7 Huge Benefits of Creating Custom T-Shirts

7 Huge Benefits of Creating Custom T-Shirts

As a small business owner, you may be looking for ways to improve business without eating up too much of your budget. Something you may be looking into is custom t-shirts. These can be a fun and exciting item to give to both your employees and customers.

Here are 7 huge benefits of creating custom t-shirts for your organization.

1. It’s Good for Brand Awareness

One of the main things you should be focusing on is marketing and brand awareness. Without either, your company won’t make it very far.

With custom t-shirts, you’re getting free advertising from those who are wearing them. All you have to pay for is the design work, printing, and shipping. After your t-shirts are distributed, the users will do all the work for you.

When you compare the costs of digital marketing with t-shirts, t-shirts win, hands down. When you consider how many people will see your shirts while out and about, the cost per impression is a lot lower.

Plus, t-shirts make for fun things to hand out when you’re at events and conventions. If you get a cool enough design, both your employees and customers will want to wear them willingly. Altogether, they’ll both rake in the impressions.

2. They’ll Withstand the Tests of Time

With many other types of physical, non-digital marketing, the materials used don’t last very long. Posters, flyers, and newspaper ads are looked at maybe once or twice, then crumpled up and thrown away.

Custom t-shirts add an element of longevity, which means the cost to produce them is well worth it when compared to other types of non-digital marketing.

Not only are t-shirts more durable material-wise, but they’re also longer lasting when it comes to fashion. Take a look at what’s trended throughout the decades. T-shirts have never gone out of style. So long as you don’t change your logo or information (such as your phone number and address), you can print out a number of t-shirts and keep passing them out for decades.

3. Inspire Customer Loyalty

To go about business smartly, you have to think past the typical customer buying journey; this usually stops at the stage of purchase. Just because you’ve sealed the deal doesn’t mean you stop there.

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You can get so much more out of each customer if you extend the relationship and inspire loyalty. That way, they’ll always turn to your brand and not a competitor.

A good way to show your appreciation for your loyal customers is to create a custom t-shirt for them only. By creating a tier of “elite” customers, this makes them feel special and recognized.

4. You Can Make Some Extra Profit

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re bound to have some type of graphic design work for your company logo. Whether you sell copywriting services or pasta sauce, you probably have a unique logo or maybe even a mascot that’s quite memorable.

Get the most out of your graphic design work by creating custom t-shirts of it and making some extra profit off of it. When customers like what you have to offer, they’re often enthused to buy your merchandise.

By offering custom t-shirts for sale, it’ll pay off in more ways than one. Not only will you get some extra revenue, but you’ll also get free marketing from your customers and also inspire loyalty, all at the same time.

5. It Improves Workplace Morale

It’s easy to feel a disconnect with your coworkers, especially if there are different teams that don’t really interact with one another regularly. You can create a custom t-shirt for your organization so everyone feels like part of the company family.

A custom t-shirt may not seem like much, but it can help your employees unconsciously be more agreeable and cooperative with one another. We are pack animals to some degree, and when you give them the sense of belonging with one another, it can create unity and harmony within the workplace. If you need some inspiration, find custom t-shirts from The Art Department.

6. Differentiate Your Teams Better

If you have a lot of front-facing staff for customer service, it may be confusing and hard for your customers to tell which employee is from which department. Creating custom t-shirts for each team can make things more simple and more organized so your brand has a better appearance.

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Plus, team t-shirts can inspire some friendly competition. We know that in the previous point we said custom t-shirts can unite the company as a whole, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some banter. For example, you can create three different t-shirts for your three sales teams and give them the incentive of a small bonus for making the most sales that quarter.

7. Commemorate Special Events

This is something that can be treasured by both your employees and your customers. Special events can be important milestones for your company, so get everyone invested by creating custom t-shirts commemorating those events.

For instance, maybe you’ve made your 100th sale. Or perhaps it’s your store’s first year anniversary. In any case, making an exclusive t-shirt for the day and passing it out to employees and customers can get everyone excited for the occasion.

These t-shirts will make for good memorabilia. Plus, it can touch upon the other benefits above, such as inspiring customer loyalty and improving workplace morale.

Get Started on Creating Custom T-Shirts

By creating custom t-shirts for your company, you can enjoy a number of benefits. Not only can you keep your employees happy, but also your customers too. Custom t-shirts are a fun and cost-effective way to show your appreciation toward everyone who keeps you in business.

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