How spending some alone time can help in your self-improvement

In today’s crazy and busy world, taking care of ourselves is our primary concern to keep ourselves in the loop of the daily grind. Yes, it is true that the moment we hear the word ‘self-care’ or talk about our self-improvement, we always think of doing yoga daily or hitting the gym every day or following a healthy diet or at least having a sound sleep of eight hours.

While all the self-care mentioned above is necessary for our daily life, yet we tend to forget taking care of our mental or psychological health. As we are so submerged in keeping our exterior healthy, we often fail to give importance to the mending of our mental health. That is why today’s generation is so vulnerable and brittle in the face of stress.

It is why we heard so many cases about teenage suicide. Often the reason for their suicide is ridiculous. Even after we become adults, keeping our mental health thriving is of primal importance. In this particular matter, spending some alone time in a day or giving ourselves some space can work like magic in keeping us psychologically healthy. 

What do you mean by spending some alone time? 

Therefore, first, we need to understand what benefit can come from spending some alone time or why it is necessary to allow ourselves some personal space every day. To indulge in this matter, first, we need to understand what we mean by spending some alone time. To spend some alone time, you do not need to be in place, which is devoid of a human being. While going to your workplace, traveling on the train quietly can be your alone time. Sitting on a bench in a park in the afternoon can be your alone time. After daily social humdrum, you may spend some alone time in the night in your room just doing nothing or watching a movie or reading a storybook or newspaper. So the basic concept is that you should have some alone time in a day when you can introspect, reflect on your thoughts, or vent your frustration just by shouting.

How does it give vent to your frustrations?

The exciting thing is that you might find it ridiculous and awkward. Why should it not be? We are in a world where how much our life is incredible is measured by our Facebook or Instagram posts. No one gives a damn about our alone time. Spending some time without doing something awesome is shame in today’s world. But to keep up with the process of showcasing our public life can harm our mental health. Every day we get hurt by our colleagues. We are humiliated by our boss. Even some struggle with our spouse can leave us devastated. Frustration is growing and is being repressed at the same time. From the office to home, from home to office, we barely get some time off for ourselves. Those raising frustration can tear us apart mentally. Safe passage of venting out those frustrations is necessary. Watching a movie and reading a storybook or painting something can provide your frustration and anxiety with a safe outlet. By doing so, you can be transported into a world of peace, where you can be far away from those daily grinding. If you get some time through those endeavors some time to recollect and reconstruct yourself, to heal your wound, you can achieve the courage to face your daily problems with new vitality. 

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How does it give you a sense of identity?

Spending some alone time is not only necessary for venting your frustrations. It gives you the identity of who you are, what is your purpose in this world, how productive you can be in this world, what you are doing in this vast unknown absurd universe. These are the questions that haunt us every day. We try to escape those questions by rigorously engaging ourselves in daily routine and duties and responsibilities. That is not the way. If you always try to avoid those questions or run from them, you will never make peace with your existence. Facing those questions, reflecting on your life might be a grueling activity for your brain, but at the end of the day, you will emerge as victorious. More you face those questions, reflect on those questions, ponder over those questions, more you will be confident about your existence, about your individuality. Having some alone time to introspect, to reflect on these universal questions can only enrich your personality, can only enrich you as a human being. You can understand how petty these daily struggles, jealousy, backstabbing, rat-racing are. You will grow past those demeaning vices and come out as an enriched human being. 

How does it give you a sense of morality?

Another thing we need to remember that only when we spend some alone time with ourselves; we face ourselves, we meet our consciousness. As long as we are busy with daily mundane tasks or in social life, we are not confronting our knowledge. It is of utmost importance to be face to face with ourselves because only then can we face the misdeeds we have done earlier that day. It is only when we think about what we have done to others. It is only then we feel the prick of our conscience. Feeling the stab of our consciousness can only bring us to the path of righteousness. We will think twice about doing some misdeeds because we know that we need to face ourselves at the end of the day. It shapes our morality, shapes our personality, and makes us an actual human being. 

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How does it give you a sense of individuality?

To follow the path of career or to earn more money, we often forget who we are, what we truly want from our life, which makes me. It is in those alone times we can recreate our identity, our belongingness, our hobbies. It is which gives us a feeling of serenity. For example, if someone loves painting and he/she is failing to paint daily to pursue his/her career if he spends some alone time weekly by art; it will give him/her a sense of belongingness, a sense of who he/she is. He/she will find himself/herself again. It is essential to keep his/her identity stable. Otherwise, he/she can feel a sense of identity crisis. 

The benefits of spending some alone time are manifold. It is like being your psychotherapist. It keeps you on the right track, keeps you motivated and hopeful, and above all, makes you a better human being with an elevated personality.

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