Kodak Black Net Worth, Lifestyle & All You Need To Know!

Kodak Black Net Worth

When you follow someone, you might think about the background that person comes from. This information that you collect helps you have a better understanding of the person. You must have heard of Kodak Black once in a while or you might be a fan of his as well. Kodak Black is a well-known American rapper of black origin. He established his career at a very young age. It is said that whatever Kodak has received till now is all through his capability and skill. He has always taken a keen interest in rapping and he definitely made sure to reach out to his audience. Likewise, you are here to know more and gather information about Kodak Black Net Worth.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Background of Kodak Black

He is commonly known by his rap name, that is, Kodak Black. But in the initial years, he was named Dieuson Octave. He took over his mother’s last name Octave but later on, he was known by the name Bill Kahan Kapri. It was only during his birth and during his growing age, he used the Dieuson Octave.

Kodak Black was born in the year 1997. He has been celebrating his birthday since on 11 of June every year. Not only that, he grew up in Florida in a place called Pompano Beach. He grew up alongside his family until he left home to get a better career.

Kodak Black Family

Kodak Black was brought up by his mother alone. Soon after he was born, his father left the home for good and never returned back. Eventually, Kodak was brought up in the best way his mother could do. Her name is Marcelene Octave. She managed through all the financial issues going on in the family.

Both of his parents are immigrants who then settled in America. They are Haitians and after Kodak’s father abandoned the family, they shifted to a housing society. Here most of the Haitian immigrants are living and it is known as the Golden Acres. This was situated in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Childhood of Kodak Black

Kodak Black never took much interest in his school classes. He was always lacking in attendance and did not have a good reputation too. He was caught many times for involving in crimes such as selling drugs and other petty crimes. Though he was left off some situations did not go as par. He was expelled from his school when he was in fifth grade.

Kodak Black was caught in a fight and it did not end well for him. Since Kodak had not had much interest in school, he was okay with getting expelled.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Career of Kodak Black

If you are listening to Kodak Black, you might remember his first debut music. It was back when he was at the age of 144. But that is not where he started at first. Kodak Black began his career soon after getting expelled from school. He was just the age of 12 when he joined his very first rapping group. The name of the group was Brutal Youngz and later on, shifted on to joining another rapper’s group called The Kolyons. He learned and polished his rapping skills while being in the group and it really did well for him.

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In 2014, he released a song that became very popular. Many of the local nightclubs started playing that song which led to a little of his name. The name of the song was Project Baby. It was his first debut mixtape that he released. Later on, in consecutive years, he released two more mixtapes, Heart of the Projects and Institution, respectively.

It was then when Drake released a video of Kodak song “Skrt”, that people started recognizing him. It was when his career took a turn and he made it up to sign a bond with Atlantic Records. With this, he released his next mixtape which went to the billboards charts. The name of the song was Lil B.I.G. Pac. Later on, he went on releasing more of his work, and in 2017 he came up with the song Tunnel Vision. And soon, he released a follow-up of Project Baby that too made it on to be the best of his works.

You can always try listening to his raps if you haven’t yet. It is very sure that you won’t be left disappointed by his work. And if you are a huge fan of his, you can always try getting his concert tickets.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Kodak Black started his career back in 2014. Even though he started working from scratch, he ensured that he earned big bucks. He has been earning big dollars and has a lot of assets. Through different research and parameters, Kodak Black net worth has been established.

It is known that Kodak Black has not one source of income but other too. He has his money through his albums, concerts, and live tours too. Not only that, but he also has his own merchandise that also comes under a side hustle. In 2023, his net worth is estimated to be $2 million. In the later years, his net worth can be seen growing as his career is flourishing.

Is Kodak Black single?

You may know or not know but Kodak Black is not single. He has been happily taken but not yet married. He has been maintaining quite a healthy relationship. Though it is not exactly known for how long they have been dating. You can find his and his girlfriend’s pictures online and on his social media accounts too. His girlfriend’s name is Maranda Johnson. But recently, it has been known that the couple is having their first child together. About Maranda Johnson, she is an agent of a real estate company. Though, the couple had come to be declared that they had a girl child too.

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But to your surprise, this is not Kodak’s first child. Kodak already has a son, named King. The first son is from his ex and her name was Jammiah Broomfield. There are no pictures anywhere with her ex as such. Even with Maranda, he had tried to keep the relationship as much privacy as they can. Maranda Johnson has also not posted much on her socials about her pregnancy or her child or Kodak himself.

Kodak’s Attributes

Kodak Black is known for being a Haiti immigrant and many in Hollywood are too. But Kodak is just at the age of 25 years old and has a flourishing career. He is 5ft 7 inches and is engaged too. Kodak weighs around 66 kg to 68 kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kodak have any siblings?

You might not know but Kodak is not an only child. He has two other siblings and you might be aware of the other brother. He too s an American rapper and goes by the name John Wicks.

Which school did Kodak Black go to?

Through relevant research and sources, it has been found that Kodak Black took his primary education in Pompano Beach, Florida. He went to the school named Blanche Ely High School. But later on, he was expelled due to drug sales and random fights when he was just in 5th grade.

How many kids does Kodak Black have?

Kodak Black has two kids. One son from his ex-girlfriend named King and the other from the current Maranda Johnson and it’s a daughter.

Kodak Black Net Worth

Conclusive Insights

With this, we have come to the end of the blog! You have learned about Kodak Black net worth and even about his background. Kodak Black has all done by himself without depending on anyone. You can take him as a live example of a self-build man. Hopefully, with this, you got all the information that you have been looking for till now. Let us know if you got to learn something new today about Kodak Black or not!


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