Awaken Your Spirit: A Brief Guide to the Basics of Buddhism

Awaken Your Spirit: A Brief Guide to the Basics of Buddhism

Learning the basics of Buddhism is great for everyone, whether you are interested in converting or you’re just curious. Buddhism is the fourth largest religion in the world and attracts a lot of attention.

Most people think of Buddhism and think of monks and harming no living thing. While these may be some things around Buddhism, that isn’t all you should know when you’re researching.

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Must-Know Basics of Buddhism

Buddhism goes further than wearing a cool Buddha beads necklace. Buddhism is about a very specific way of living. The most important things you should know about are the four noble truths.

1. Suffering

This noble truth doesn’t sound very encouraging but is meant to remind us that even when things are good there is always suffering. Even when we’re enjoying life, there are things that cause us anxiety.

2. The Cause of Suffering

Buddhism says the cause of suffering is due to fundamental ignorance and craving. It says that our suffering happens because we believe we are separate from others. And we suffer as we struggle to maintain our ego.

3. The End of Suffering

Buddhism says that there is an end to suffering. We can awaken and be released from our suffering because they are like passing clouds. The state of being awake is always available to us.

As we work to purify these obstructions that cause us suffering, we are working toward becoming awake.

4. The Path

The path is about meditating, living ethically, developing wisdom and is the journey to enlightenment.

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Is Buddhism a Religion?

While Buddhism is a religion, it is not a religion to everyone. Many people see it as a way of life vs. religion. It’s a way to a moral, mindful and wise life.

Buddhism is proving to be a solution for many in the Western world and many are adopting it as a religion instead of only thinking of it as a way of life. While the Western world has been primarily Christian, Buddhism is breaking through the ranks and gaining more of a following.

How Can Buddhism Help You?

Buddhism helps to explain the world around us. Many of us find it difficult to understand the injustice in the world and inequality. Buddhism explains why it is there and allows us to feel more at peace with the world.

Many people have used Buddhism to help them go from violence to peace. Buddhism isn’t complicated and when you start following their practices, you will immediately see changes in your life. Meditation alone can make a major difference in your stress levels.

Learn More About Buddhism and Other Great Topics

Now that you know about the basics of Buddhism, why not learn more about Buddhism and other topics? We’ve put together many helpful articles that will allow you to learn important facts about religion and other topics.

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