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Ryan Garcia Net Worth

eover, hrAs you might have heard about this American professional boxer, Ryan Garcia, you should know that he got the title of “WBC interim lightweight” in 2021. This American boxer turned professional at the age of 17 and has a huge net worth. If you are interested in knowing about Ryan Garcia net worth, then you have come to the correct article.

Who is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia was born in Los Alamitos, California, U.S., on August 8, 1998. He is currently 24 years old and is also known as “The Flash” and “King Ry.”. This boxer is from a large family in which his parents were actively involved in his amateur career. His professional career started at the age of 17 when he fought against Edgar Meza in Tijuana and won his first professional bout.

This young boxer has been a 15-time national amateur champion and has also amassed an amateur record of 215-15. The Ring magazine ranked him as the world’s fourth-best active lightweight, seventh-best by “BoxRec”, eighth-best by the “Transnational Boxing Rankings Board,” and finally, the sixth-best active junior welterweight by ESPN. Now that you are familiar with him, you should know about Ryan Garcia net worth.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Finally! You will be learning about Ryan Garcia net worth. It’s $22 million currently. He is one of the most popular boxers of all time. This young boxer had a net worth of $22 million within six years of his career. Many people believe that he might be the future of boxing. In fact, he may be the richest boxer if we conclude the Golden Boy’s promotion contract, which he got in 2016. His monthly income exceeds $1.5 lakh, and his yearly salary is more than $2 million. As you may know, he is signed for about six years (that is, until 2025) by the Golden Boy’s promotion contract and is being trained by the famous Oscar de La Hoye.

How Much Money Does Ryan Garcia Have?

Ryan Garcia net worth is $22 million. His monthly salary and income exceed $1.5 million, and his yearly income and salary exceed $2 million. His fights grossed about $833,333 per fight. He signed the Golden Boy’s promotion contract, which, when concluded, is going to make $700 million and be valid until the year 2025. His sources of income also include the number of views on his videos and various commercials.

Real Estate

Ryan owns a $3.1 million luxurious house in South California. This house has an infinite pool, six bathrooms, five bedrooms, and an outdoor fireplace. It is situated in the north of downtown Los Angeles. This massive house is spread across 3680 sq. ft. in the hills.

Car Collection

Not only his career but also his tasteful car collection deserves recognition which includes-

  • Ferrari 488 GTB – the most expensive car in his collection costs $262,647.
  • Lamborghini Urus – a very sporty and popular car costing $229,495 is the second on this list.
  • Porsche 718 Boxster GTS – one of the most iconic cars with a price of $84,050.
  • Audi RS7 – with 190 MPH speed this car costs $132,900.

How Did Ryan Garcia Make His Money?

Ryan Garcia net worth is so high because of his successful career in the world of boxing. Garcia makes most of his money from his fights. His recent contract with the Golden Boy’s Promotions and promotions by Oscar De La Hoya promoted him a lot. He also earns money from sponsorships, brand endorsements, and PPV sales. He also worked on various television commercials with the famous NBA basketball star Damian Lillard.

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In 2021, your boxer signed up with “Gatorade” for television commercials. He was the first American boxer to appear in the Gatorade campaign. He could also be seen with Damian Lillard in some of the commercials. Moris is also seen working with “Gym Shark”, “Dior”, and “1800 Tequila”. He worked as a model for a few more brands as well.

Early Life and Education

Ryan Garcia turned professional at the age of 17. On June 9, 2016, he made his debut. In his very first match, he won against Edgar Meza in Tijuana. He fought a total of 24 matches and won 23 of them. He won 19 matches by KO. Earlier, he was trained by his father and is assisted by his mother, as she is his Personal Administrative Assistant for his commercial projects. His Mexican style of boxing makes his fights more entertaining for his fans.

Garcia has four siblings: Sean Garcia, Demi Garcia, Sasha Marie Garcia, and Kayla Garcia. Sean Garcia, the younger brother of Ryan Garcia, has already made a name for himself in the world of boxing and is following in his older brother’s footsteps. Eddy Reynoso, who already trained the famous Canelo Alvarez and Oscar Valdez at their gym, trains Garcia. At present, Derrick James is training him. His domestic success includes matches against Geronta Davis, Javier Fortuna, Emmanuel Tagoe, Luke Campbell, Francisco Fonseca, Romero Duno, etc. After defeating Miguel Carrizoza, Garcia won the title of “Vacant NABF Junior Super Featherweight”.

