Brad Pitt net worth- facts and details about a superstar’s life

As wine tastes better after it starts aging likewise, Mr. Pitt’s stardom has never decreased with his age. He has always been in the spotlight and has acted with a lot of gorgeous women in Hollywood. Belonging to the American ethnicity, this actor and film producer became famous with his cowboy role from his movie Thelma and Louise. Apart from this legendary movie, no one would probably ever forget his Ocean’s Eleven, Troy, World War Z, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. So, getting to know about this actor a little more is a privilege, isn’t it? Let us dive into the personal details, Brad’s early life, career, married life, and also on the details of Brad Pitt net worth.

It is a sin not to know this handsome and the most celebrated star of Hollywood! Known for his charming looks and fantastic acting skills, Brad Pitt has bagged several wonderful movies in the film industry. At the age of 56, Mr. Pitt is one of the most sought-after actors that Hollywood looks for even to this day.

Early Childhood

He was born as William Bradley Pitt, born on December 18, 1963. Pitt’s place of birth is Shawnee which is in Oklahoma. His parents, William Alvin Pitt, worked as a proprietor in a trucking company. His mother, Jane Etta, was a school counselor. After a few years, the entire family relocated to Springfield, Missouri. Brad has two other younger siblings Douglas Mitchell, and Julie Neal. Although Brad was born to a staunch Christian family, he started hovering between agnosticism and atheism. It looks like he loved Springfield a lot and called it Mark Twain country and also Jesse James country as it is pretty scenic. The town of Springfield was surrounded by gigantic hills and gorgeous lakes. Thus, Brad seems to have been drawn quite a lot towards the beauty of this place.

Early Schooling

Brad went to Kickapoo High School and mastered in Golf, Swimming, and Tennis. He was an active member of all these three clubs. Brad Pitt also represented the school’s Key and Forensics clubs and won several awards and accolades. He was a brilliant spokesperson, and that lead him to also take part in several school debates.

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Brad later studied Journalism with a specialization in advertising from the University of Missouri. Although he was good at studies, something did not let him settle down. Just two weeks before graduation, he took a drastic step of moving to Los Angeles, where the film industry soared. Movies in Missouri weren’t made, and that made Brad relocate to the city of dreams as he was interested tremendously in movies. He started taking the acting lessons and also went to some of the odd jobs.


Well, like everyone else, even the most famous actor like Brad had to go through his share of ebbs and tides while he was in Los Angeles even before Brad Pitt net worth reached $300 million. His acting coach was Roy London, and finally, he took off in the year 1987. Ever since then, Brad has never looked back and no wonder, as on today, he is the richest actors of Hollywood with a net worth of 300 million dollars. Apart from the movies, Brad also chose a small screen to work on.

He started off bagging minor roles, and some of the movies that he acted then were ‘Less Than Zero’, ‘No Way Out’, and ‘No Man’s Land’. After these, he finally got to sign for the main lead role in the movie ‘The Dark Side of the Sun’. The movie ‘Interview with the Vampire’ gave him a break. He acted with some of the major superstars like Antonia Banderas, Kristen Dunst, Tom Cruise, and Christian Slater. Later, the movie ‘Seven’ alongside Morgan Freeman and Gwyneth Paltrow earned him huge respect and success. It made a whopping $327 million in the box office. After this, Brad got opportunities to work in some of the best movies that Hollywood has ever made and he is known to be one of the most celebrated actors of all time.

Love Life

The gorgeous woman of Hollywood and the star of ‘Friends’ Jennifer Aniston married Brad in the year 2000 but, the marriage did not last long. They got separated in the year 2005. His movie ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ was one of the biggest hits of his career and the movie earned $450 million in the Box office worldwide. Along with being an actor, Brad also started working as a voice-over artist, and some of the most famous animated movie characters have borrowed his voice. Brad Pitt net worth is also influenced by this.

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Pitt later married Angelina Jolie, another diva of Hollywood in the year 2014 but, got divorced in just a couple of years. It is said that the couple had huge differences between them. It looks like this heartthrob does not have luck with love.

Brad Pitt net worth

As of today, Brad Pitt’s overall net worth is $300 million, and he is regarded as one of the wealthiest actors of Hollywood. His only source of income is Acting and looks like his dedication and determination towards acting has rewarded him enough.

How does Brad spend his money?

Well, would you believe that Brad, along with his ex-wife, ended up spending $322 million just on a yacht? Well, with Brad Pitt net worth 2020, it is pretty obvious for them to invest in such a lavish yacht, isn’t it? Yes, after spending so much, they again ended up spending $200,000 just to deck the already bought yacht. So, this can give you an estimation of the net worth of Brad Pitt. Apart from spending money on themselves, the couple also has spent quite a bit on charity. They have shelled out more than $1 million to Haiti’s emergency response group. He has also made donations in other forms in several countries. The duo has donated a lot of beds, and other medical facilities to hospitals worldwide to fight epidemics.

Well, we hope that this write-up on the handsome Brad Pitt net worth 2020 is going to inspire all his followers even more. Looking at his dedication, it should inspire all the fans and followers to reach great heights as he has, isn’t it?

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