Why is it critical to form a proper work-life balance?

Striking a balance between jobs and devoting time with family and kids are becoming a challenge for the new age workers. Our schedules are busier than ever, goals are higher, targets are bigger, which is leaving hardly any family time or “me time” for us.

Workers who are single are avoiding relationships because of work commitments. More and more couples are preferring to not raise a family due to the lack of personal time. People are getting habituated to live in isolation, which is increasing their stress and deteriorating their mental health.

Research says that when employees are more fulfilled and happier in their personal lives, they tend to bring in better control and ownership to their workplace. They are more compassionate and understands the management and strike a better harmony among coworkers. A well-balanced employee is productive and motivated and is most optimal when he work stress-free.

Many companies are currently undertaking initiatives to bring a better work-life balance among its staff and employees. It optimizes the resources and encourages the employees, thereby increasing their retention levels.

Steps companies should take to offer work-life-balance

There are multiple ways that a company can encourage work-life balance without compromising productivity or efficiency.

  1. Encourage exercising and practicing meditation

Companies should encourage activities like yoga, meditation which builds employees concentration and keeps them to be fit and healthy. There can be one gym, which can encourage employees to take fitness seriously. The fitter the employees, the better their productivity! There should be arrangements of marathons among the employees, to unite for relevant causes. It will give them a greater sense of purpose.

  1. Healthy diet

Companies can get in a nutritionist on board to advise the employees on proper eating habits. There would be different work pressures at different phases. An in-house nutritionist can customize the diet plans as per the needs of the employees for the betterment of their health.

  1. Childcare Services

The first and foremost priority of a parent is to provide for their children. They leave their children and come to earn to provide a better future for them. Companies should show compassion and consideration when it comes to their employee’s children. Opportunities like paid leave for both parent’s pre and post-delivery. Opportunities to bring toddlers to work through in-house daycare and creche encourage new parents to work with more loyalty and vigor.

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There should be schemes and policies to save for the children’s higher education. Rewards through scholarship and grants will give both parents and children more motivation to work harder for the organization.

  1. Company outings

Socializing between the employees and the management in company outings creates motivation and boost employee morale. Annual picnics or monthly potluck should be arranged. A group rendezvous helps coworkers to bond and builds team spirit.

  1. Good health care coverage

Providing good health care coverage for your employees and their immediate family members makes them feel taken care off. They feel like an extended part of a family. It will earn respect and goodwill for the company.

  1. Growing and learning opportunities

Encourage junior and mid-management to participate in opportunities that grow their skill-set. Always encourage employees to learn and grow. The more they enhance their skill, the more optimal they become for the company.

  1. Flexible work hours

In case of personal constraints or matter beyond control, encourage employees to work from home. This would make them feel valued and help retain good resources for the long run. Encourage leaves in case of personal exigencies by making it flexible for them to work from home.

  1. Encourage part-time and contract-based work

In case of employees wanting to leave because of personal commitments, offer them opportunities to continue to be a part of the organization through part-time or contractual work modules. By holding on to employees who have been a significant part of the organization you retain valuable insights and skills that enhances the team values. Older and experienced employees are a better fit to train the newer generation as there is no alternative to experience. Encourage training workshops and engagement between senior and junior management.

  1. Create community engagement opportunities together
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A great way to make employees and management bond is by building community engagement activities and doing some meaningful work that they can be proud of. Get employees to volunteer for different causes. Appreciate and acknowledge the employees who take an effort in doing the activities on behalf of the company. Set a higher purpose for the company and the employees. Reward them duly.

  1. Places to relax and revive

Every now and then an employee can have a bad day. There should be enough space so that he can revive, recuperate and function again. Build enough space around their surroundings that they do not feel claustrophobic or cornered. Create a soothing and calming environment where they can take a break. Add soothing music and light reads to make them feel better mentally.

  1. Team building exercises

Create teams and motivate them to work together by setting goals to be achieved for both team and individuals. Encourage team spirit and give everyone equal chances to perform. Create activities which will give them the opportunity to perform as a team.

  1. Encourage Vacations

Encourage leaves and vacations. It helps the employees to refresh their minds and learn new things. Every time they travel, they gain new experiences which help them to grow as an individual. Encourage mandatory travel leave, it will give them a chance to gain more exposure and feel a sense of achievement.

  1. Encourage employees to help and guide

Asking employees for guidance, make them feel successful and included. Ask their suggestions and valuable opinions. Motivate them to share their experience and empower them to make changes. Hear their stories, give them the opportunity to perform, create platforms for them to showcase their talent. The wider the spectrum, the more they grow.

Final thoughts

To form a proper work-life balance, it is important for both company and employees to understand the importance of these activities and participate in it together, for overall development and betterment of both the company and the individual.


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