Reasons Why You Need Poetry in Your Life

A person needs air and water to sustain life. The value and meaning of that life are added only by the means of art, something that has the power to touch your insides at a spiritual level. It can get incredibly easy to feel lonely when you are overwhelmed by all the societal pressures because hardly anyone can ever understand what you feel.

  1. Poetry Promotes Literacy

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and the official language of numerous countries. Understanding poetry gives you an extra edge over other non-native speakers. But that’s unfair to other languages. Poetry is something that has been a part of various cultures across the world counting hundreds of languages. Participating in poetry slams, open mics, elocutions can develop more than one skill in the students who are still molding and building themselves.


  1. Poetry Can Be Therapeutic

The students in schools, when they study a language, they also need to grasp the twists and turns, the tweaks of it. The language will remain tasteless without a hidden interpretation or a clever metaphor or similes as such. These literary devices are what constitute the roots of the language and the students learning any language need to understand why and how they can bring that spice in their daily colloquial all the while improving their literacy skills. Apart from that, reading and writing poetry can be mentally fulfilling for the readers and the writers.


  1. Community Building

Poetry is a tool which many people fail to notice as a community builder. When you write a poem, you are painting your own thoughts, your personality. You will never notice this, but in a very subtle way, your subconscious will always spill the real you on the paper in the form of ink. You will be painting sketches of your life, of your rich culture, your daily ruckus, your family and everything else that matters to you. These things don’t really matter to you alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who will relate with your words when they read them. If that doesn’t count as community building, nothing ever will.

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  1. Developmental Public Speaking

With the very aim of arousing as many writers as possible with spoken poetry, there are countless clubs and chapters across the globe. They promote the motion of poetry, keeping the art alive. Poets, writers, readers and anyone really with a speck of interest attends these such events, speaks at the open mics, listens to the speakers. Without even trying to, we let others know our inner selves and we see their naked souls in return. This is one of the purest and the most innocent feelings anyone can ever discover on the face of this earth.


  1. Poetry Promotes Art

Poetry is all about art and its expression. Poets describe their artwork, writing about their feelings about love, about the crisis, about pain and turmoil. They write to change minds. In the freedom struggle of many countries, poets are to be given credit for their contribution to the fight. In the earlier days when there was not any lightning communication, poetry was the spoken word. If the citizens weren’t aroused with anger and zeal, they probably never have been free today. Poetry has the power to bring out the emotions in you, what you had always denied the existence of.

  1. Poetry Helps with Depression

Yet it’s not just about writing poetry. Reading it can bring an unforeseen tranquil feeling to the reader. No matter what kind of poetry you like to feast your eyes on, if you read to feel, you will. If you are an emotional kind, Victorian literature and Romanticism will appeal to you. Honestly yet, poetry isn’t a gift to a single writer or a unique genre. You can never know what you truly like unless you are well-read and tasteful with the many poems you would have read and written.


  1. Poetry Improves Your Emotional Quotient

When it comes to the emotional quotient of a person, it is always about how that person grew up and what he grew up with and whom. When a person grows up reading various kinds of literature, he reads about the world different from what he knows it to be. In better words, the person sees the same world from a different perspective. Reading about one’s country, about life, about nature and so and so forth, can have a deep impact upon a person’s ideology. This impact is heightened further when the learner is young. Poetry has the power to build that kind of resilience in thought in people and should be pursued even outside the classroom.

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  1. Teaching Poetry to Children

Poetry, when reading out loud, is not just a simple flow of words. It is a song, with a rhythm, beats, and appeal. While they might not carry any meaning to the children too young to understand the world and its ways, they will definitely feel the rhythm and sometime later, years down the lane, they will come across the same piece of poetry and mind you, they will remember. And contrary to popular belief, children do get interested in poetry some time or the other. When they do, they should have the proper tools and resources to fulfill their desire for more quality pieces.


  1. Poetry Has the Power to Change Perspective

There’s your difference between information and art. Reading poetry from different artists on a particular subject can give you an insight into how different people think. This will then, in due course, let you form your own opinions, bringing in the best thoughts and developing a higher perspective. Especially to a person with a cause, a motive, poetry simply flows.

In a world so frantically absurd and meaningless, poetry brings meaning to life and many people fail to notice this simple fact. If you understand its importance, you will always be at a constant comfortable state of mind.

All in all, poetry in its true form goes beyond the written word. It is a force which transcends worlds and countries and people’s minds. Death is not uncertain and we all know it. Poetry is something that can help you accept that fact and teach you how to live with it. In a world which is always changing, poetry will become your constant, a guiding force and truly speaking, whatever you want it to be.

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