Young Dolph Net Worth: What Was The Rapper’s Worth Before He Died?

Young Dolph Net Worth

If you are into music and mainly in rap genre then you probably heard about Young Dolph. But do you known everything about him and his life? I guess you want to and that’s the only reason you are here. In this article we’ll in depth discuss about his life and you will get to know a lot of things about Young Dolph net worth and more. So, consider reading this article till the end and without any further delay let’s kick start with the article.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Who is Young Dolph?

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. is an American Rapper and a public figure. He’s widely known as Young Dolph.  He released his debut album in the year 2016 which is ‘king of Memphis’ and it was peaked at number 49 on the Billboard 200 chart. He started his career with a successful jerk and carried on with it in his second album as well. His second album was O.T Genasis’s  hit single where he was featured which again ranked at number 35 on the Billboard page. The name of the album is ‘Cut it’. His 7th album was a hit and did hit the Billboard chart as well. He is great at his work and made a place in the industry. Young Dolph is also the second cousin of the famous American Rapper and songwriter, Juice Wrld.

Young Dolph Net Worth

As of 2022, Young Dolph net worth is estimated to be $3 million. Even some sources believe that it went up to $4 million as well. He build his net worth from the sales of his rap music and production as well. However, he passed away tragically in the year 2021, by that time he had a net worth approximately of $4 million. He worked on several places and collaborated with several people in the starting of his career. He even collaborated with Gucci Mane. His talent and his hard work made him well known in the hip hop and rapping industry. He even collaborated in a commercial named as ‘paper route campaign’ and it was his commercial success.

In the earlier part of this article, I talked about the albums that were really successful when he started his career. But as years passed he began raising more and more through his talent. Another achievement when rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Migos and Lil Yatchy collaborated on his album ‘Gelato’.

In the year 2020, his album ‘rich slave’ brought him profit and it was ranked at no. 4 in the Billboard chart! His net worth raised automatically and in the year his journey stopped when he died tragically at the age of 36.

Young Dolph Early life and Education

His real name is Adolf Robert Thornton Jr and he was born in 1985 on 27th July. He was born in Chicago in Illinois. His childhood was not as easy as it should have been. He grew up with the guidance of his grandparents as his parents were addicted to crack cocaine. When he was only 2 years old, his family moved from Chicago to Memphis. He grew up with siblings. Two brothers and two sisters. Rapper Juice World and young Dolph are second cousins. His grandmother Ida Mae looked after him and he could only see his parents once in a week.

He never liked staying in that locality of Memphis or he didn’t like his grandmother either. He explained that there mostly all children of his age were raised by their grandparents due to the same issue he was in. Moreover, he considered his grandmother as mean and cunning lady but as he grew up gradually, he realized everything and soon took his grandmother’s lesson to lead his life independently.

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Lets now discuss about his education from where he received his education. Young Dolph received his education from Hamilton high school. Dolph completed his elementary classes from Magnolia Elementary school in Memphis. Then later he joined Hamilton school as a Teenager. After completing high school, he did not opt for a university or a higher course as he wanted to focus on his career and take things seriously. He started to study and brainstorm more about music.

Young Dolph Net Worth

Young Dolph Career

Initially he never planned anything gradually but he was influenced by his friends. His friends encouraged him to introduce his talent to the rest of the world. He released his mixtape ‘paper route campaign’ which was a local hit and soon he decided to invest his time and patience into this. Two years later he published his albums and started releasing his works gradually. His career took a turn after he released king of Memphis and slowly people started loving his work.

Through his first debut “king of Memphis” he entered the Billboard chart and ranked at 200. He released his first mixtape “paper route campaign”. The hip-hop industry loved and valued his work and the commercial was a hit success. After that he got a chance to collaborate with Gucci Mane.

He then released series of studio albums like “16”, “shittin” ,“ 16 zips”, “blue magic” etc. These were his independent releases and he gained quite through it. His biggest commercial success was “Gelato” which featured wiz Khalifa, Lil Yatchy, Migos.

How much money did Young Dolph have?

Young Dolph is an American rapper and songwriter who has a net worth of $4 million. He worked as a rapper for several years and has been featured in various places. He even collaborated with multiple people and big brands as well. His salary was $250,000 and his net worth is between $3 to $4 million. As gradually year passed by, his net worth increased as well. His net worth in 2019 was $1 million. In the year 2020 he made $1.9 million and it gradually increased after that.

Young Dolph is a role model who did everything by himself and proved to people that hard work and dedication can take you anywhere. As an artist, young Dolph has eight albums, 19 mixtapes and 13 singles as a aspiring rapper. His unfortunate demise stopped him from creating more work but he is always memorable through his works. Throughout his career, he collaborated with names like Key Glock, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Yatchy, etc. His net worth was on the rise as he was also considered as an entrepreneur. His net worth makes sense as he even owned record label paper route empire.

How did Young Dolph make his money?

His love for rap and hip-hop took him to such an extent, that he never cared what he will earn and eventually he ended up winning lot of heart. The rapper released tracks and his debut album was “king of Memphis”.

Earlier he used to earn the bare minimum by doing gigs at nightclub on 2008.

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His car collection can give you an insight of what he earned. He has a massive car collection worth $3 million. He owned Mercedes G63 AMG, 2018 Dodge Demon SRT, Rolls Royce Phantom EWB, Bentley continental GT, Rolls Royce Cullinan, Mercedes Benz Maybach, Lamborghini S Aventador, Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk, Ferrari 488, Corvette C8. Every car was valuable to him and he was a big time car lover which you can spot by looking at his vast car collection.

Young Dolph Personal Life

The one that everybody waits for is to know about their idols personal life. Well, Young Dolph was married to Mia Jaye and had two children. It is known that they are strict parents and they were very serious about parenting. Young Dolph is mostly strict as he was brought in that way as well by his grandmother.

During the pandemic era, Dolph was found spending his time with his family. This was also rumored that he is planning to retire as he was mostly shut in his house with his family. He even donated $25000 to his alma mater, Hamilton high school and he also provided motivational speeches to the students. More so, he was a kind person and he cared about people the most. He even handed out Thanksgiving dinner and two hundred turkeys to individuals in west cancer center days.

How did Young Dolph Die?

The first time he was shot was in 2017 outside Loews Hollywood Hotel in LA. He was conscious after the incident and called a medical assistance after that. Thankfully, nothing brutal happened that time and his life was saved. Doctors worked hard enough to save his life.

After that he was again shot brutally in 2021, when he was at a retail store buying cookies for his mother at Makeda’s homemade butter cookies. He visited there frequently while returning home. Sources suggest that two people shot him from a white Mercedes Benz car. He had 22 gun shot wounds. Thousands of people gathered to encounter the scene but Soon police entered the scene and sealed the area for further investigation.

A 23 year old guy was identified and his name is Justin Johnson. A first degree murder warrant was issued and he was arrested. He had multiple criminal records and was held behind the bars.

The next guy was a 32 year old man Cornelius Smith who arrested as he stole the car that was used for the scene. Was also held a first degree murder charge and theft charges. Both of them were recognized and arrested.

Young Dolph Net Worth

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