flynn and divorced in the year 1992. In the year 1993, she married James Keach and divorced in the year 2015. She didn’t marry after her divorce from Keach. 

Jane Seymour Net Worth


Jane Seymour said in an interview, that she was sexually harassed and she left acting for a year after that. This happened during the beginning of her career. She was known to have been harassed by an unnamed film producer during the 1970s.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old was Jane Seymour when she was doing Dr.Quinn?

She was in her 40s.

2. Is Jane Seymour married?


3. How many miscarriages Jane Seymour had?

She had two miscarriages.


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