8 easy hacks for men to improve their overall appearance

We all have an intense urge to make ourselves worthy in the eyes of others. To be noticed by other people is the first step for you to get in touch with other people. So immediately the question arises is that how to become noticeable to other people. To excel in that arena you need to improve your appearance so that people get attracted to you or they want to talk to you. Your overall appearance includes your personality, your dressing sense, your communication skill, your ability to engage people, etc. all these segments of you form a whole that caters to your appearance and personality. Guys always ask about how to become instantly sexy in the eyes of others or especially to girls. To aid you in this particular path we are here for you with 8 hacks that can instantly improve your class, sexiness and overall appearance. So guys, without wasting your time, fasten your seatbelt. We are here in a ride of a hair-splitting dissection of your appearance.

Skin tones:

Here in India, it is shamelessly categorised that if your complexion is fair, you are beautiful. If your complexion is dark then you are not beautiful, rather ugly. But we will not talk about fair or dark complexions. We will talk about a warm skin tone and a cool skin tone.

Warm skin tone and cool skin tone:

Both skin tones are considered beautiful if they are paired with complementing clothes. If you have a yellowish or orangeish tinge in your skin then you might have a warm skin tone. If you have a pink tinge in your skin then you are of cooler skin tone. Another way of identifying whether you have warm or cool skin tone is that by putting your veins in sunlight. If you have green coloured veins then you might have a warm skin tone. If your veins look blue in sunlight then you might have a cool skin tone. So if your skin tone is warm then you should wear clothes in warm colours like red, yellow, orange, lime green. If your skin tone is cooler then you should wear clothes that are of blue, pink, purple, peacock green colours.

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Be respectful to others:

The most important thing that you must keep in your mind to appear classy and sexy is to be respectful to others. Respect should not be given exclusively to the people who are of high status or same status as you. Respect will be the same for all people irrespective of his or her profession. If you talk with your girlfriend politely in a restaurant but become rude to the waiters, then it does not make you classy and sexy, leave alone being attractive to others. While talking to other people, give respect to them as a human being, do not categorise him based on his profession. Also, speak politely with everyone. Do not use slangs or talk in high-pitched voice or shout. This makes your appearance dull and low standard.

Ladies love long sleeves:

If you want to be attractive in the eyes of girls then wear a good quality long sleeve sweatshirt, or sweater or t-shirt. This makes your sexiness quotient one point up. Also, try to focus on the texture of your clothes. Colours are as important as the texture of your clothes. Focus on how your clothes feel to your skin. Cloth material is another arena that you should be cautious about. Also, try to choose clothes according to the weather.

Work on your sense of humour:

Yes, you might think that being funny can hamper your personality, that it can reduce the weightage of your personality. But keep in mind that girls usually like funny guys because goofiness is today’s sexiness. The exact definition of goofiness is the ability to laugh at yourself. It shows that you are secure and confident about your personality. Confidence caters to hotness. Hotness caters to your attractiveness.

Proper nourishment of your skin:

Almost all Indian guys suffer from many skin problems like acne or dull skin. The only solution to this is the proper nourishment of your skin. Do not use chemicals on your skin for a long time. Things you put on your skin, your skin absorbs those things. Every face wash, moisturizer or sunscreen you use contains chemicals like silicon or Paraben. So try to put healthy things on your skin. Put face wash or moisturizer that contain vitamin C, not silicon or paraben. Oranges and limes are a great source of vitamin C. So be conscious before what you buy.

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Calm or extreme energy:

There are two types of personality modes for any men. Either you will be calm or you will profess extreme energy. If you enter a room with high energy then you have to try to maintain that energy throughout the time. So becoming calmer and brooding will be a safe option for most of the guys. Being calmer does not mean that you will be isolated and silent at the corner of a party. It means you have positivity in your face but people will presume that some deep thought process is undergoing in your brain. So give a vibe of a calm and brooding guy or maintain extreme energy throughout the conversation. Do not maintain a closed body language like tight fists or crossed arms. Relax your every joint while sitting in a room. This will make you attractive and sexy.

Always wear clean shoes:

No matter what you wear, if your shoe is not clean then your whole appearance will be downtrodden. So try to wear shoes that are clean or washed or buy shoes in dark colours so that it cannot be noticed when it becomes dirty.

Be a good listener:

Another important aspect of being sexy is that when someone is talking to you, listen carefully and give insightful responses. If you listen carefully to what the other person is saying and answer to them thoughtfully, that person will automatically feel a personal connection with you which in turn means that they will be attracted to you.

So fellas, draw your attention to these eight hacks that can instantly improve your appearance and make you classy, sexy and attractive to other people.

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