How to get yourself out from alcohol addiction?

There is not a single iota of doubt that any kind of addiction is bad. But when your addiction is responsible for the harms it is causing to your health, that kind of addiction needs to be stopped. Addiction to alcohol is that kind of addiction. It is a known fact that drinking a moderate amount of alcohol daily can boost your health condition.

However, excessive drinking of alcohol or above all when it becomes your addiction and you are not able to get yourself out from this addiction it becomes a serious issue in your life. That is why we are here for you, who will aid you with those baby steps that can deviate from the path of acute alcoholism.

Alcohol and addiction:

Though the addiction of alcohol is a hard one to get out of it, if you make your mind up to quit it then remember one thing, no one can stop you from this. Yet it is not a matter of joke. Many people feel so powerless in the hand of alcoholism that they can even able to get out even if they want to.

Some people try to get it out from this addiction for some days or even weeks, but the first crisis they feel in their life, that drags them right to the alcohol. Thus, they end up in a place where their investment or hard work of a few days or week becomes futile. Sometimes when people go back to addiction after being sober for a long time, their intensity of addiction gets even worse.

How to plan your escape?

Now as we have understood that getting out of alcohol addiction is not an easy task, so the question remains how we can plan these escaping routes. Yes, getting out of such an addiction can require a plan. You cannot be able to leave alcohol in a fine morning when you decide to leave it.

You have to plan it properly. For example, when you want to end the addiction by gradually leaving it then how often will you drink alcohol or in what amount. Then you have to plan how to satiate those alcohol cravings in those days when you are barring yourself from drinking alcohol. Then you have to plan to find meaning in other things in your life like family, friends, etc.

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Then the next thing is how to continue this sobriety for eternity. That requires a lot of motivation either from your family or spouse or from the people of the rehab centre. So, without further ado, we will go right into those tricks and ways that can get you out from severe alcoholism.

  • Avoid temptations:

Of course, the first thing for you is to avoid those gatherings where alcohol is easily available or people are drinking alcohol. For example, office parties or friend’s bachelor parties, etc. even when someone offers you a drink, avoid those offerings.

  • Announce your intention:

When you decide to cut off the alcohol from your life, make your intentions crystal clear to your family, friends or office colleagues. Why? Because those are the people with whom you will be interacting for a larger duration of your day. Once they have heard you, they can help you with your goal by not offering or inviting to those bars and parties that induce alcoholism.

  • Avoid bad influences:

Once you have made your intentions known, there will be some people in your friend circle who will try to go against your decision so that they can have an alcohol partner in you. They do not bother about your well-being. The thing they only care about is their intentions. So, the bottom line is to avoid those bad influences in your life.

  • Retrospect and reflect:

It can be the case that you have tried to leave alcohol in the past but you failed. So, look back in the past and think what made you get back to alcohol or what worked for you though it was for a shorter duration. Thus, through self-evaluation, you can work out those ways that will be most suitable for you.

  • Seek the support of your close friend and family:

Once you have understood that who wants your good then you can be depended on them.  This journey of yours needs not to be alone. You will need the support of your family and friend who will always be there for you and will motivate and encourage you to quit drinking.

  • Work on your socialization:

The basic thing is to avoid spending alone time. Why? Because in the past you had a connection only to alcohol. Now it is time to make new connections with the outside world. Plan a daily meet up with your sober close friends who will keep you busy, relieve your stress and always motivate you in your way of leaving alcohol.

  • Physical exercise:

Once you stop drinking alcohol, your body will crave alcohol. So, to keep your mind away from alcohol, try to have daily physical exercise. While this will keep you busy it has also some other benefits. Physical exercise releases happy hormones like dopamine, endorphin, etc. which in turn relieve you from stress and anxiety.

  • Develop new hobbies:

Try to find your inner peace through your hobbies; things you like to do. Reading storybooks or newspapers, or painting or building something can keep you busy, keep your mind away from alcohol and give you something that you like to do apart from drinking.

  • Avoid triggers and distract yourself until the craving passes:

People who are addicted to alcohol have some places, situations, activities that trigger their urge for drinking. So, the first thing to do is to avoid those triggers by not going near to them. Also, try to distract your mind from those situations day after day until you no longer feel the urge to drink.

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If these above-mentioned tricks do not work for you then you can seek medical help, and join a club or support group or rehab. They will professionally help you in getting out of severe alcoholism.

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