As you learn about Ryan Garcia’s net worth, you may also like to learn about his educational background. He went to Xavier University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports management. He is a former student at Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida. Since he showed immense interest in boxing, it’s also been heard that after passing high school, his father started training him.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Ryan Garcia’s Career

He, like any other successful person, has a great career. Ryan started his boxing career when he was 17 years old and won his very first match against Edgar Meza. It has been six years and 10 months since he started his boxing career. Within this span of time, Ryan Garcia net worth has been $22 million (as per the 2023 record).

He fought in about 24 matches and won 23 of them. He has lost only one match to date, and that was against Gervonta Devis. Ryan Garcia is also the richest boxer in the world. One of his notable fights included the one with Romero Duno, the Filipino boxer, that took place on September 18, 2019. As you may know, he earns approximately $15 million per fight. He made his debut on June 9, 2016. Ryan Garcia is a very talented person, and many of his fans consider him to be the future of the boxing world.

He also signed the Golden Boy’s promotion contract in September 2019, which raised Ryan Garcia net worth by $700 million. He also fought matches against Duno and was honored with the title “WBC Silver Lightweight,”, along with Fonseca (February 14 at the Honda Centre in Anaheim), Campbell (2nd January 2021 at Fantasy Springs Resort in Indigo, California), Fortuna and Diaz, Tagoe (April 9), and Davis. If you are his fan, you may know that he is also known by the names “The Flash” and “KingRy “.

He is also the first American boxer to appear in a Gatorade campaign and is often seen with Damian Lillard (the NBA basketball star) in a few of his commercials. Last year, he had surgery and took time away to tend to his mental health. He has recently continued his comeback. The above information should be enough for you to guess Ryan Garcia net worth.

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Ryan Garcia’s Appearance

Ryan Garcia is a 24-year-old American boxer. His nationality is American, but his fighting style is Mexican, which amazes his fans. He is 5’10″ (178cm) in height. His weight is 61kg (135 lbs). Garcia has brown eyes and black hair. Ryan Garcia is an orthodox Christian by religion. He has four siblings: a girlfriend (Drea Celina) and two kids (Rylie Garcia and Bela). His parents’ names are Henry Garcia and Lisa Garcia. He is considered to be a good-looking and attractive boxer.

Ryan Garcia’s Spouse and Relationships

Ryan Garcia is unmarried but has a girlfriend, Drea Celina, and two kids, Rylie Garcia and Bela. Rylie Garcia was born in March 2019, while Bela was born in December 2020 and was the first child of Celina.

What happened to Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia went through a wrist surgery that showed successful results in the year 2020, and He often claims he had to tend to his mental health as he often used to get suicidal thoughts during the period when he was away from the boxing world. He got the injury during a fight with Gervonta Davis in Las Vegas. He could cope with the nasty body shot by Gervonta Davis. Recently, he has been planning a comeback, which he started last year.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s)

1. Who is Ryan Garcia?

Ryan Garcia is an American boxer, and he is counted among the most famous boxers.

2. How much does Ryan Garcia make per fight?

His gross is $833,333 per fight, approximately.

3. Who is Ryan Garcia’s partner?

Drea Celina is the girlfriend of Ryan Garcia, the mother of Bela, and the stepmother of Rylie Garcia.

4. What is Ryan Garcia net worth?

Ryan Garcia net worth is $22 million, as per the latest records.

5. Who is the richest boxer?

According to reports, Ryan Garcia is the richest boxer.

6. How did Ryan Garcia make his money?

He makes his money through fights, various sponsorships, brand endorsements, various PPV sales, and views on YouTube.

7. What surgery did Ryan Garcia go through?

Ryan Garcia had to go through wrist surgery after a fight with Davis.

8. What is Ryan Garcia’s height?

His height is 5’10″ (178 cm).

9. What is the fighting style of Ryan Garcia?

Though Garcia is an American boxer, he uses a Mexican style of fighting.

10. How many matches did Ryan Garcia win?

Out of 24 matches, Ryan Garcia won 23 of them. He lost a single match to Davis.

Ryan Garcia Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

As we come to the end of the blog, I hope you know much more about Ryan Garcia and more in our article. Drop in your thoughts in your comments below to find out more about Ryan Garcia.


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